Nelson Mandela’s Inspiration (Revised)

9 Dec

Prefatory Note: Thanks to my friend Nader Hashemi, I have added this important comment on the role of violence in emancipatory struggles for freedom that Nelson Mandela articulated after his release from prison in 1993; it is highly relevant to the demands by Israel that Palestinians renounce violence while Israel sustains a structure of occupation and oppression that includes nakba as process, that is, continuous dynamics of dispossession and dispersal of the oppressed and encroachment on their remaining rights via unlawful settlement, ethnic cleansing, discriminatory policies. What follows is an excerpt from an appearance by Mandela on Charlie Rose’s interview program:

Rose:              You have, at this moment, no reservation or indecision – along with the counsel that you’ve taken with your colleagues – that the decisions made by you and them are right for South Africa – the sacrifices, the toll, the price you’ve paid, the blood that’s been spilled was necessary, painful, but necessary?

Mandela:      nods

Rose:              Yes.

Mandela:      Absolutely. We are an organization which, from its foundation, committed itself to building a nation through peaceful, nonviolent, and disciplined struggle. We were forced to resort to arms by the regime, and the lesson of history is that for the masses of the people, the methods of political action which they use are determined by the oppressor himself. If the oppressor uses peaceful means, the oppressed would never resort to violence. It is when the oppressor – in addition to his repressive policies – uses violence, that the oppressed have no alternative but to retaliate by similar forms of action. And, therefore, the pains, the blood that was spilled, and the responsibility for that lies squarely on the shoulders of the regime.

Source: Interview with Charlie Rose, September 30, 1993


Fifteen years ago I had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting Nelson Mandela in Cape Town while he was serving as President of South Africa. It was an odd occasion. I was a member of the International Commission on the Future of the Oceans, which was holding a meeting in South Africa. It happened that one of the vice chairs of the Commission was Kader Asmal, a cherished friend and a member of the first Mandela cabinet who himself played a major role in the writing of the South African Constition. Kader had arranged for Mandela to welcome the Commission to his country, and asked me if I would prepare some remarks on his behalf, which was for me an awesome assignment, but one that I undertook with trepidation, not at all confident that I could find the words to be of some slight help to this great man. Compounding my personal challenge, the Brazilian Vice Chair of our oceans commission who was supposed to give a response on behalf of the Commission became ill, and I was asked by our chair to respond to Mandela on behalf of the commission. I did have the thrill of hearing 90% of my text delivered by Mandela, which years later I remember much better than my eminently forgettable words of response to the President.

What moved me most, and has led me to make this rather narcissistic introduction, is the conversation after the event. Mandela thanked me for my efforts and proceeded then to talk with each of our 40 commission members, making a specific reference to circumstances of relevance and concern in each of their particular countries. He went from person to person with such grace and composure as I had never encountered before on the part of a public figure of renown. It was above all Mandela’s spiritual presence that created such a strong impression of moral radiance on the part of all of us fortunate enough to be in the room. I was reinforced in my guiding belief that political greatness presupposes a spiritual orientation toward the meaning of life, not necessarily expressed by way of a formal religious commitment, yet always implies living with an unconditional dedication to values and faith that transcend the practical, the immediate, and the material.

The political imaginary that accompanies such a life also has an integrity that challenges the proprieties and associated boundaries of conventional liberal thought. It is easy for almost everyone now to celebrate Mandela for his long struggle against South African apartheid that included 27 years in jail. It is less common to recall that as late as the 1980s leaders in Britain and the United States were condemning Mandela as ‘terrorist’ and ‘revolutionary’ who deserved to be indefinitely jailed, if not worse. It is even less often remembered that Mandela rejected early offers to obtain his release from prison if he would ‘renounce violence’ and call for an end to ‘armed struggle.’ Although Mandela is justly honored for his role in achieving a non-violent transition to multi-racial constitutionalism in South Africa, he was never willing to say that those who were oppressed must renounce whatever means was available to them to gain their freedom. Indeed, Mandela as leader of the African National Congress, endorsed the creation of its military wing, and at one stage was supportive of armed resistance to obtain liberation and overcome the racist crimes being committed by the apartheid regime on a massive and systematic basis.

The Palestinian people, in the midst of their seemingly endless ordeal, have particular reason to esteem the exemplary life and solidarity exhibited by Nelson Mandela for their cause. Mandela’s words reflected a deep intuition that what the Palestinians were seeking had a deep affinity with his own struggle: “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

In Israel’s apartheid there exist a network of separated roads for Israeli settlers and the Palestinians, as well as a discriminatory dual legal administrative structure.

Mandela regarded Yasser Arafat as a ‘comrade in arms,’ identifying him as “one of the outstanding freedom fighters of his generation,” adding that “it is with great sadness that his and his people’s dream of a Palestinian state has not been realized.” By affirmations of Arafat, Castro, and even Qaddafi, Mandela made plain to the West in reaction to criticism, “Our enemies are not your enemies.” Such a voice of peace and justice that never submitted to Western liberal notions of good behavior was fully appreciated by Indian followers of Gandhi who regarded Mandela as a natural political heir to their national hero despite his more contextual views on the role of political violence. Like Gandhi, Mandela stood so firmly for dignity, independence, human development, and the end of colonial domination in all its manifold forms wherever it was to be found in the world.

It is also notable that Marwan Barghouti confined to an Israeli jail for five consecutive life sentences looked to Mandela for inspiration, writing an open letter from his prison cell not long ago. He wrote, “And from within my prison, I tell you that our freedom seems possible because you reached yours.”  Beyond this he hailed Mandela whose torch of freedom burned so brightly as to cast universal light: “You carried a promise far beyond the limits of your country’s borders, a promise that oppression and injustice will be vanquished, paving the way to freedom and peace..All sacrifices become bearable by the sole prospect that one day the Palestinian people will also be able to enjoy freedom.” Barghouti is for Palestinians their strongest symbol of collective identity in resistance and struggle, and a comparison to Mandela’s lifelong journey is inevitable, including Barghouti’s clear turn toward the embrace of militant forms of nonviolent resistance.

I believe that when Israel is ready for a sustainable and just peace it will signal this to itself, to the Palestinians, and to the world by releasing Barghouti from prison and by treating Hamas as a political actor with genuine grievances and aspirations that needs to be included in any diplomacy of accommodation that deserves the label of ‘peace process.’ Until that most welcome moment arrives, the Palestinian march toward victory in the ongoing Legitimacy War must be continued with renewed vitality and dedication.

Mandela’s journey, like that of Gandhi, was not without its major disappointments. To gain the political end of apartheid, Mandela deferred challenges to social and economic apartheid. Part of his legacy to South Africa is to carry forward this mission to free the great majority of the country from the many disadvantages and burdens of their still segregated, subordinated, and humiliating reality.

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  1. Gene Schulman December 9, 2013 at 3:32 am #

    Bravo, Richard Your own words are as much an inspiration as those of Mandella. Our new byword should be “Free Barghouti!”

  2. Francis Oeser December 9, 2013 at 3:51 am #

    Your reminiscences of meeting Mandella remind me of seeing/hearing one of my youthful heroes, Pablo Casals in 1961 in Tokyo. There is something indescribeable about ‘living history’ – something between dream and admirational hope, a small voice telling us aspirations CAN be realised.
    My own work(1980-90) in RSA suggests that there is something unique about how the black races deal with political (and other) conflict: they are far more patient, generous and forgiving than Europeans (is it because traditionally their leaders were closer to the tribesmen, so more responsive and trusted than ours?). I was often struck (it felt like a powerful mental blow) by the generosity of the very poor, by their warmth, singing and dancing, a joy both infectious and very moving. I suspect that Mandella, the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission, the millions of the poor: all black-led, nurtured the peaceful response at the end of aparteid- something unlikely either in Europe or Palestine. The quality of the tribes in Africa leads to the paradoxical situation of corruption and achievment of equality and freedom which Europeans talk of but seldom achieve. The tenacity of the Palestinians, too, is a very rare quality (like the Vietnamese, they are deeply connected to their land). They desperately need a Mandella-type leader coupled to the coalescence of all the dreams of the world cheering them on, your dreams included.

  3. truthaholics December 9, 2013 at 5:01 am #

    Excellent analysis – perfectly nuanced, as ever.

    By being the focus, perhaps uniquely, of the global sanctions in repudiating apartheid, Mandela demonstrated the reality that a false political consensus can be conquered.
    That what once seemed politically impossible was actually perfectly achievable, and, remarkably without the feared violence or reprisals in its aftermath.

    With hindsight, embracing Thatcherism and the free market was a huge mistake given the consequent rise in poverty, but, his legacy lives on.

    Securing EQUALITY for ALL now must address the crucial question of economic reform to redress the shocking poverty and class division lingering on, largely entrenched since the apartheid era and unashamed white supremacism.

    We would do well to remind ourselves that Marwan Barghouti is Palestine’s Mandela.
    Time for his long walk to freedom is now.
    And, Hamas, like them or loathe them ARE the people’s choice unlike the Quisling, man without a mandate, Abbas.

    We ALL have a moral duty to sanction and BDS the ziocolony, Israel, until it stops acting like a spoilt brat and grows up in order to behave like the decent country as yet it can only PRETEND to be. It’s time for Israel to relent from its reprehensible racism tainting its policies and to rehabilitate itself into a genuine partner for peace with the Palestinians as EQUALS.

    • Gene Schulman December 9, 2013 at 6:01 am #

      We must remember that after Mandela’s success he was pre-empted by the Western powers and made into a servant of the power class, as this article so vividly points out: In the end, though apartheid has been defeated, South Africa isn’t much better than it was before he came along. Cause for pessimism.

      • truthaholics December 9, 2013 at 7:07 am #

        Hi Gene,
        Agreed – here’s more analysis too … but, arguably, cause for renewing activism.

        | Marwan Barghouthi: Imprisoned Palestinian leader mourns Mandela’s death!
        | Palpable hypocrisy: Vultures feed off Mandela’s memory!
        | Nelson Mandela: Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Blair – Tributes of Shameful Hypocrisy!
        | Analysis: A dissenting opinion on Nelson Mandela!
        | Perspective: Why imperialism mourns Mandela!
        “What is noteworthy in the sanctimonious blather served up by the media on the occasion of Mandela’s death is the way in which a man whose life is inextricably bound up with the history and politics of South Africa is turned into an entirely apolitical icon, a plaster saint embodying, in the words of Obama, “being guided not by hate, but by love.”
        What is it that the capitalist oligarchs in country after country really mourn in the death of Mandela? It is clearly not his will to resist an oppressive system—that is something they are all prepared to punish with imprisonment or drone missile assassination.
        Rather, the answer is to be found in the present social and political crisis gripping South Africa, as well as the historic role played by Mandela in preserving capitalist interests in the country under the most explosive conditions.
        It is significant that on the day before Mandela’s death, South Africa’s Institute for Justice and Reconciliation issued an annual report showing that those surveyed felt overwhelmingly that class inequality represented the paramount issue in South African society, with twice as many (27.9 percent) citing class as opposed to race (14.6 percent) as the “greatest impediment to national reconciliation.”
        Two decades after the ending of the legal racial oppression of Apartheid, the class question has come to the fore in South Africa, embodied in the heroic mass struggles of the miners and other sections of the working class that have come into direct conflict with the African National Congress.”
        | Perspective: Why imperialism mourns Mandela!
        “Before taking office, Mandela and the ANC ditched large parts of the movement’s program, particularly those planks relating to public ownership of the banks, mines and major industries. They signed a secret letter of intent with the International Monetary Fund pledging to implement free market policies, including drastic budget cuts, high interest rates and the scrapping of all barriers to the penetration of international capital.
        In doing so, Mandela realized a vision he had enunciated nearly four decades earlier, when he wrote that enacting the ANC’s program would mean: “For the first time in the history of this country, the non-European bourgeoisie will have the opportunity to own in their own name and right mills and factories, and trade and private enterprise will boom and flourish as never before.”
        However, this “flourishing,” which boosted the profits of the transnational mining firms and banks while creating a layer of black multi-millionaires, has been paid for through the intensified exploitation of South African workers.
        The ignominious path trod by the ANC was not unique. During the same period, virtually every one of the so-called national liberation movements, from the Palestine Liberation Organization to the Sandinistas, pursued similar policies, making their peace with imperialism and pursuing wealth and privilege for a narrow layer.
        In this context, the death of Mandela underscores the fact that there exists no way forward for the working class in South Africa—and for that matter, worldwide—outside of the class struggle and socialist revolution.”

        Mandela became president. A peaceful transition was achieved. Privileged white interests maintained real power.
        Mandela’s agenda could have been different. He could followed what Chavez successfully instituted in Venezuela.
        He chose not to. Black South Africans paid dearly. Mandela’s legacy remains tainted. He relegated his people to horrific post-apartheid conditions.
        “Just call me a Thatcherite,” he said. He adopted free market fundamentalist harshness. Neoliberal shock therapy followed. It works the same way wherever it’s introduced.
        The toll on black South Africans was devastating. He and other ANC leaders bear full responsibility. People living on less than $1 a day doubled.
        From 1991 – 2002, unemployment soared to 48%. It remains disturbingly high. Officially it’s around 26%. It’s much higher.
        | Dissent: Mandela’s Disturbing Legacy!

        Because that’s South Africa now, a country long ago plunged headfirst so deep into the sewage of racial hatred that, for all Mandela’s efforts, it is still retching by the side of the swamp. Just imagine if Cape Town were London. Imagine seeing two million white people living in shacks and mud huts along the M25 as you make your way into the city, where most of the biggest houses and biggest jobs are occupied by a small, affluent to wealthy group of black people. There are no words for the resentment that would still simmer there.
        | Mandela will never, ever be your minstrel!

        | 6 things about Mandela the mainstream media whitewashes!

        | Dissent: Mandela eulogies reinvent his disturbing legacy!

  4. truthaholics December 9, 2013 at 5:14 am #

    Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:
    | By being the focus, perhaps uniquely, of the global sanctions in repudiating apartheid, Mandela demonstrated the reality that a false political consensus can be conquered.
    That what once seemed politically impossible was actually perfectly achievable, and, remarkably without the feared violence or reprisals in its aftermath.

    With hindsight, embracing Thatcherism and the free market was a huge mistake given the consequent rise in poverty, but, his legacy lives on.

    Securing EQUALITY for ALL now must address the crucial question of economic reform to redress the shocking poverty and class division lingering on, largely entrenched since the apartheid era and unashamed white supremacism.

    We would do well to remind ourselves that Marwan Barghouti is Palestine’s Mandela.
    Time for his long walk to freedom is now.
    And, Hamas, like them or loathe them ARE the people’s choice unlike the Quisling, man without a mandate, Abbas.

    We ALL have a moral duty to sanction and BDS the ziocolony, Israel, until it stops acting like a spoilt brat and grows up in order to behave like the decent country as yet it can only PRETEND to be. It’s time for Israel to relent from the reprehensible racism tainting its policies and to rehabilitate itself into a genuine partner for peace with the Palestinians as EQUALS.

  5. Paul Wapner December 9, 2013 at 6:19 am #

    Thank you for emphasizing Mandela’s principled politics. As you remind us, among Mandela’s remarkable traits was his refusal to be bought off–to gain his personal freedom at the cost of political liberation. Mandela was not a pacifist. He endorsed armed struggle when it appeared as the only route to human dignity, fairness and freedom, and embraced nonviolence when a broader horizon of possibility appeared.

    What Israel fails to recognize is that Palestinian “militants” have genuine grievances. It sees every act of resistance as an existential threat to the state or anti-Semitism. Behind the fog of paranoia and imperialism it fails to recognize principled politics.

    To me, this is fundamentally tragic. Israel has hardened its heart to the point where no voice of principle can be heard–not Palestinian nor, these days, Bedouin.

    It is easy to see how nonviolence can open the heart. It creates a sense of safety that allows a regime to take perceived security risks. But, although evidence suggests that nonviolence works in most cases (see Chenoweth and Stephan [2011], “Why Civil Resistance Works”), we know that it often fails. At some point, a hardened heart becomes sclerotic (e.g. Tibet).

    Armed resistance is about persuading an opponent’s head–providing new calculations of security. The fog of violence, however, often muffles principle as regimes focus on the medium of the messenger not the substance of the message, and as freedom fighters become simply soldiers.

    An open mind is a wonderful but rare political quality. Israel has closed its ears to the cries of the Palestinian’s and, with a preponderance of force on its side, sees no reason but to remain close-minded.

    Mandela reminds us to keep pushing. Justice can emerge but sadly it takes struggle. Mandela’s gift was to stay committed. He demonstrated how to let principle trump strategy.

  6. Georgianne Matthews December 9, 2013 at 9:31 am #

    DEAR, DEAR Honorable Richard Falk:

    This is your finished writing that I have read and to think it perhaps was written on the same day you wrote to me.  I admire you thoughts which sincerely are written to honor those who also walked honorable paths.   I love your story that you wrote today: Fifteen years ago I had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting Nelson Mandela in Cape Town while he was serving as President of South Africa… Kader had arranged for Mandela to welcome the Commission to his country, and askd me if I would prepare some remarks on his behalf…I did have the thrill of hearing 90% of by Mandela…

    Certainly you, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi are the finest human examples of Goodness.  Bless each of you and thank you. With my respect and love, Georgianne


  7. Lisa Rosier December 10, 2013 at 8:15 am #

    Hi — I’m not sure how I feel about this article, but I thank you so very much for it’s perspective, which is a new one for me. Now I will go eagerly forward and learn more.

  8. Kata Fisher December 13, 2013 at 2:36 pm #

    Professor Falk,

    I know that my writing can be difficult, and even harsh on human spirit. I do hope that you rest in Spirit without worry, and you do not have to reapply on this.

    That which I write is directed not always toward those who are just, as you are: your friends. But to these who are in wild vile, and can’t even start understanding how excellent educator, and an excellent leader you are.

    When I had reflection over Mr. Nelson Mandela, I did not understand a whole lot about the conditions that he spoke against in Africa.

    When I reflect on your work Professor Falk, I see that your work is one with his work – but you work for valid justice toward people in Palestine and Gaza, and with that a valid service to all of the people in Holy Land.

    I was never was a part of any activism, and anything like that – but the circumstance and the level of abuse of people in Palestine and Gaza, and all injustice toward them just moved on my spirit, apart from my will because by Spirit it is impossible to look on, and stay idle about this.

    But this same, and worse yet abuse and injustice that is directed against people in Palestine and Gaza is also directed toward Jewish people who try to live by Faith in Holy Land; yet, there we have Zionism showed/inputted on to them; meaning, the lay-people who are led astray spiritually by those who are “Lawless of Israelites” that are in one in sprit that is in the “Church that is lawless,” likewise: they are in Nazi-spirit, and are one in mind of that. Immature and lay-people can fall prey to the contemporary myths and ideologies, as they are immature in discerning/judgments, and not qualified in outside their appointed areas.

    Over few days I started to understand Mandela, and the work he was doing because I already understand your work. I did not know a whole lot about him –or his work.

    The revision that you did has also clarified to me the specifics of Mandela’s undertaking, and also reasoning about the conflict, specifically. Also, I had additional brain-storming about that by Spirit, and this made this clearer to me: Legitimacy Warfare is a key-issue to understand, in general. This is significant when we think about things that are done in regions of ancient Holy Land/Kingdom of Israel and Judah.

    Mandela had legitimate right to call for conflict that was peaceful, but also allow/approve of armed conflict (whatever comes from the people – that is legitimate to get; meaning, either peaceful agreement -or- armed push by the people: self-defense and self-determination it is). In general, Mandela had no hold of specific power over that; it had to be from the move within the people, as there was no strategic warfare that people could have organized—or accomplish against their oppressors – as it would be in the case of the strategic plans and powers of different governments, and their warfare against the people, specific tribes: whether psychological warfare – or natural.

    I like to make this note: Over the time, I have observed and understood that there was a level of psychological warfare that was/is taking place against you, and has took place over other people who do their work at UN by specific organizations/groups; if not individuals that are against your expert authority, and also your expert ability to successfully, and without error, evaluate conditions in specific areas in which you were/are appointed.

    I do not recognize the legitimate right of specific leaders of countries to shake the people…to do the change which can become illegitimate in the land, unless, there is a legitimate and unconditional concern toward the people of those specific leaders—so that they can strong-hold illegitimate acts in a land; meaning, take on accountability for all actions/needs of the people; yet, based on prior and after conditions of the cause and effects of their impact toward the people—over which they would have legitimate spiritual and natural authority.

    Mr. Nelson Mandela had a legitimate right to speak about the conditions in South Africa, and by that alone he was successful: First, he had legitimate right with the people (who were oppressed by inside, and outside force); yet, as native people they had significant rights in the Land/continent that they shared with the settlers/oppressors.

    In general, when someone that is filled by Spirit of God and that spiritual essence of power speaks something toward oppressors, and oppressed – these words do not return to him without accomplishment: he is a prophet who moves the people, and the strong-holds have to fall down. He spoke to the entire world about Palestinian people, I hearken to that.

    There was extraordinary move of God’s Sprit in Africa that went forth from Mr. Nelson Mandela – but he was prosecuted, and also for long time he was in prison. Now that position could mean that he was kept safe by God from major harms, and was also restricted in body in order to allow entire will of God accomplished, apart from him – not in his will-power.

    In short conclusion, I would say that people in Palestine will accomplish good things in the Land. However, incidental warfare by different groups is legitimate/illegitimate warfare toward illegitimate/legitimate government/oppressor over people in Palestine and Gaza. Now, Palestine and Gaza people are for legitimate reasons in the Holy Land, and they have right to self-defense and self-determination (As did oppressed people in Africa). Palestine and Gaza are strategically oppressed to be eradicated form the Holy Land in different structures; the genocide that is going on it is very unacceptable.

    It is a shame and blood-on-our hands as long as we do not stop that (as entire world-community), especially to those of the English tribe that are world-wide who provide for such genocide.

    Weaponry and drug-traffic all should block.

    Now about “the English tribe/the ancient one that is a graft in not”, I can explain this, too. However, it will bring me back in that Theology of reason cycle that I do not mind to be in, but really do not care much to reason on, unless I really must. Things such as blessing and curse to the obedience/disobedience to the Law: The Word of Spirit in Old Testament (for Jewish people) and judgments of the Gospel (Jews and Non-Jews that are in sins against God’s Spirit and the Law of Spirit—outside the Sprit of God/Fallen off and/or not grafted in by Spirit of God individuals/congregations/organizations).

    Sorting all this out is quite difficult, and when attempted by not qualified lay-people/groups/groups in group think/organizations in group think: such as UN-WATCH and similar hate-groups/radicals – this can become mess-unconditional, as we know and understand that which is applicable to those who are “in bias” toward specific people, especially having no valid reason: lack legitimacy and credibility and should be banned from UN. They are distracting force to a valid evaluation of the condition and approach in specific region: They are Anti-Jewish and Anti-Semitic establishment (regardless what profession they hold: Israelites or not…they hold them self’s for Jews—or Christians, but are liars and with their lies they attack just and righteous Jews world-wide). We look at manifestation of spiritual realities in the Light of all of the Scripture (we deal with both Church fallen off, and Jews that are fallen off from the works of the Faith/Spirit).

    Religious freedom is to believe and apply to yourself whatever you want—as soon as you try to impute your religious lies and works to an individual or society – that— is Religious anarchy, and lawlessness: spiritual abuse of Faithfull, and also secular people.

    We apply civil dialog, and sound doctrine against some nonsense.

    Zionism is heresy by the Standard of Old Testament Law, and by that standard the curse of the Law applies to fallen off from Faith Israelites (they are accursed and cut off along with the Church that is in Satan and is Hypocrite-Church that is of grave-harm in word, and woks toward humanity, in general…in the world they are of grave harm based on their warfare/work).

    Lay-people and those who are Lawless can act as one; meaning, lay people have no legitimate essence and qualification to discern what is of grave-harm to different individuals/tribes/peoples (Faiths).

    We heard from Vatican “a call to solidarity,” and there is a call to look deeper in reference to issues that really oppress humanity. I do hear from Vatican/Pope, but I do not rely on their voices, for they are quite disturbing at times by the standard of the Church Charismatic in God’s Spirit. Their Spiritual authority is valid, but not essential to remove confusions that they are in.

    This is significant, and can apply to UN WATCH…they are a invalid/valid add-on to UN function (a NGO), but to remove confusions among them is a quite a task that should be done in service to them—or totally ban them from UN function / NGO Associations in UN/Geneva. Why do I believe such thing? I do not believe in lies.

    But also, we must understand “hindering works” and “no service” toward specific people (in this case: sins committed by UN WATCH in their relationship to the people of Palestine and Gaza). They do have some confused works going on that is hindering valid work/function of UN. They will say “NO—that is not true!” One must reason with confused lawyers that have no valid sight—or justice. However, so the service to the different tribes is lacking—not true: their approach toward unbiased justice in Palestine and Israel is dead, even to the Law International and they have hindered, and still hinder the Law International to be done in Gaza and Palestine.

    Labeling Professor Falk as someone that is a Self-hating Jew and Anti-Semitic is very personalized psychological attack, with a specific purpose: to discredit and remove from specific appointed areas – that which was accomplished by UN WATCH…WHY?

    We truly can praise Professor Falk as an educator, not only that he is someone who can teach legitimate truth, but also can inspire the depth of truth in our minds, and sprit to move beyond that which is visible to us, as individuals.

    As Church-Charismatic, and my condition that is rater difficult from spiritual perspective because I was ordained by unlawful church, and by a mere lay-people church-disorder which gave me grief, along with my little children that were in care of mine.

    Ecclesiastical/Civil overlapping issues are interesting: Social disorder can be grief adding, and destructing force that infuses confusions all over, which in turn result in social injustice toward people when the overlapping of these forces is not evaluated and judged on a just standard.

    I see this in perspective/standard of Law International: Unlawful hindering that came against professor Falk by UN WATCH group craft —or different individuals crafting.

    By Spirit of God, and solidarity to all people in Holy Land, I am accountable to call for removal from UN WATCH from UN Body of decision making, and fully restrict them to their lawfully appointed areas, as now they are in not valid areas of appointing. In the condition that they are now – they are IN A LAWLESS ONE.

    They are in illegitimate relationship toward UN governing body, and cause disrupt that are not beneficial to the outcomes that are respectful and just toward specific people, and tribes.

    I believe that this can be accomplished in service toward them, and will this be accomplished in order to keep them inside their appointed areas, if they have any valid one, so that they make others no stumble in their work, and disqualified.

    Can there be a civilly planed, legitimate oversee over them, and an evaluation of their mission in general, and can there be a time-line by which removal/reconstruction of UN WATCH mission to UN has to take place? All manipulation/misinterpretation/misapplication of crucial events, and inter-relations illegitimate, and/or discrediting legitimacy of individuals in their positions would mean 100% ability to judge right from wrong based on all things/circumstances, systematically applicable to the situation and/or an individual? What is UN WATCH leadership qualification? It is sufficient to oppress one, as they did to Professor Falk.

    They are NOT QUALIFIED to do discerning for UN, all together. Professor Falk has professionally and personally suffered from them, without legitimate interpretation/judgment of his work and person.

    Please remove them outside their appointed areas–this act of undertaking, in fact, would be appropriate in service toward all of the people in Holy Land.

    UN can say to UN WATCH: “You are not qualified to do my Job, and if I need correction I‘ll get it from God Himself!”

    That can be said to them–or anything else that is valid, can be said and done. I belive that is time-out to them.

  9. Kata Fisher December 17, 2013 at 9:47 pm #

    I have a reflection:

    I just came across this report about region of Gaza. To me, the basic of the background of it reveals a government (of Israelites) economic sanctions over population/settlers in region of Gaza. Economic Sanctions.

    What they are practicing is “unlawful sanctions” in an area of the Land (looking by standard of some basic rules of societies in this point in time) — but lawful made by them (in some insane spirit of group-think/individuals) – those vast sanctions over the people in Gaza are work of very evil people. To do what–they think?

    To humiliate to the lowest levels one peoples/tribes that are in Gaza, and to impose humiliations, so that families can be humiliated – or displaced, when not killed in the Land that is controlled by the rulers in Nazi-spirit, and also friends of them in that same evil spirit.
    I believe that I am seeing this in a valid way–that which they do: Humiliating/Dehumanizing by Economic Sanctions.

    For this, Church-Charismatic-Catholic and in corporate Body of Spirit of Church Charismatic-valid can and will curse them in the Name of God of David, Jehovah-jireh, and by that name they will fall under curse over their family lines, in power of God’s Spirit of God who is Holy one of David this will be done — they will be accursed, and also all who support their actions, and evil in Holy Land will be accursed along with their line of families.

    This is a Church-Charismatic warning to hypocrite Christianity that is not sound in their thinking and consequence.

  10. Kata Fisher December 18, 2013 at 9:17 am #

    I read this, and I heard in Spirit
    This is what the Spirit of God said, “No one brawls with the prophets in the Lands, without eternal consequences.”
    And the Spirit said, “Accurse and cut of UN WACH and their judgments in midst of us, and curse the wicked.”

    May the Language of the Spirit of Church Charismatic go forth and curse the wicked by natural and spiritual mind/language of God’s Spirit. May the prayer of the elect in God’s Spirit cut the wicked of. May the wicked dash against the stone, and be broken, may all destruction of Psalms 137 destroy them because they sin against City of David, and Holy Land.

    May the wicked be broken by the Stone of Stumbling and the Rock of Offence, who allows utter destruction over them. I pray this in the Name of God of David and in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and his office: The office of the Priest, the Prophet, and the King.

    May the UN WATCH and their judgments be accursed in the Land in the Name of God of David because their deceit and hate is strong in Anti-Spirit of God, in the spirit of Antichrist, who deceives even God’s elect. May all who believe their false-Jewish myths and babbles along with Church of Antichrist that believes lies, takes pleasure in unrighteousness, and is wicked be accursed in the Name of God of David, and in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Mat they never again misuse the Name of God of David in service to Satan, and them-self.

    By the Spirit of God that is in the midst of the Household of David, and in the order of Church-Charismatic, and all Faithfull by Righteousness of God’s Spirit, I pray for the “curse of destruction” over this ruling line/head: Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird of Canada, by Spirit of God I shall give him over to Satan. May he fall of from God’s Grace and be in power of satanic destruction, the curse that will be in accordance to the language and the mind of God’s Sprit in the prophets in Church-Charismatic: may prophets curse him by the prayer of the Spirit in another language, in midst of the Church.

    All who are behind such evil accusations against our beloved Professor Falk, and are in work of destruction toward him, and toward the freedom of the God’s Spirit given in form of council, understanding, and judgment –all that is given by God to Professor Falk as intellectual gifts, may his enemy be ashamed seeing their naked-evil, and be accursed and be given over to Satan by Church Charismatic and God’s Spirit be accursed by the prophets in the Church-Charismatic.

    As they are moved by the spirit of Antichrist that is in the evil and false-Jews and in the false-Church may they so be given over to Satan, also in their personal destruction and death-spiritual, utter condemnation and fall of from Grace of God. Land of Canada rejects judgments of God’s Spirit that is in prophets and Church Charismatic – God and Church Charismatic reject Canada. May Canada be accursed and placed under the curse by the prophets: may prophets accomplish will of God by Spirit of God that is in the Church.

    May the Land of Canada and their judgments be accursed in the Name of God that they violate, and may only prophets and Church Charismatic-valid be safe from utter condemnation, we cut of this evil generation of that land from the Grace of God, in the Name of God of David and in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    When they commit ecclesiastical sins, ecclesiastical condemnation applies. In the Name of God of David and in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I retain their sins, and they may not be forgiven. Ecclesiastical sins may not be forgiven over a nation. We give Canada; end everything in it–everything to be given over to destruction of Satan in the Name of God of David and in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    Eccalistical sins may ONLY be forgiven by Full Baptism in God’s Spirit, by the ministry of Church-Charismatic – otherwise, only descendant of David that is in Church Charismatic can loose them from these sins against the people in Holy Land, and the Holy City.
    Only the priest under the order of Melchizedek: The Priest, the Prophet and the King that is in Church Charismatic can forgive their Eccalistical sins—the sins of the wicked. May the wicked fall against THE STONE and be broken!

    This is what Nelson Mandela said, and this what he said shall be understood in a valid way:

  11. Kata Fisher December 18, 2013 at 9:43 am #!/123rteyg

    This also needs to be understood in a valid way.

    • Kata Fisher December 18, 2013 at 9:47 am #

      I ment this:

  12. Chelsea Lotz January 9, 2014 at 7:59 am #

    Reblogged this on Words Of Amoure.

  13. NotAnAsshole April 12, 2015 at 10:13 am #

    Can you tell me on which point of the interview he says this? I have been looking for this for a while and can’t find a transcript.


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