The United States Stands Alone with Israel in the UN Security Council [or How (Dis)honest is the Honest Broker?]

19 Feb

The United States Stands Alone with Israel in the UN Security Council [or How (Dis)honest is the Honest Broker?]

In what appears to be as close to a consensus as the world community can ever hope to achieve, the United States reluctantly stood its ground on behalf of Israel and on February 18, 2011 vetoed a resolution on the Israeli settlements  in the West Bank and East Jerusalem that was supported by all 14 of the other members of the UN Security Council. The resolution was also sponsored by 130 member countries before being presented to the Council. In the face of such near unanimity the United States might have been expected to some respect for the views of every leading government in the world, including all of its closest European allies, to have had the good grace to at least abstain from the vote. Indeed, such an obstructive use of the veto builds a case for its elimination, or at least the placement of restrictions on its use. Why should an overwhelming majority of member countries be held hostage to the geopolitical whims of Washington, or in some other situation, an outlier member trying to shield itself or its ally from a Security Council decision enjoying overwhelming support. Of course this American veto is not some idiosyncratic whim, but is an expression of the sorry pro-Israeli realities of domestic politics, suggesting that it is Israel that is the real holder of the veto in this situation, and the U.S. Congress and the Israeli Lobby are merely designated as the enforcers.

Susan Rice, the American chief representative in the Security Council, appeared to admit as much when she lamely explained that the casting the veto on this text “should not be misunderstood to mean support for settlement construction,” adding that, on the contrary, the United States “rejects in the strongest terms the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity.” Why then? The formal answer given is that the United States, agreeing with Israel, believes that only in the context of direct negotiations can the issue of settlements be addressed alongside other unresolved matters such as refugees, borders, and the status of Jerusalem. This seems absurdly arrogant, and geopolitically humiliating. If the 14 other members of the Security Council believe that Israeli should be censured for continuing to build unlawful settlements, and that no negotiations can proceed until it ceases, then it would seem that a united front would be the most effective posture to resumed negotiations. This is especially so here as it is a no brainer to realize that every additional settlement unit authorized and constructed makes it less likely that a truly independent and viable Palestinian state can ever be brought into being, and that there exists the slightest intention on the Israeli side to do so.

In view of this feverish Israeli effort to create still more facts on the ground, for the Israelis to contend that negotiations should resume without preconditions, is to hope that the Palestinian Authority will play the fool forever. After all for more than 43 years the Israelis have been whittling away at the substance of the two state consensus embodied in unanimous Security Council Resolution 242 (1967), contending at every phase of the faux peace process that an agreement must incorporate ‘subsequent developments,’ that is, unlawful settlements, ethnic cleansing. In the end, the Israelis may turn out to have been more clever by half, creating an irresistible momentum toward the establishment of a single secular democratic state of Palestine that upholds human rights for both peoples and brings to an end the Zionist project of an exclusive ‘Jewish state.’ With great historic irony, such an outcome would seem to complete the circle of fire ignited by Lord Balfour’s secret 1917 promise to the Zionist movement of ‘a Jewish homeland’ in historic Palestine, a process that caused a Palestinian catastrophe along the way and brought war and bloodshed to the region.

The disingenuousness of the Israeli position was confirmed by the recent publication of the Palestine Papers that showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that even when the Palestinian Authorities caved in on such crucial issues as Jerusalem, settlements, and refugees, their Israeli counterparts, including the supposedly more moderate predecessors to the Netanyahu leadership, displayed no interest in reaching even an agreement so heavily weighted in Tel Aviv’s favor. What seems inescapable from any careful reading of these negotiating positions behind closed doors during the prior decade is that the public negotiations are a sham designed to buy time for Israel to complete its illegal dirty work of de facto annexation in the West Bank, a position it has long adopted in the form of Israeli de jure annexation of the entire expanded city of Jerusalem in defiance of the will of the international community and the understanding of international law, objectively considered. To contend that stopping the unlawful encroachments of continuing settlement activity on occupied Palestinian territory, an assessment that even the United States does not question substantively, is an inappropriate Palestinian demand seems so excessive as to humiliate any Palestinian representatives that stooped so low as to accept it. Equally so, is the Israeli claim that this demand has not been made in the past, which to the extent accurate, is not an argument against freezing further settlement activity, but a disturbing comment on Palestinian complacency in relation to their failure to insist upon respect for their rights under international law.

In the context of this latest incident in the Security Council, the Palestinian Authority deserves praise for holding firm, and not folding under U.S. pressure, which was strongly applied, including reported warnings from President Obama by phone to President Mahmoud Abbas of adverse ‘repercussions’ if the text calling for an end to illegal settlement building was brought before the Security Council for a vote. Obviously, the United States Government realized its predicament. It did not want to be so isolated and embarrassed in this way, finding itself caught between its international exposure as willing to support even the most unreasonable Israeli defiance of the UN and its domestic vulnerability to a pro-Israeli backlash in the event that it failed to do Israel’s bidding in this matter of largely symbolic importance.

We should not forget that had the Security Council resolution been adopted, there is not the slightest prospect that Israel would have curtailed, let alone frozen, its settlement plans. Israel has defied a near unanimous vote (with, hardly a surprise, the U.S. judge casting the lone negative vote among the 15 judges) of the World Court in 2004 on the unlawfulness of the settlement wall. Here, an American dissent could not bring Israel in from the cold of its refusal to abide by this ruling as thankfully there is no veto power in judicial settings. In that instance of the wall, Israel wasted no time denouncing the advisory opinion of the highest UN judicial body, declaring its refusal to obey this clear finding that the wall built on occupied Palestinian territory should be dismantled forthwith and Palestinians compensated for any harm done.  Instead, despite brave nonviolent Palestinian resistance, work continues to this day on finishing the wall.

With respect to the settlements it is no wonder that American diplomacy wanted to avoid blocking an assertion of unlawfulness that it was on record as agreeing to, a fact awkwardly acknowledged by Ambassador Rice in the debate, knowing that the resolution would not have the slightest behavioral impact on Israel in any event. It should be noticed that as much as Israel defies the UN and international law, it still cashes in its most expensive diplomatic chips to avoid censure whenever possible. I believe that this is an important, although unacknowledged, Israeli recognition of the legitimizing role of international law and the UN.  It is also connected with an increasing Palestinian reliance on soft power, especially its BDS campaign. This partial shift in Palestinian tactics worries Israel. In the last several months Israeli think tanks close to the government refer to as ‘the delegitimation project’ with growing anxiety.  This approach of the Palestinian Global Solidarity Movement is what I have been calling a Legitimacy War. For the last several years it is being waged and won by the Palestinians, joining the struggles of those living under occupation and in exile.

On the PA side there was reported anxiety that withdrawing the resolution in this atmosphere would amount to what was derisively referred to as a possible ‘Goldstone 2,’ a reference to the inexcusable effort by the Palestinian Authority back in October 2009 to have consideration of the Goldstone Report deferred for several months by the Human Rights Council as a prelude to its institutional burial, which has now more or less taken place thanks to American pressures behind the scene. It has even been suggested that had the PA withdrawn the resolution Abbas would have been driven from power by an angry popular backlash among the Palestinian populace. In this sense, the PA was, like the United States, squeezed from both sides: by the Americans and by their own people.

Of course, in the background of this incident at the UN are the tumultuous developments taking place throughout the region, which are all adverse to Israel and all promising in relation to the Palestinian struggle even though many uncertainties exist. It is not only the anti-autocrat upheavals in Tunisia and Egypt, the outcome of which is still not clear from the perspective of genuine regime change as distinct from recasting the role of dictatorial leader, but the wider regional developments. These include the political rise of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Turkish diplomacy that refuses to tow the Washington line, the failure of American interventionary diplomacy in Iraq, and the beleaguered authoritarian governments in the region some of whom are likely to give more active support on behalf of Palestinian goals to shore up their own faltering domestic legitimacy in relation to their own people.

In many ways, the failed Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement activity is a rather trivial event in the broader setting of the underlying conflict. At the same time it is a significant show of the play of forces that are operative in Washington and Ramallah, and above all, it is an unseemly display of the influence Israel wields with respect to the Obama Administration. Is it not time that the United States revisited its Declaration of Independence or began to treat the 4th of July as a day of mourning?


30 Responses to “The United States Stands Alone with Israel in the UN Security Council [or How (Dis)honest is the Honest Broker?]”

  1. Ray Joseph Cormier February 19, 2011 at 12:01 pm #

    To my dismay, searching The New York Times and The Washington Post Today, this important story what will bring America in even greater disrepute, hastening the day of it’s diminished moral influence in the world, is not even mentioned. If I missed it, will someone post the link in reply?

    And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain,
    And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.
    Revelation 16

    • Ray Joseph Cormier February 19, 2011 at 12:27 pm #

      Isn’t the fact of the Presidential limousine being called “the beast” an aptly named symbol?

  2. Robert H Stiver February 20, 2011 at 2:47 am #

    I am deeply moved by and appreciative of Professor/Dr. Falk’s searing, uncompromising assessment of this latest example of the prescience and wisdom of Presidents Washington and Jefferson’s warnings against “entangling alliances” with and “passionate attachments” to foreign powers.

  3. notexactlyhuman February 20, 2011 at 6:51 am #

    We the unwitting dupes.

    Limbaugh says Friday on his radio show that a) Obama sided with Egyptian protesters from the get-go, knifing longtime ally Mubarak in the back, and that b) Obama is staunchly anti-Israel. These blatantly false comments further solidified this spectator’s notions that a) Obama and Limbaugh are in reality butt-buddies engaged in a zealously publicized game of charades to perpetuate the opposing party illusion and that b) the half-witted extremities of the Democrat and Republican parties are engaged in the grandest projection of theatrics ever produced to herd their stray lambs back into the Dem-Rep corral and away from notions of outsider candidates. Who’s going to chance voting for a third party loser while the GOP is out legalizing the murder of doctors who perform abortions in the Dakotas, is trying to hitch our teenagers to rickshaws in Missouri, and is stealing grandma’s Social Security? Meanwhile, Obama Admin caught sending black-ops package to Argentina, openly budgeting campaign bucks to anti-Chavez parties in Venezuela, and scuttling to retrieve an American terrorist from Pakistan.

    Either that, or Obama conceded that UN veto, as well as America’s economy and future, to the Israelis, the bankers, and whatever other rogue spook organizations are pulling the levers in exchange for not blowing up more American cities via acts of terrorism.

    It’s all too absurd. This empire of lies is on the verge tumbling.

    • Ray Joseph Cormier February 20, 2011 at 7:26 am #

      Remember a short time ago Obama offered Israel more free F-35 fighters and a UN veto for not demolishing more Palestinian homes and expanding Israeli settlements for only 90 days?

      In public we were told Netanyahu rejected that offer, but got the veto anyway in private negotiations.

      • davit adom baeker February 20, 2011 at 9:58 am #

        so what. the us offers the saudis, jordanians and egyptians boatloads of jets and guns. That was what the whole peace treaty was about for the arabs. They could stop worrying about Israel destroying their arms and rebulid w/o fear. Even if we gave Israel 1000 jets it can never overcome the sheer tinyness of their state. once the west bank is ceded and Hamas and Hizbullah with Iran overhthrow Fatah and roll their big guns and tanks into ramallah et al Isreal becomes a 25mile wide strip of target practice. And then what? Us citizens will be up in arms at the prospects of the US having to get involved with actual boots on the ground. I would much rather see Israel defend itself properly with foreign aid (just liemevery other damn nation in the neigborhood.what-you think 1000s soviet and iranian made missles wont slaughter Israelis?)then have it in the position of its back (and existence) up against the wall and who knows what kind of havoc will be breached. The Iranian culture is Shi’a and martyrdom is firmly ensconced in their beliefs. To think they wouldnt risk mass casualties of both arabs and israelis is simply foolish and childish.

        when are people going to stop fantacizing that Israel giving back WestBank will stop the muslim campaign to drive the jewish state out of power-through any means possible? Its not paranoid thinks. Its out there in b&w for anyone w/o enough curiosity to read. I could link a dozen sites discussing the eventual war to defeat the ‘zionist entity’ written in the past 2 months but its just boring and redundant. And its sad. People who think the only way to avoid war is for Israel to appease. Tell me when that ever worked?

    • davit adom baeker February 20, 2011 at 10:02 am #

      oh right. and the John Bircher’s and the ZOG and ‘protocols…’ and then. and then….what a dope. go back to storing campbells soup cans in your shelter. the Jews are coming to get you soon.

  4. davit adom baeker February 20, 2011 at 7:01 am #

    as if the UNGA or the UNSC has never taken up purely one-sided palestinian biased resolutions. In fact-if you look at the statistics on voting in the general assembly it is literally sickening. because of this one small group of stubborn people who have been pumped with nothing but violent imagery and hatred towards the ‘yehudis’ the UN has been consumed with its time and ignores peopels the worl over suffering far greater plights then that of the displaced Palestinians of 48. (the sticking point of all former negotiations)

    where is the UN condemning the outright and total slavery of the North Korean people? The brutality and human rights abuses of millons in Zimbabwe? The Kurds have been repressed, killed and denied their state for 1000s of years (and before the creation of the ‘Palestinian’ people in the 20thC.) Where is this great “legitimate” body you speak of? Its been politicalsince inception and EXTREMELY slanted against Israel since the 70s. But the only outrage is reserved for Israel. No web pages demanding the Iranians, Syrians and turks recognize the legitimate aspirations of the Kurds. No. The UN is a non-stop Israeli condemning machine. From the Zionism=Racism (what a joke. as if Islam isnt embedded in the constitutions of almost ALL arab/muslim regimes!) to the countless stream of little cencures for this and for that. ‘BALANCE’? To the UN it means occasionally inserting some text mildly condemning the acts of Fatah,Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and on and on but never are they condemned outright and singularly, are they? even when the world secretly breaths a sigh of relief for Israels deeds the UN censures Israel(Iraq-Osirik)
    So the day the UN starts to condemn Palestinian “intransigence” along with Israeli stubborness on an equal footing -and- the day the UN accepts that there has ALWAYS been a political agenda behind the Muslim worlds drive to have Isreal and Zionism equated with evil is the day I will call the US “weak” for using its veto.
    If there were a chance in hell of this accomplishing anything but delegitimizing Israel (which admittedly is the goal of many who dont give a damn about the legitimacy of repressive Muslim regimes worldwide and only focus on the ‘Jew’ nation that grants voting rights to its muslim and christian citizens,btw)
    so-while the UNGA and no the UNSC fritter away 90% of their time and budget on Palestinian complaints the world, I suppose from the arabs pov, can go to hell in a handbasket. Oh they care SO Much(!) for their pal. brethren that not one single arab nation will allow Palestinians citizenship or votes. Oh they deserve a state all right but the problem is if you really get doen to it with any resonable Palestinian they will fully admit they they have ABSOLUTLY NO INTENTION of stopping their claims at the mythical and non-official green-line. They want Haifa and other coastal towns. They want syria to “have” the Galilee. The basically want the Israeli state to disappear and your a fool for not understanding that. Unless you do and approve

    • Ray Joseph Cormier February 20, 2011 at 7:17 am #

      The only difference is Armageddon/Har Mediggo is located in the Israeli Occupied territories, not in North Korea or any other trouble spot on earth. Building and expanding settlements on the the very land that is the subject of peace negotiations is not helpful.

      Not all Jews are Zionists and there is a difference. Your argument is other regimes are doing bad things so why single out Israel? Read the 1st paragraph.

      • davit adom baeker February 20, 2011 at 9:42 am #

        my argument is the UN (read: the United Nations of the world) spends an absurdly disproportianate amount of time on condemning Israel at the behest of PA,Muslim and Arab regimes yet their are peoples in far flung corners of the earth (and Africa in particular) that are suffering far greater injustice, cruelty and human righs abuses then do the relativly wealthy Palestinian populations in West Bank and even the less wealthier but far from poor and destitute Gazans. Its a matter of proportion-not the tired ‘2wrongs don’t’ argument. How is it that the typical and non-exaggerated muslimn view that the zionists control everything in the US, world media and other garbage holds such sway when literally (check the stats if you doubt me) 80-90% of UNGA time money and votes are consumed with anti-Israeli agendas? Take a reality pill. The UN has been on an anti-Israel jaunt for 30yrs now and the US is the only nation with the balls to stand up and say we can see through this. If the GA spent half as much time condemning other far nastier situations in the world I would dare say the palestinian complaints would gain a lot more traction from the US. The fact that the “whole world” as you(or whoever) stated voted ‘for’ means absolutely nothing as we know from history that the europeans are fools and wimps w/o strong US backing. ates in former USSR will only continue to grow. Russia and China got give a good shit about the palestinians and relate much more to Israelis. They are just capitalists at heart and wont jeopardize their precious oil/mineral contracts with all the nations that hate the jewish state having any (not just some) power. The crux of the issue is no muslim controlled nation will EVER-I repeat EVER tolerate a Nation in their midst that has Jewish people in a position of authority over Muslims. THIS is the reall agenda of the muslim block. They say their no anti-semite(their mostly semites of course) and they say they don’t hate jews. But they will NEVER say they would live in a nation where Jewish law is the basis for a democratic constitution with freedom for all. Yet they have NO problem living in muslim theocracies guided by Sharia law. Their mindset is still 800 years in the past.TThe way they treat women, gays, and on and on. A famous Persian author said it best: “the arabs are a most compassionate and thoughtful people but when it comes to Israel and the Jews they lose all sense of logic, proportion and common sense and devolve to emotionally archaic self-destructive behavior”
        p.s.-i firmly belive that at heart most arabs believe time is on their side and no peace with israel will mean anything in the next decade or 2. some will blame israel for not making peace but when the 30yr old peace with egypt collapses what motivation and assurance will israel have to do anything but prepare for the inevitab;e war thats surely coming from
        Irans proxie in Lebanon
        Irans proxie in Gaza
        Iranian/Syrian allianze
        Iranian/Turkish ”

        Isael is surrounded and a treaty now-with the US in decline? Not only meaningless. It makes NO strategic sense. No nation would make such a suicidal move. Anyone who belives the Iranians along with Hizbullah wont make a military move the second they feel the time is right not only is ignorant of history but is a damn fool as well

      • Ray Joseph Cormier February 20, 2011 at 10:40 am #

        Since it was “imposed” by the UN and the International Community on the indigenous population of both Jews and Palestinians that for the most part, between the troubles that arose from time to time, lived in a relatively Peaceful coexistence.

        While the 2nd Exodus has been romanticized in the West, the reality the Arab/Palestinians saw was a massive invasion by European hordes who had abandoned the land 2000 years ago, and with the Bible in hand, said “this Book says this is our land and we’re taking over no matter what you think or say.”

        This automatically implies a Spiritual War based on what is written in a Book and in reality is already happening in ways people do not see.

        Because this is happening in the real world of power and politics, war and peace, people should at least be interested in knowing what else is in the Book that in the final analysis says if people don’t make the right choices, the danger exist to blow ourselves up in one great big nuclear suicide bombing. All the elements for that to happen are falling into place now, but we haven’t arrived there -yet!

        It’s much bigger than any one of us, including Pope, Princes, Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs and the very Rich.

        I was only 3 years old when this momentous change in the course of History happened, but in my 67th year, it’s continuing consequential ripples through the Time Line of History do affect my individual life here in CanaDa, and it is in my self interest in getting involved.

        Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.

        Israel cannot maintain it’s dominance by military might alone without having serious dialogue with the other side.

        The same God who the Zionists claim gave them the Land, also says in another part of the Book, “not by weapons of war, but by my Spirit, says The LORD.
        2/20/2011 12:36:17 PM

      • David Cohen March 21, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

        Har Megiddo is not in the occupied territories. Sorry.

      • Ray Joseph Cormier March 22, 2011 at 4:10 am #

        @ David Cohen

        Thank you for pointing out the geographical error. When the Revelation was given 2000 years ago, the whole area was known as the Roman Province of Palestine.

        Today Armageddon/Har Mediggo is located in Galilee near Nazareth and the West Bank. It’s difficult to ascertain the exact spot in Google maps.

        It’s really a moot point since the distances are not that far apart, and does not take anything away from the essence of my comment.

    • Richard Falk February 20, 2011 at 11:26 pm #

      You seem to forget that Israel has been expanding its territorial claims consistently since 1967. The UN has special responsibility for Israel/Palestine, having given the green light for the establishment of Israel in 1947. This does not excuse the failure by the UN to do more about other situations in the Arab world and elsewhere.

      And the mainstream Palestinian organizations have since at least 1988 accepted Israel within 1967 borders. Even Hamas has offered a longterm peaceful coexistence arrangement that can be for fifty years. There are extremist fragments that do not accept Israel’s right to exist, but their power and influence is very minor. It is in Israel’s interest to reach a compromise at the earliest possible time.

  5. PissedOffAmerican February 20, 2011 at 9:01 am #

    As a regular contributer to the comment section of Steve Clemons’ site, “The Washington Note”, all who participate there will attest to my prolific, longstanding, and hearty criticism of Israeli policies, and our subsidation and support of those policies.

    However, I recently recieved a link to Falk’s article, that linked me to a site called “Veterans today”. Interested in the comments the article received, I was alarmed to find examples of virulent anti-semitism, and even more alarmed to find that such comments were going unopposed by the rest of the commentors and contributers….

    Here is an example of one such comment….

    “If it was up to me , id bring back Hitler from the dead n have him eradicate all the fucking evil zionist jews around the universe. No bignosed corrupt jew will remain. He would be the one to make their sick fake religion disappear. As for Americans, their politicians lick the balls of the gay jews. America was once a great nation, now its a piece of shit homosexual gay land of the pussies”

    Worse, when I took this commentor to task for his putred contribution, I was reprimanded by another commentor, who expressed the opinion that I should maintain some sort of “unity” with this kind of poisonous expression of hatred.

    I sincerely hope that this comment will catch Falk’s eye, and that he will take the trouble to separate himself from such rhetoric by engaging that comment section with a comment of his own. Those of us that truly do wish to see a change in Israeli policies, and our support and subsidation of those policies, must surely realize how damaging blatant anti-semitism is to our efforts.

    Do the right thing, Mr.Falk.

    • davit adom baeker February 20, 2011 at 10:15 pm #

      sorry this was so shocking for you to read. where have you been for the last 10yrs? The words spoken in outright hatred towards Jews has been building on several fronts. One of them is western europe you falls all over itself to not “inmsult” its arab population so it allows racial diatribes that it would not otherwise allow to flourish. In the arab world it common knowledge to Israelis, Jews and Historians that care to read that arab children are commonly taught that the Protocols of Zion is real, that jews bake matzah with muslim/christian babies blood/ that they lead the US around by the nose/they controll all US money, media, and arms. The (with a staright face somehow)blame Israel for everthoing that is wrong in the Muslim world and its EXACT OPPOSITE. Meaning there is no sense or logic to the reasoning of Israels foes. In light of this I think its important to note the US as a reluctant but still mature arbiter of common sense with the veto of th SC rez.

    • davit adom baeker February 20, 2011 at 10:25 pm #

      And to RJC

      you speak of the mass exodus of jews from europe into the land of Israel as well as the expulsion of perhaps 50% of the 800,000 figure thats bantered about. Another 25% were told to leave and belived they would return victorius and another 25% decided to fight and fled by defeat/choice.In any event this is not themythical story that Irael use to tell about ALL 800,000 leaving at the behest of arab leaders. Some did and many were forced.
      What I can abide is when the approximate 900,000 jewish refugees taht were kicked en masse out of many arab lands at various points when the arabs made warupon the Jewish state. There were literally millions of ancient lines of Jewish families living through-out the arab and muslim world in 1948.Hundreds of 1000s were kicked out of Iraq, Syria, Morroco, Egypt, etc with nothing but the skin of their teeth.Had Israel not excepted these refugees there would have been another world crisis. And yet the way the Arabs played it in 48 was to hold the palestinians hostage for political leverage against the big powers. And nothing is differertn today.Nobody taks about this but the reason the Pals wont make a peace is becuse the wont give up the right od return to 800,000 plus their descendants (<5mil)
      Theere has top be a separate and nuetral agreement on both jewish and Muslim/christain refugees fleeing their lands from 48 thru 67 with equal compenstaion for both whther in money or possibly a plae to settle.

    • Richard Falk February 20, 2011 at 11:30 pm #

      I reject completely the rant that you quote from the Veterans Today website. As you should know they published my blog without seeking my permission, which would not have been granted. I have no control over how others appropriate blogs of this sort. There is no copyright protection. I will attempt to make this clear on a comment section at their website if this is possible. It should be clear that I detest hate speech, and never use it or endorse it.

  6. PissedOffAmerican February 26, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    An excerpt from “Right State’s” essay…..

    “It (Israel) tries desperately to act according to the most saintly international moral standards…..”

    Oh my.

    Like dumping white phosphorous on women and children??? Flooding Palestinian farmland with raw sewage?? Targeting peaceful protesters with outlawed high velocity tear gas cannisters??? Incarcerating children without providing them with legal redress??? Razing orchards??? Shooting farmers and fisherman?

    Although I did wade into “Right State”‘s rambling justifications for the crimes and abuses of Israel, I found myself pondering why I was bothering to read past the half sentence I quoted above.

    I have no doubt that “Right State” actually believes that “Israel tries desperately to act according to the most saintly international moral standards”. The problem I have with such a belief is that the holder of such a belief can only hold such a belief by being despicably unmindful of the suffering Israel inflicts on great numbers of Palestinian people. “Saintly international moral standards”, in “Right State’s” world view, obviously must include the short list of almost daily Israeli attrocities that I cite above. And indeed, it is a short list compared to the lengthy factual itemization that one could provide listing the instances and policies practiced by Israel that are hardly “saintly” or “moral”.

    I am hard pressed to decide what I find most disturbing…..

    The virulent anti-semitism that often finds its way into a discussion or debate about modern Israeli policies……


    ….the callous and overt racism displayed by someone defending Israeli policies by casually dismissing the hardships and injustices that Israel regularly metes out to the Palestinian people.

  7. Demetria Yasutomi March 5, 2011 at 5:50 am #

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