Misreading the Snowden Affair

11 Jul

This post is a revised and modified version of an essay published as an Op/Ed two days ago by Al Jazeera English; it attempt to reflect on the significance of the Snowden disclosures, and why governments did not rebuff the American efforts to take Snowden into custody as an accused criminal by the simple assertion that ‘political crimes‘ should never be the subject of cooperative inter-governmental efforts to achieve the enforcement of criminal law in a foreign country. The world benefits from the safety valve of such sanctuary, as does the country that is seeking to arrest and punish the whistleblower even if most of its leaders and opinion makers do not realize this. So far even the U.S. Government has not insisted that Snowden’s crime is somehow not to be considered ‘a political crime,’ nor could it plausibly make such an argument. For this reason to capture Snowden the United States has relied on its diplomatic clout and geopolitical capacity to impose costs on those who do not comply with its wishes. So far in the Snowden Affair it is small Latin American countries, including Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, that have risked the ire of the United States by pursuing independent policies with respect to Snowden, and acting correctly from the perspective of law and morality.




            I had thought that there was a clear set of principles that make the frantic American diplomatic pursuit of Edward Snowden as a fugitive from justice a rather empty and futile gesture. As far as I can tell, there is not even a need for asylum, which is normally reserved for someone with reasonable fears that persecution will occur is forced to return to his country of nationality. Every foreign governments should have been prepared to grant Snowden residence status because his alleged criminal acts in the United States were without doubt political crimes.


            I had thought it was as straightforward as law can be that any person who has committed a political crime should be exempted from mandatory extradition even if a treaty existed imposed a duty on its parties to hand over individuals accused of serious criminal activity. To be sure, from the perspective of the United States Government, Snowden’s exposure of the PRISM surveillance program was a flagrant violation of the Espionage Act and breach of classification constraints was unlawful. But it was also as self-evidently a political crime as almost any undertaking can be. There was no violence involved or threatened, and no person is harmed by the disclosures.

Quite the contrary, information in the public interest, related to the defense of individual liberties and national sovereign rights was made available, enhancing the prospects for protecting democracy against its many enemies.


            What puzzles me is why the refusal to hand Snowden over by expelling him to the United States, which is what Washington has asked Russia to do, raises any kind of serious question beyond wondering how and why the U.S. government officials posed such a request almost in the form of a demand in the first place. The U.S. Government approached Moscow as if they were harboring a common criminal: “We expect the Russian Government to look at all options available to expel Mr. Snowden to the United States to face justice for the crimes with which he is charged.” Putin spurned the request, but he might have made his correct stand stronger either by indicating that Snowden was welcome to remain in Russia or by rebuffing such a strongly worded request as inappropriate.


            It is also puzzling why governments in Europe did not politely respond to Washington by simply saying that it has long been their firm policy and consistent practice not to collaborate with foreign governments in the pursuit of individuals accused of committing nonviolent political crimes. There are excellent public policy and humanitarian reasons why such ‘criminals’ should not be treated internationally as fugitives from justice. Whistleblowing serves the overall public interest relating to maintain a balance of state and society in democratic polities, and providing sanctuary for those who commit political crimes benefits the public good of a state-centric world order.  


            It seems clearly within the domain of reason to believe that the extent of secret surveillance, both conducted by the United States within its own borders and globally, is posing a dangerous threat to the future of democracy, to the freedom, privacy, and the security of individuals, and to the national sovereignty of all states. In these respects, Snowden’s crimes are from a global perspective not crimes at all, but should be viewed as timely and brave contributions to human security.


            His disclosures can also be interpreted from within the United States as acts of civil disobedience, that is, deliberate violations of law to call attention to greater wrongs.   It was Snowden’s conscience as a citizen that appears to have led him to act against his normal interests, giving up a successful career and high income as a skilled government contract employee working in the private sector and accepting the pressures and insults that he must have anticipated would follow upon such a frontal challenge to counter-terrorist security policies relied upon by the most powerful country in the world. There is every indication that Snowden knew exactly what he was doing, and why. He deliberately violated the applicable criminal law of the United States in a sensitive area of national security, and not surprisingly has been labeled ‘a traitor’ by politicians and some media opinion writers, and some zealots have even accused him of ‘treason.’ Beyond this, more moderate critics have insisted that unlike Daniel Ellsberg who remained in the country after he released the Pentagon Papers, Snowden does not deserve to be respected as a whistleblower because he did not stay around to face the legal music, subservience to the criminal law system being regarded as the essential expression of good faith by those who claim to be acting for the public good when they defy the law for a supposedly higher good. It should be appreciated that in the post-9/11 world, especially within the United States, there is an almost unlimited willingness of American courts to treat government procedures of surveillance and policies of confidentiality as ‘reasonable’ provided only that a justification is made that such measures are needed to keep American safe and prevent future terrorist incidents. It is true that Snowden is insisting that his balancing of security and freedom is to be preferred over that of the government, including its elected representatives and leaders.


            The U.S. Government international pursuit of Snowden seems to  contradict its own long standing practice of refusing to give up to foreign governments those wanted for political crimes, including in some instances even shielding persons charged with terrorist activity if the target country is viewed as an enemy state. The most notorious example of such a pattern involves Luis Posada Carrilles, an exile from Cuba with a long record of involvement in anti-Castro terrorist activity and state terrorism. Carrilles, among other violent acts, is alleged to have been centrally involved with a plot to blow up a Cuban passenger plane in 1976 that killed all 73 persons on board. He has been living for decades without legal difficulties in Florida. This is not meant to show the extremes to which the political crimes doctrine is carried. Rather it illustrates carrying this exemption from criminal accountability much too far, and raises the opposite problem from that associated with the affair of Snowden.


            The shameful behavior of several European governments, succumbing to American pressure, cannot be overlooked, and suggests the extent to which law and morality can be bent by the exertion of geopolitical leverage. It is notable that such well established governments of France, Portugal, Spain, and Italy caved in, denying overflight rights to the plane carrying Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, apparently hoping to persuade a friendly government to seize Snowden wherever the plane eventually landed, and then turn him over to American authorities if he were on board who would have him transported back to the United States to face charges. It should hardly be surprising that such diplomatic hard ball at Bolivia’s expense angered several Latin American countries, justifiably sensitive to such a display of U.S. willingness to throw its weight around in a manner humiliating to a head of state in a Latin American country. It is unimaginable that the United States would tolerate such behavior if its president were to be denied normal overflight rights because there was believed to be on board an Iranian who had just revealed some state secrets about Iran’s nuclear program because he was fearful that the development of nuclear weapons by Iran would lead to war. Undoubtedly this effort to divert the Bolivian presidential plane was an anguishing reminder to Latin America that the imperial mentality responsible for the Monroe Doctrine and ‘gunboat diplomacy’ in the Western Hemisphere was not entirely a thing of the past.


            It is not known why Snowden himself shifted the context from the exemption of political crimes to a request for asylum, which presupposes a justifiable fear of persecution of returned to the country of nationality. It may be that he was not advised about the availability of political crimes exception to extradition or that he was informed by Russia and other governments that he would not welcome to remain in their country, perhaps because of seeking to avoid diplomatic difficulties with the United States. As it was, the U.S. officials and influential media commentators treated the refusal of Russia, China, and Hong Kong to hand Snowden over as an unfriendly, if not hostile, act. Secretary of State Kerry somewhat bizarrely reminded Russia of their recent cooperation in relation to the Boston Marathon terrorist case, as if this somehow created an obligation on Russia’s part to behave in a similar way with respect to Snowden. What make this bizarre is the seeming equivalence struck between the Boston murderers and Snowden.


            It is against such a background that Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela, offered Snowden asylum on July 5th, the national holiday celebrating independence in his country. The offer of asylum to Snowden on such an occasion was resonant with symbolism relating to a reminder to Washington that time have indeed changed, and even small Latin American countries will define their own national interests and shape public policy on the basis of Venezuelan values. Snowden has reportedly accepted the offer, but there is no indication how he will make sure that his trip from Shermetyevo International Airport in Moscow to Caracas is not interrupted on route in a way that allows the United States to take him into custody.


            There is another question lurking in the background. Will Venezuela be now made to pay for doing the right thing? And what of Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador that each indicated sympathy with Snowden’s request for asylum? There has been speculation that in the post-Chavez era Maduro has been seeking to normalize relations with the United States, and that this goal might now be put on indefinite hold. And what about Hong Kong, China, and Russia that spurned American efforts to have Snowden expelled to the United States after his passport was cancelled? How far will the U.S. Government push this anti-leak diplomacy?


            I suppose that this attack of ‘surveillance panic’ is a symptom of the larger importance being attached by Washington to cyber security, and worries about disabling attacks directed at information networks by way of hacking and debilitating viruses. Even granting this, to go after Snowden in this way is more than panic, it suggests one more example of American exceptionalism that causes anger and resentment throughout the world—in effect, the United States is insisting that we expect from others far more than we are prepared to give. It is especially striking that among Snowden’s disclosures are confirmations of the earlier rumors that the United States and Israel had collaborate to develop the computer worm or virus, Stuxnet, that had been used in 2010 to disrupt operations in Iran’s nuclear facilities. As with the use of drones around the world, the blowback risks seem once more ignored as America flexes its geopolitical muscles without regard for the constraints of international law, the logic of reciprocity, and the values of a free society.


            Reciprocity is the indispensable foundation of effective international law, and it is here that the Snowden Affair seems particularly disturbing. If a Chinese Snowden was to make comparable revelations that violated Chinese criminal law there would not be a chance in a million that the United States would return such an individual to China, and wouldn’t Washington be outraged if China used its leverage to persuade governments to divert a plane suspected of carrying the person they were seeking to prosecute, especially if it were a plane known to be carrying the president of a sovereign state?



            Why should it be deemed ‘unfriendly’ to offer sanctuary to Snowden as European countries, and even China and Russia, seemed to believe? Why were even the Latin American countries seemingly only led to act when the Bolivian president was denied normal international comity in international airspace as head of a sovereign state, and this seemed like an affront that called for a response? Giving sanctuary to political crimes helps makes the world safe for political dissent and pluralism, and offers a shield against the autocratic security state. It should be expected as a dimension of a commitment to human rights and democracy. It is admirable that Venezuela, whatever its reasons, stepped forward to offer Snowden asylum, which was certainly deserved from the perspective of refugee law, considering the vindictive and punitive approach taken toward such other recent ‘leakers’ as Bradley Manning and Julian Assange.


            What may be most regrettable in this yet unfinished drama is the American refusal to engage in self-scrutiny, to wonder whether surveillance and secrecy are not being abused, a gross over-reaction to 9/11 and extremist threats, that alters the balance between state and society in an anti-democratic manner, as well as treats the entire world as if falls within the ‘territorial’ domain of U.S. national security. Such a worldview is decidedly imperial as it has no intention of honoring reciprocal claims made by others, and implicitly places the United States above the law by allowing it to seize such a fugitive from justice wherever in the world he might be found, thereby manipulating cooperative international criminal law enforcement to suit its own particular priorities.


            Instead of seeking to prosecute and punish Snowden, the healthy national response would be to consider placing stronger limits on governmental surveillance and extraterritorial security claims, and certainly to open such a debate. It is crucial that American citizens not be fooled by the politics of deflection by which the government and a pliant media avoid the message of disclosure and obsess about the messenger who discloses. It has never been more important for Americans and others to discuss the substantive concerns that prompted Snowden to take such a hazardous course. And yet the energy of the country has been almost exclusively devoted up to now to the purported need to punish this individual of conscience who chose courageously to endure the predictable fury of a state when some of its most unseemly secrets were shared with the public. Snowden gave us as planetary citizens this incredible opportunity and responsibility to evaluate the acceptability of these state secrets, which if not taken, might fasten forever the tentacles of the security state upon an increasingly nominal and pliant body politic. 


30 Responses to “Misreading the Snowden Affair”

  1. Francis Oeser July 11, 2013 at 12:16 pm #


    There’s a new lawlessness: what governments say, and accepting that. The danger is in the demolishing of all world-wide standards and agreements – a sort of irresponsible anarchy based on a myth of unchallengable power. “Do unto others . . .” has been replaced by “do whatever you can get away with.” – NOT a stable, or rational, system for anyone. An obvious base for any terrorism (as surely, we already realise?)

    I liked your piece. It’s clear and rightous. Well done!


  2. Spinoza July 11, 2013 at 4:44 pm #

    Clearly Edward Snowden acted on the dictates of his conscience and definitely not for financial gain. To me it seems fair to assume, that the US government knows, what else Mr. Snowden can divulge, which may cause a lot of damage to the last bit of credibility the US has left in the world. Just because nobody argues openly against their strong arm tactics, does not mean everybody agrees. That is the drawback for a bully, he will never really know, if there are any true friends, or are they all running scared?
    Look at the slavish attitude of the countries, that so willingly obliged with the American request, or so it seems anyway, when they seemed afraid to assert their sovereignty, by refusing Morales` plane overflight in their airspace. The US and whatever entity is manipulating its government, is slowly tightening the noose around the neck of the free world and that will be the end of what once was known as freedom, liberty and democracy. If the US is indeed a democracy, as they like to claim, then it is fair to assume, that over 150 million of its citizens, or rather over 50% of those, who can vote, agree with the status quo.
    I consider the average American to be less fearful than to consent to these atrocious illegal acts.

    • Richard Falk July 12, 2013 at 12:39 am #

      An important assessment with which I agree..

  3. walker b percy July 11, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

    What most people don’t yet understand is that the secrets divulged by Edward Snowden affect all of us. The systems put into place by NSA and sister organizations in other countries provide mechanisms for identifying and retaliating against anonymous commenters on web sites like yours. If someone (like me) decides to post a comment that is highly critical of a certain country, operatives in that country can simply activate the camera and microphone on my cell phone in order to gather information on me that they can then deploy in an effort to sabotage my career. While this sounds like science fiction, it is happening now. An excellent book by Cory Doctorow called Homeland explains this technology in clear terms, and should be read by anyone who wants to maintain anonymity while making their views known on line.

    Of course, the country I am talking about is Israel, and anyone who thinks I am a paranoid nut should be discomfited by Snowden’s disclosure that the Jewish state is on the closest terms with our government, and any information available to NSA is also free for the taking by Zionists. Richard, you can be sure that your blog is scrutinized and analyzed by Israeli intelligence. Your cell phone is probably bugged, and your private emails are no doubt being read, and your friends and relatives are probably also bugged. If this makes you angry, it should. The idea that your own country would betray you in this way is beyond the pale. You should use your platform here and in the UN to try to expose this vile behavior. While individuals like us may be no match for the vast resources of the Jewish state and its vassal Barack Obama, if we all follow the example of Edward Snowden, we can win. The future of the free world is in the balance, and there is very little left to lose.

    • Kata Fisher July 11, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

      Hi Walker,

      I like to validate something…so hold on to that which is relevant to you in reference to validation. That which is not relevant you—you can disregard, and someone else may find it useful, and some may wonder if is relevant at all.

      I do apologies for some unreasonable habit of mine: mocking. (It is a personal habit…and dear to me).

      I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina… Our Beloved Mr. Falk has already served citizens in those regions. Thank you, our Beloved Mr. Falk.

      Where I come from (the town) people is Charismatic Christianity Catholic, after war that was just boldly sinful few priests in the region took on some full Church Orders, and spiritually and naturally we hope to see things progressing in region. (Only few priest, that are fully ordained and fully qualified to be the priest for all ministries). Now this is a mystery for/to Church invalid.

      There was a person who was from Iran, and he was in Bosnia for humanitarian reasons…they got the person who was Moslem faithful in his call, and have placed him in that terrorist camp. They overruled Bosnian Herzegovinian report/law that man was no “threat to peace and justice” (now this is relevant)—still they have put him away (they operating crowd did that). One was hindered to do the justice to his people over whom he had a spiritual authority. (They stripped him off his spiritual authority). Now this is relevant.

      It is so; they are very in everyone’s daily business. High, high and above all the laws appointed–the people teach us about it. As soon as you agitate an evil spirit realm—they try to snoop on you. I say, “When you not qualified to agitate that nonsense get a back up.” (It was always like that). One gets judges, all bunch of people in the land, and all that. Keep on plowing, and do not forget to have a lots of fun while you at it. They deserve to be mocked by truth. Church Charismatic under prophetic anointing hates a boring life, right. O’ man it becomes hell when a woman with little kids get’s demonized and defiled and has no clue what is going on (You are on your own and God in the wicked land). When one is demonized–one gets hardly access to a public life. (Now this is like a house arrest—or what?”) But not for real…it is kind of forced anointing, but no one is responsible for forced anointing and invalid church disorder.

      Ohhh…was I lucky to trip over a judge, and all providence from God when there is no one to whom you must be in submission with your mind. (The Church is in submission with their mind). Now this is a Church practice when willing (no one forces submission, but God’s Spirit can, and thise who have no Spirit of God do whatever).

      And if they judge someone according to the Gospel, but ONLY if there is Church-sin that must be judged by Spirit—forcing evil spirit out—this is desired effect). Then clean in mind and in Spirit Church Charismatic lays hands on the wicked and they are cleaned by Spirit. Church that is wicked is not clean (NOT CLEAN) and they seal people in unclean spirits and/or transfer unclean anointing (onto the Jews with Spirit and Non-Jews without Spirit).

      Christianity that is valid hates gossip, and also all other people that are Spirit-filled, and with few we accomplish (In private settings, yes). That way one is safe, and there is less distress for masses. Still, sometimes one is required to speak in public of evil things, and whatever it happens. One serves wicked and still experience its personal costs because they will try to sick even smallest of your sin to your recalling and embarrassment. It is a mockery. (We say mockery that mocks me—a spirit that mocks). “The devil that stops me?” No.

      It is all kind of things going on with the wicked, you want to know and believe it. People under prophetic anointing see it (or were violated by it), see right through it and laugh about it.

      People with floppy ears and squawked insight–they have that puling of a spirit (Policing/Nazi spirit in contemporary package) back and forth (like kind of the cold war going on, but in a different form)/they are in each other’s presence/space—or nearby…and you look and think—you really cannot join them, but say: “Hallo, Hello, Hallo…how about some truth-objective and/or relevant truth?” May we have that?
      It is just rolling of a spirit that they are chewing on. It is humorous and it is funny. We do five-high, it is nonsense…altogether! (It is in human nature to be busy body sometimes, and gossips too, are in genetically given patterns (we are made out of the dust of the earth), and these things are very demonic in nature—and/or distinctly human; however, imagine how bad it gets when people get sealed-frozen-in-rebellion according to their human and/or generational pattern—this is and can be a mental/social chaos).

      Invalid church charismatic with their disorderly church practices and handling of the Church Order (they have disorder) create all kind of evil issues, and add to irrevocable personal sins—or generational sins that can be only removed by Free Fall of the Spirit of God, just as same as on the Day of the Pentecost. There is no other way. “Blood of Jesus” (as they say) may not cover anything by obnoxious profession of faith-invalid. (Now I am writing this to obnoxious and invalid Christianity, specifically).

      Church Charismatic under prophetic anointing sees all that—referee to me as “Holy See” (I just mock, and mock here) but it is a title to be of use and mock with, if you must and also means nothing, all together. (We want to see some valid Church Order with Holy See, because people fall under indescribable spiritual attacks because they do not have it right…filthy rags, filthy rags, filthy rags). It was always like that.

      I will use English Translation—and this one is diverse in essence:
      Jeremiah mocked when he was saying, “the temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD…” The Back ground of the Scripture tells us what was going on—so that Jeremiah had to mock with God.

      LOOK AND SEE: The Temple is standing. But we must yet build “the Temple of The LORD”…does the Temple of The Lord looks as it should be? (We all have different perspectives). Man, those perspectives are kicking hard on our behave.

      The Temple of the Lord issues is like the Issues with the Landmarks of Israeli state which are invalid. But what do you do with human delusionary and a Historical Art. It is unlawful to vandalize Historical Art/Arhitecture.

      About Barak: He is dearly loved and I do not consider him to be a hypocrite. He needs to be watched—that is all. There is spiritual enemy to him, all around him. We all have spiritual enemies around us that work their ways in natural, and this is a fact. What he [Barak] placed into the wall of the Temple to God–God is faithful to that.
      Thank you Walker,

      I TELL YOU A STORY…Who does like to listen to a story : If you wonder the culture at ………..people that are spiritual feel that they are dealing with “drug deal” and they are like…”Hey, I can’t do my job.” (They are hindering) When you hear that—you write that down, and you send it off to a judge, right? Sure why not? They kind of have a role of oversight. And when judge does not pick up, people of the land are alerted to that. You have judges that are on witchcraft, sexual immorality and all that. It was always like that.
      Still, you are in the class to pass, and when you hear about counter-effect, only thing you can do is laugh. Overseeing is totally appropriate, if serves a greater purpose. Always kicks out the spirit real nicely that is unwanted…but it agitates it to highest extent (it becomes like broad of vipers) that move off, and continue in their way (but from elsewhere, and now days High-teach is a tool, why not?). Hay, hay, hay! (Smile).
      The Temple of the Lord is standing “look ans see” Israeli, Israeli, Israeli…? Me too, bu-hu-hu!

      • Gene Schulman July 12, 2013 at 9:26 am #

        Oh dear. For all of Kata Fisher’s verbosity, I must admit I can’t understand just what she’s getting at. It’s not the pidgen English that throws me. Being from the Balkans, she can be forgiven for that. It is rather the religious allusions in her comments. She is entitled to her beloved Christianity, but I can’t make sense of what she writes.

      • Kata Fisher July 12, 2013 at 11:39 am #

        Dear Gene,

        I thank my God that your insight is closed :). You are very blessed by that. Church issues are a very complex task. It breaks your Spirit just to see all that. Christianity saves no one…in essence it does not. No, not really. What exactly is Christianity? All kind of stuff that is not valid with God. Only thing that is most accurate for Christianity is “Free Fall of the Spirit” –anything else is debatable, causes conflict and so on–one has to deal with Theology…and we like to avoid that.

        Now I do not like to go into explaining all of that of Christianity…but I can. I will just write about things that may be relevant—or not. This way we have Peace and Love, and achive Justice. We all need that 🙂

        Our Beloved Mr. Walker has installment of the Spirit, but not fully active to activate all of the the gifts of God’s Spirit. And the Spirit in essence illuminates around that. I usually do not go about the Spirit essence (but it is of pearls) and now I would like to do that. It is a glorious presence that we have in this place. Mr. Walker is lowly, meek…and in righteousness by Spirit. (We do not judge small irrelevant things). One who is Spiritual can judge all things. How comes that Mr. Walker has ability to judge these things.
        I am usually restricted by Spirit to preach the Gospel. (A woman should not do that). I feel in Walkers presence like priest that taps-me-out. It is unusual, but I feel priestly presence. Now this is a mystery to me.
        When I was at Theology study (which was really funny) in reality I was just hanging out overseeing and getting collage credits (that are at no use for me). One you are the Church (Charismatic-valid)—you need no Theology. One who is Spiritual, anointed (Jew or non-Jew) can just teach the Scripture by Spirit, and Writ, understand and discern the teaching—just by God’s Spirit.
        The view of so called Christians-confused (in unrighteousness) in the land when comes to Israel issues are must obnoxious. Things that they were teaching were annulled by Spirit immediately, as the Spirit would show me otherwise.
        They think that Israel state has right to defend itself, and it is sovereign state by Scriptural promises…and so forth. (We have partial and inaccurate trust that we hang on…enjoy, mock on—no one is righteous. They believe in nonsense). And for that reason they get a lot of all kind of devilry, as Israeli state. This in essence is not necessary. Remember I am neutral here, and no one is exempt (nor am I exempt…I receive correction by Spirit all the time).
        The Truth is that Israel has its right to defend itself, (as Palestine is) but they are not fully equipped. They need both (a lot of delivery) that they should use only sparingly. “I am all about war and terrorism” (now this is just mockery—a truth not applicable to me). This is how it works with witchcraft: it is a self-destructing force. You have witchcraft in Israel and you have witchcraft in Palestine. They deal with forces of self-destruction. What else to say about that?
        It is mind-boggling, but how can Israeli and Palestinian people defend anything among themselves? Let’s allow prophets among them to curse the wicked, and cut them off. It is the Holy Land, and there are the prophets among them. I know that. Than we can have some effect, in a way…But what if people are tripped by witchcraft, and they fell under curse off God? Why to curse more? We rater apply blessings, still we can apply curse as well–toward the wicked. Let’s allow prophets among them. Now this is my faith.
        American people are very generous toward the wicked, and sometimes they have to provide for things that they reject and do not believe in (like warfare, and all that is not best for Peace and Justice—that is what people need in the Land of Israel). But why do American people have to accept things that they do not want? This is why: they have to put up with those who are really not citizens (the wicked in the land, those who are written in the dust of the earth). Call the wicked uncivil–no citizens (anti-citizen), unrighteous and anti-citizen. Now I am like Paul Apostle…I IMITATE PAUL (or try to) be like Paul “ambassador in chains” (that I do not want to be) toward the wicked—still by Faith. Look and See.
        About People in Holy Land:
        All they need and shall get is things like meats, acceptable oils and bread. But they would not even need that if they would just stop doing that which they are. This would be most excellent toward them.
        People in Israel and Palestine should redirect their attention: They should look and see to block smuggling and delivery of things that are of destruction and warfare. Objectives that they have for themselves are not possible. What I mean by that? Their ways- as they are.
        Objective truth is that exiles are in the Land, both in Israel and Palestine.
        Israeli wants things that they cannot claim—nor can have, at all. They can accept it—to accept that which they got. Then they can receive more from God.
        The Temple is already built and it is standing. No one can touch that. Unless there is natural catastrophe like quake so that other Temple can be built—rebuilt…and so forth. Remember, rebuilding things to fit everyone’s perspective has to be of One mind and One Spirit. This is not reality for this point in time, but we do not know about all of things that are to come. (We should not seek irrational things).
        Perceptions of the Temple are different? (We say: SURE). I mean, “Yes” very different.
        I assure you by God’s Spirit that Israelites can forget about building a Temple of the Lord according to their perspective for this point in time—and the time that is to come.
        Palestine is Ecclesiastical entity, and it will be acceptable as that, and it does not violate Spirit of God. There is God-Given Stewardship over things that should be steward and not touched, as they are. Like things that should not be excavated…beginning just with that, for an example.
        Now if Palestine would put around some invalid landmarks, instead of Ecclesiastical entity–that would be difficult. However, they are in a very difficult position and are in an embattlement from all sides. Now why? In natural they are Palestinian, Moslems specifically and (unwanted people in the Land). However, in Spiritual there is another reality—they are exiles in the land.
        Different reality…just as it is with the Landmarks of Israel. David has to get the land back. David needs to receive a calling, and a Spiritual authority must be activated in David by God Himself.
        We all must stay put, until David hears and obeys by Spirit of God.
        This is what Spirit filled Church perceives, in all. We do not judge that which we must not, and we are neutral…all that we write down is subject to discerning of all who are Spiritual. (We are not responsible for decrement—others are). They immediately tap-it out (take authority over it), or allow that.
        By Gift of God’s Spirit

      • walker b percy July 12, 2013 at 12:17 pm #

        Gene, I agree that Kata Fisher is very hard to understand, and sometimes, in my fever state, I imagine that she is actually a pen-name for Rabbi Youdovin or some other operative of the hasbara-industrial complex. What if they realized that David Singer, Hillel Neuer and the other Jewish extremists expressing their outrage over Falk’s free speech just drives more traffic to the blog? Kata Fisher’s charmingly daft posts make it harder for serious readers, because once you get halfway through her ramblings you realize it isn’t going anywhere and you give up, making it that much harder to re-engage with the blog.

        We have to understand that there is no subterfuge so underhanded that it will not appeal to these agents of mischief, who are trying to destabilize the world and cause catastrophes in order to distract attention from their decades of murder, land theft, torture, false imprisonment, illegal trafficking in narcotics and body parts, and general mayhem and immorality. Snowden is doing us the favor of exposing the intimacies between the Zionist state’s intelligence apparatus and our government, including elected officials under oath to uphold their own country, not do the bidding of a theocratic crime-state.

        Kata, if you are actually in a yeshiva student in a dark room in Tel Aviv, spinning confusing stories to drive readers away from Falk, I am afraid it is working. If you are sincere, then please keep your postings short and to the point (no more than two short paragraphs). This blog is an important solace for readers around the world, and has to invite serious commentary, not inane, endless rants. Sorry for being blunt.


      • Gene Schulman July 12, 2013 at 12:37 pm #

        Thanks, Walker, for doing the heavy work. You raise some interesting theories. Frankly, however, I do not believe Kata is a shill for those others you mention. I prefer to think she’s merely a religious crank and enjoys writing long meaningless treatises.

      • Kata Fisher July 12, 2013 at 1:42 pm #

        Walker, Gene…You both are dear…and you are the man!!! So, keep on discerning all that you can 🙂
        For me, I shall withdraw for a while…I have another priority. I am dealing with a school TARDY. T-A-R-D-Y! (I am in collage…can you believe that). :)At Webster, we tend not to be delusional; we apply Global citizenship…whenever we can.

        By Faith,

      • Gene Schulman July 12, 2013 at 3:40 pm #

        Thank you, Kata. You have given me the clue to your ideology. Webster U., a catholic school in St. Louis with a branch where I live in Geneva. Which do you attend? I know them both quite well. I frankly doubt you will get much of an education in either. Catholic indoctrination in St. Louis, and little other in Geneva. Good luck. Your degree will be worthless in helping you get a job.

      • Kata Fisher July 12, 2013 at 5:26 pm #

        Dear Gene,
        I got to get a job, I got to get a job…just kidding. The luck is not in believing, but hearing. (Or both—without luck). Awwww…

        I hear. But I cannot do anything in my will power…how about that? I am not willing to do anything…nothing. All I do is kick back and relax…eventually; I will have to get a job!!!! 
        We Catholics are very unwilling and very lazy 🙂
        Not willing.
        By Faith,

    • Richard Falk July 12, 2013 at 12:38 am #


      As usual you raise important issues in an imaginative, sometimes provocative,
      manner, but always making ‘the other’ think more carefully.

      Your comments about ‘my country’ scrutinizing me may or may not be true, but
      I do not feel anger, because my expectations about how a state behaves are quite
      low. My affinities are grounded in a sense of human solidarity, and especially
      an identification with those who are most victimized and marginalized by
      existing public order, nationally and globally. My reasons for affirming
      Snowden’s brave behavior is similar to your affirmation.



      • walker b percy July 12, 2013 at 7:13 am #

        Thanks for your reply to my comment. It means a lot when you affirm my views, since you are my great hero. I will try to emulate your compassionate approach, even when confronted by those who seek to use deception, threats and other mischief in their efforts to suppress our speech. Please keep posting to your blog. I feel that we are moving opinion through this technology. We must persevere and continue working hard to reclaim our (theoretically) inalienable rights. Those who seek to manipulate us may be forced to rethink their methods if enough of us express our outrage that our rights as American citizens are being subverted by a nefarious foreign government that we subsidize each year with billions of our tax dollars.

      • Kata Fisher July 14, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

        I just had a mind flash of a something looking like a old-fashion typewriter, but with very long typing-tips…that is some kind of dynamics for some kind of process…I do not understand anything about it…things like size/structure–or anything like that–not where maybelong it….I just had a mind flash of that.

      • Kata Fisher July 14, 2013 at 3:39 pm #

        I hear more in Spirit.
        The Spirit said that the Spirit of God and God will rise up household of David to strip them of from secret profiles and profilating. And He will strip them of their economic and religious devilry. He said that he will send them diplomats to strips them off.
        He will strip them of economic profiteering on human rights central things. If they do not submit to International Law requirements the Spirit of God will impose sanction over them. The Spirit of God said that there is no partiality with him. The Spirit said that they will be confined to their own land in all because they have exhausted His patience in the land, and in other lands.
        The Spirit said that they are in works of death and they do not submit to any of the appointed laws appropriately. The Spirit said that they temper with constitution and that they manipulate will of the people in the land.
        The Spirit said that he will rise up household of David and end devilry of the wicked. The Spirit of God said that he will strait out their evil will, and that this household of wicked will become somewhat appropriate.
        The Spirit of God said that violation of International Laws in this land has been long going on.
        The Spirit of God said that people who engaged in creating nuclear things of vested were not genius, but insane scientists–that they were under blasphemy of God’s Spirit generationally and then they were sealed in satanic seals.
        The Spirit said that nuclear things of waste are to be depleted, things pushed out gradually, and used for any other thing acceptable. To be pushed out and used. And, the metals they can melt and do whatever, whatever, and whatever with them.
        The Spirit of God said that no one needs to rebuke his appointed, nor modify and annul the Laws that He appointed. He said if anyone needs to be corrected that he appointed, He himself can do that. He said that He does not need the wicked of the land to do any service on God’s behave.
        The Spirit said that He will be unmerciful toward the wicked. That is what I heard in Spirit.
        The Spirit said, “They will obey by international laws or I will strip them off, and this is for all.”

    • Kata Fisher July 14, 2013 at 10:43 am #

      Dear Walker,

      I have another reflection: I was in deep meditation and the Spirit of God has showed me that this presence is a place of the calling and will that he have appointed for God’s anointed: to do His will.

      The Spirit is asking for equipped and anointed individuals.
      If anyone has any perception for calling anything that they feel they must do, they have to answer that calling. Please answer that calling.

      It is a strange feeling and perception but I feel that David is in this presence. I think David is here. We do not know who David is.
      He will not know who he is, unless God Himself tells him. He may be Muslim, and he is Son of David. I accepted Prophet Mohamed, and I accepted Holy Quran…I do not understand anything about it, but Spirit of God told me to accept it and rest, and I did that by that divine order. I was not given spiritual authority by Spirit of God to read and learn more about it. I had questions, and I did not understand, still I had to rest all questions and accept my limitations.

      Another thing, I heard in Spirit a long time ago about depletion of nuclear essence to its natural contents of zero (perishing). Same things that heard before, I am hearing now. The Spirit said that it can be done, but he needs anointed and equipped prophets to accomplish it.
      The Spirit wants to work for future needs, he wants to cultivate and equip for future needs. And he wants to do that now. God wants to provide for future needs, by working His will now.

      If there is anything, a thought…a vision flashes, anything that ANYONE HERE may hear/feel/think/sense by installment of Spirit. ANYONE may have all this essence, but it is not fully activated. I am talking to this shared setting. What God needs from us is Prophetic anointing activated in full strength, along with all gifts of God’s Spirit that accomplish things of God in natural world.

      This will be done by free fall of Glory of God’s Spirit, and then who receives resting of Gods Spirit upon them by free fall will be directed toward the will of God.

      There is only one place that everyone is sent to be sent by Spirit is to the priesthood-Charismatic of Vatican/Rome. The Spirit said that he wants clean and celibate priesthood to minister to His anointed. No one else.

      God showed me that there is vision that is valid and that he wants to accomplish. Look and see:

      I do not want to offend anyone, but I have to obey by divine order and write about things that I have received by Spirit. The
      Thank you,

  4. John Lyman July 12, 2013 at 6:52 pm #

    All fine and well but what does it say of Snowden to even contemplate accepting residence in countries with their own abysmal human rights records.

    • Kata Fisher July 12, 2013 at 10:23 pm #

      Dear Mr. Lyman,
      To explain that? OK.
      This is how I feel by Spirit. It I would have a choice, my own choice of will—I would not stay in this land for a minute. I would be gone…
      (This is why: it is hostile too my child (ren)—3x child— and I).
      Sometimes, for one it is a bummer…and you have to put up with all kind of abuse, and say…Whatever, Whatever…I must move on, kicks on with the time! (I am on my own and God). You not quite sure of your choices…come-on. (But that is when we deal with confusions and things that violate our mind). Confusion, belly ache…sickly and all that…
      Now, is this a reality? Hm, Aha…Yes…what a bummer. A bummer…yes—or not?

      I say, “I argue not…with hostile everyone keeps mouth shout…only time I open my mount is by language of the Spirit in environment like that.”

      Foster care services are demonic…way, way, way demonic…

      So it is with Snowden in Foster care 😦

      Thank you,

    • Kata Fisher July 13, 2013 at 12:40 pm #

      I just had a reflection by Spirit:

      Can you also research background of these historical events? (And entire foster care patterns? (globaly, if possible).
      It would be nice to read about it.
      Thank you,

    • Richard Falk July 14, 2013 at 9:34 pm #

      John Lyman: A point well observed, but humane gestures on a global stage usually reflect strategic motivations, making hypocrisy a feature of international behavior, including by the United States throughout recent experience. Harboring every
      anti-Communist exile whatever their acts, and return to anti-Communist regimes political figures that were likely to be tortured.

  5. walker b percy July 15, 2013 at 7:50 am #

    The latest developments in this case are blowing my mind. Listening to reporter Greenwald’s interview where he outlines the new facts of life for the US Gov’t is deeply satisfying to me, and presumably to others hoping to expose the surveillance state. The shocking candor of Greenwald’s statements about what will happen if the United States puts into place actions “designed to end [Snowden’s] life” effectively checkmates the executive branch, while giving the rest of us a lesson on how creative and ethical citizen action can succeed. Especially sweet for me is the realization that Greenwald is despised by Zionists as a self-hating Jew (see link below), and this must have informed Snowden’s decision to recruit him as his mouthpiece. There must be secrets in the encrypted trove that are damaging to Israel, and those of us who want to avoid the civilization-ending catastrophe the Jewish state appears to have in mind for us must do everything possible to expose them and to damage their reputations, exactly as they do to us.

    The subtext of Greenwald’s reportage is that by striking at NSA, we strike at Israel, the unseen hand that controls our foreign policy, and the purpose and methods of US intelligence-gathering. To honor the work being done by Snowden and Greenwald, the rest of us now need to step up and express our strong approval for their actions. Zionists are not the only group that has political clout, and we must seize the day now by standing with these American heroes.
    In solidarity,


    • Kata Fisher July 15, 2013 at 9:20 pm #

      Dear Walker,

      That is time-pass article which is written.

      Greenwald has spiritual essence of a prophet–prophetic anointing. They are not fully activated in order for him to gain a full insight, have a full spiritual authority of a prophet. He does not have things quite accurate, but he is righteous by Spirit of God. Things which he is saying have essence of prophetic anointing and righteousness by Spirit.

      Women are not exactly valid as “prophet” by term of spiritual authority—women prophesy…have that prophetic anointing, but are not prophets of spiritual authority—women have no spiritual authority to be the prophets.

      This is what I understand according to Old and New Testament (women would not, nor can have any spiritual authority of a prophet, unless she is a witch, and claims that spiritual authority that she has not by the Scripture and has not by Spirit of God).

      Now, the prophets (which are the men) would have a full spiritual authority of a Scriptural prophet.

      I think that I am seeing this in a valid way.

      In general, a woman that teaches (takes spiritual authority over the Holy Scripture and man) practices witchcraft—for that reason Catholic Church rejects that practice because it is not right. It is definitely witchcraft, regardless what debates are about that and what some people would like to have. It is an absolute Church-crime that woman is ordained, and holds a teaching office. This is a greatest church crime. (I am very serious about this).
      According to my understanding this is most inflexible Scriptural thing, just as is priority for celibate priesthood due to possibility of unclean marriages (Church-age a specific in a way).

      Greenwald has spiritual essence of a prophet, I am very positive that he has righteousness by Spirit and that prophetic anointing installment. Would he know this? God may fully appoint him for serious ministry in some future point in time. (We get destroyed because there are things that we do not know…we miss fullness of our calling, in a way). I am not referring to any religious calling; it can be anything else.

      Can someone be sent to him, and explain the strength of his gifts and installment of that anointing? I am not moved by Spirit to find him and let him know…is anyone here moved to do that. If so, then please do that.

      Thank you,

      • John Lyman July 15, 2013 at 9:31 pm #

        I try my hardest sometimes to avoid personal attacks so if this is it isn’t meant to be. But seriously if I understand you correctly you are comparing said reporter to a prophet?

        Either you’re being sarcastic or you perceive things completely as they aren’t. Greenwald sensed an opportunity to draw more attention to his reporting and that is all. Please do not anoint him anything. Much like Snowden, WikiLeaks and company he is an opportunist. He’s borderline narcissistic given his latest revelations.

      • Gene Schulman July 16, 2013 at 2:03 am #

        @ John Lyman

        Yes, I agree it is difficult to understand much of what Kata Fisher says in her “spiritual” messages, but your own message is misguided in my estimation. I do not believe that Glen Greenwald, let alone Snowden and wikileaks, are narcissistic opportunists seeking personal glory. I believe they are patriots exposing wrong-doing by the US government.
        I wholeheartedly agree with the Swedish judge who recently nominated Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize. Certainly more deserving than the war mongering serial killer- president of the US.

      • Kata Fisher July 15, 2013 at 10:06 pm #

        Dear Mr. Lyman,

        You do not understand…I am looking at gifts-Spiritual…spiritual essence. Discerning things is Spiritual authority of a prophet (teaching). It is really not a big dead when you call someone a prophet. Not really…so do not get upset. (Smile). Greenwald has that Spiritual essence

        They are just in a specific teaching office. Is this more perceivable?
        Thank you,

      • Kata Fisher July 16, 2013 at 8:42 am #

        Dear Gene,

        The thing such as “borderline narcissistic” is something that really does not exist. Still, I may not be qualified to say that (scientifically), so to annul a branch of science that is very questionable—not valid.

        Still, Psychological Philosophy tells us that there is such a thing as that. From objective truth/relevant factual evidence…there is not. However, there is a perspective from Psychological Philosophy…somewhat valid, partially valid—a totally misinterpreted Scriptual truth. I say that is invalid, altogether.

        Barrack has no essence of that “borderline narcissism”. He is very Spiritual person…I know him by Spirit, and I heard in Spirit a lot about him. So it is that he is placed in a hostile environment, of specific demands—he is obligated in that environment. He was appointed to a work, and essences of that work were reality around him.

        That which to he was obligated was not personal to him…still, God can allow something to be applicable to you, although that is not His perfect will for you—or your will to begin with (a will imposed, in a way). Again, it is allowed.

        Barrack is a very wonderful and Spiritual person, and his personal pursuits are holy and pure. By Spirit, I never perceived that God had anything against him.

        By Faith,


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