Saving Khader Adnan’s Life Saves Our Own Soul

18 Feb

             The world watches as tragedy unfolds beneath its gaze as Khader Asnan enters his 63rd day as a hunger striker in an Israeli prison being held under an administrative detention order without trial, without charges, and without any indication of the evidence against him. From the outset of his brutal arrest by scores of soldiers, featuring blindfolding, cuffing, and physical roughness in the middle of the night, a gratuitous ritual enacted the presence of his wife and young daughters Khader Adnan has been subject to the sort of inhumane and degrading treatment that is totally unlawful and inexcusable, and an assault on our moral justification. At present, approximately 300 other Palestinians are being held in administrative detention, and Mr. Adnan has indicated that his protest is also on their behalf, and indeed against the practice of administrative detention itself.


            The only plausible explanation of such Israeli behavior is to intimidate by terrifying all Palestinians who have lived for almost 45 years under the yoke of an oppressive occupation that continuously whittles away at Palestinian rights under international humanitarian law, especially their right to self-determination, which is encroached upon every time a new housing unit is added to the colonizing settlements that dot the hilltops surrounding Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank. While Palestinian prospects of a viable political future are continuously diminished by Israeli expansionism the world politely watches in stunned silence. Only resistance from within and solidarity worldwide can provide the Palestinians with hope about their future. They have been failed over and over again by the UN, by the EU, by their Arab neighbors, and above all by that global leader beholden to Israel whose capital is in Washinton, D.C.! It is only against this broader background that the importance of Khader Adnan’s resistance to the continuing struggle of Palestinians everywhere can begin to be appreciated as a political act as well as an insistence on the sacred dignity of the human person.


            The case of Khader Adnan is a revealing microcosm of the unbearable cruelty of prolonged occupation, and the contrast that is drawn in the West between the dignity of a single Israeli prisoner held in captivity and the steadfast refusal to be attentive to the abuse of thousands of Palestinians languishing in Israeli jails through court sentence or administrative order.  Mr. Adnan’s father poignantly highlighted this contrast a few days ago by reference to Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier held by Hamas in captivity for several years and recently released in good health: “Where are the mother and father of Gilad Shalit? Do they not feel for me in this humanitarian case? Where are they?” The comparison pointedly suggests that it is Mr. Adnan who is the more deserving of such a global outpouring of concern: “My son was arrested from his house, from among his wife and children, was taken prisoner. He was not carrying any weapon. Whereas Shalit was fighting against the people of Gaza, and destroying their homes, and firing upon, and Shalit was released.” In fact, Shalit has not been personally associated with violence against the Palestinians and their property, but he was operating as a member of the IDF that has been consistently engaged in such activity, frequently in stark violation of international humanitarian law. While Shalit was being held foreign authority figures, from the UN Secretary General on down, displayed their empathy not only for Shalit but for the intense anxiety experienced by Israelis concerned for the wellbeing of Shalit, but these same personalities are notably silent in the much more compelling ordeal taking place before our eyes in the form of Mr. Adnan’s captivity seemingly unto death. It should not be surprising that surviving family members of IRA hunger strikers should step forward to express solidarity with Mr. Adnan and the compare the Irish transforming acts of resistance in 1981 (ten hunger strikers died, and Britain shifted from counterterrorism to a politics of reconciliation) to that of the Palesinians, increasingly referring to Khader Adnan as the West Bank Bobby Sands.


            And who is Khader Adnan? We do not know very much about him except that he is a member of the Islamic Jihad Party, a 33-year old father of two young daughters, a baker by profession, and viewed with respect and affection by his neighbors. There are no accusations against him that implicate him in violence against civilians, although he has a history of imprisonment associated with his past activism. A fellow prisoner from an earlier period of confinement in Ashkelon Prison, Abu Maria, recalls Mr. Adnan’s normalcy, humanity, and academic demeanor while sharing a cell, emphasizing his passionate dedication to informing other imprisoned Palestinians about the history and nature of the conflict: “Prison was like a university in those times and he was one of the professors.” Commenting on his hunger strike that has brought him extreme pain, Abu Maria says he is convinced that Khader Asnan wants to live, but will not at the price of enduring humiliation for himself and others held in administrative detention: “He is showing his commitment and resistance in the only way he can right now, with his body.”


            Addameer, the respected Palestinian NGO concerned with prisoner issues, “holds Israel accountable for the life of Khader Adnan, whose health has entered an alarmingly critical stage that will now have irreversible consequences and could lead to his fatal collapse at any moment.” Physicians who have observed his current condition conclude that, at most, Mr. Adnan could live a few more days, saying that such a hunger strike cannot be sustained beyond 70 days in any event. Any attempt at this stage to keep Mr. Adnan alive by forced feeding would be widely viewed as a violation of his right to life and is generally regarded as a type of torture.


            Finally, the reliance by Israel on administrative detention in cases of this sort is totally unacceptable from the perspective of international law, including the Geneva Conventions, especially so with no disclosure of the exceptional circumstances or evidence that might warrant for reasons of imminent security the use of such an extra-legal form of imprisonment for a few days. Given the number of Palestinians being held in a manner similar to that of Mr. Adnan, it is no wonder that sympathy hunger strikes among many Palestinians in and out of Israeli jails are underway as expressions of solidarity. Have we not reached a stage in our appreciation of human rights that we should outlaw such barbarism by state authorities, which is cunningly shielded from critical scrutiny by the anonymity and bureaucratic neutrality of the term ‘administrative detention’? Let us hope and make sure that the awful experience of Khader Adnan does not end with his death, and let us hope and do everything in our power to encourage a worldwide protest against both administrative detention and prisoner abuse and by the government of Israel, and in due course elsewhere. The Palestinian people have suffered more than enough already, and passivity in the face of such state crimes is an appalling form of complicity. We should expect more from our governments, the UN, human rights NGOs, and ourselves!



14 Responses to “Saving Khader Adnan’s Life Saves Our Own Soul”

  1. Ray Joseph Cormier February 19, 2012 at 4:23 am #

    And to state the obvious Professor Falk, such measures against a population fly in the face of any notion of Democratic Principles.

    I just embedded a video of Netanyahu boasting about how he destroyed the Oslo Accord in the article ‘A PRESENT DANGER’

    That’s the Treaty where the Palestinians under Arafat formally recognized Israel’s right to exist as the Camp David Accord did for the Egyptians. The goalposts have been moved by Israel. It is no longer good enough to recognize Israel’s right to exist, but to recognize Israel as a Jewish State with the inferred 2nd class status for anyone not being Jewish.

  2. Gareth Smith February 19, 2012 at 4:26 am #

    Dear Prof Falk, Thanks so much for your eloquent and searing indictment of the Israeli occupation and your support for heroic hunger striker Khader Adnan. My letter to Australian PM Julia Gillard is below for your information.

    “Your address to the AICC praised Israel and reiterated Australia’s total support. You made no criticism of the continuing violations of international and humanitarian law perpetrated by Israel on Palestinians so does this mean your government endorses the occupation practices of the Israeli state which include unlimited detention without charge, imprisonment of children as young as 13, home demolitions and harsh repressive measures against the indigenous population?
    I understand you are about to lead a delegation to Israel and the Palestinian Occupied Territories (POT) so will you:
    * report back to the Australian public on the conditions of life there? * confer with the UN Special Raporteur for the POT, Richard Falk?
    *visit Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan currently in Sieff Hospital, Safed? (”

  3. Claudia February 19, 2012 at 5:27 am #

    This situation for this poor human being is awful. Any thoughts on whom a fellow human-being can address?. Apparently Thursday Israel’s high court is going to hear the petition to release Khader Adnan. Will it be too late? Some reports say he is near death. Why are they waiting until Thursday? Why not Monday or sooner if he is in such extreme condition?

    • mags O' Brien February 19, 2012 at 6:14 am #

      Moved to tears by this article, why is it that the world does not choose to see the inhumanity of Israels actions?

      • Richard Falk February 20, 2012 at 4:30 am #

        Thanks, Maggie, for this sensitive response of unbelieving to this
        atrocious situation..Richard

    • Richard Falk February 20, 2012 at 4:32 am #

      Among the many shocking dimensions of Khader Adnan’s shocking treatment since the time of his arrest is this indifference exhibited by the Israeli High Court when in the past it has acted with exception speed to requests for legal support put forward by settlers!

      Warm wishes from Amman,


      • Yisrael February 20, 2012 at 6:26 am #

        How can you possibly compare the treatment of Khadar Adnan to Gilad Shalit. A few important differences:

        1. Ahmed Tibi MK came to the hospital to visit Adnan today. Even the Red Cross were denied access to Shalit in Gaza. No contact with Shalit in Gaza at all.

        2. Adnan has been offered medical treatment, but refuses. Shalit requested medical treatment and was denied.

        3. Shalit defends Israeli borders from rocket attacks from Gaza. Adnan prepared those attacks.

  4. Sutharshan "Sid"Ganesan February 21, 2012 at 3:39 am #

    Dr.Falk, Do you know how he is doing today? We just saw the news of his release, but we know better than to assume he is alive and well. Terrible things happen to good people everyday. I hope he and his family gets all the support they need to recover from the trauma of his detention. When you see him, let him know the good and other oppressed peoples of this world hold him in their thoughts and stand with him during this time. In fellowship, Sutharshan “Sid”Ganesan

    • Richard Falk February 21, 2012 at 2:22 pm #

      Thanks for this sensitive comment. Khader Adnan has ended his hunger strike but he has disgracefully, considering his condition, being kept in captivity until April 17th.

  5. Better than you May 15, 2012 at 10:32 pm #

    ” Mr. Adnan’s father poignantly highlighted this contrast a few days ago by reference to Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier held by Hamas in captivity for several years and recently released in good health: “Where are the mother and father of Gilad Shalit?”

    As Joseph Welch said to Senator McCarthy

    “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

    Contrast? Are you kidding me?

    To mention Shalit, who was imprisoned for almost 6 years, who was held incognito, who was denied visits from the Red Cross…and imply his treatment was better than the Palestinian criminals who are chose to go on a hunger strike…

    You sir are a disgrace. Kindly point me to your heartbreaking pleas for the release of this boy who never did anyone any harm, who was kidnapped.,,

    And for whose return Israel released many hundreds of convicted Palestinian murderers. Of the first 477 released, 280 had been convicted of murder, and many were serving multiple life sentences for multiple murders.

    You sir, are a disgrace.


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