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Explaining my Blog Inconsistencies of Late

11 Dec

Explaining my Blog Inconsistencies of Late


In the last two weeks I have received many messages asking me why I have been so long silent about the Jerusalem decision and doing so little to maintain my blog, inducing questions about my health and other possible explanations.


I am writing now briefly in the spirit of treating the regular readership of this blog as a virtual community, 21st century style, and as a practical way of responding to more inquiries, mostly off-line, than I can address to in a proper bilateral way. I embrace this impersonal style of communication with the greatest reluctance.


Aside from the diversions of an exhausting, although exhilarating two week visit to

Vietnam in mid-November, I have been slowly recovering from knee replacement surgery that was scheduled (unwisely) immediately after my return from Vietnam at the beginning of December.


This recovery process has been greatly complicated by the historically unprecedently fierce Thomas wildfire that is now threatening Santa Barbara, including our home, after ravaging a series of nearby communities. We are currently evacuated, to avoid the hazardous air quality and the fire threat (our house being located in what is called the ‘mandatory evacuation zone’), to a hotel 100 miles north of the danger area.


It is this combination of my personal post-surgery pain and the stressful communal and family circumstances that accounts for my inconsistent performance of late as a blogger. Among hostile readers, I am quite sure that this inconsistency provides welcome relief! I am not disposed to providing such satisfaction long-term.