Globalizing Homeland Security (revised)

21 Aug

Taking Note: The Drift Toward Autocracy: Revised (several modifications that clarify and reinforce the original text)

            It is not just one thing that should worry us about the authoritarian tendencies of the Obama presidency, but one thing after another. The cumulative effect of it all.

            The latest sign of the times was the August 19 detention of David Miranda, under the British anti-terrorist law for nine hours. His laptop, cell phone, and other electronic devices were also confiscated, and presumably examined. We need to wonder what is so frightening about ‘the Snowden documents’ that it induces these flagrant intrusions on the privacy and confidentiality of journalists, and now even their associates who are not known to be accomplices. keeps reassuring Americans, and indeed the world, that he shares a concern for protecting elemental rights, and yet he seems to spare no means to move against disclosures of information that seems awkward for the United States and some allies even when not of particular interest to Al Qaeda and the like. Just as 40 years ago the government sought to prosecute Daniel Ellsberg, revealing secrets being kept primarily from the American people, and not from the ‘enemy’ in the jungles and rice paddies of Vietnam. It was not a matter of secrecy for secrecy’s sake, but secrecy to sustain the trust of the citizenry by a cover up of lies and deception in an increasingly unpopular and failed war taking many Vietnamese and American lives.

            Keep in mind that by the rules of the road in international affairs, Moscow could not extradite Snowden, and yet Washington insisted, and when spurned, ‘punished’ itself more than Russia and Putin, by canceling the presidential meeting scheduled for Russia in September to discuss issues of common concern, including Syria, Iran, North Korea, nuclear arms control, and presumably the horrifying turmoil that is turning the Middle East into a war zone. Any fool would realize that at this point the United States has much more to gain from a cooperative rather than an alienated Russia, and so what is the point of showing Snowden childish pique by this rebuff of Putin? It would seem that Washington’s concept of such cooperation between the two countries is entirely hegemonic: the United States sets the tune, and Russia is supposed to sing the song. There are no honest disagreements. Obama’s much heralded ‘reset’ approach to U.S./Russian relations is a one-way street as near as I can tell, and when the songsters in Moscow provide their own lyrics, the music makers in Washington turn hostile, claiming disappointment, dismissing the Russian version of the song as disruptive ‘noise.’


            Also, it is not an unfriendly gesture to accord Snowden asylum in view of his political crimes, the punitive approach adopted by the Obama presidency for breaches of secrecy, and the unwarranted cancellation of his passport depriving him of valid travel documents by state fiat without even granting a day in court. On the contrary, asylum for Snowden is what a human rights culture should lead us to hope for in such situations. Was it really sensible diplomacy to use America’s leverage in the NATO region to disrupt the European flight of Evo Morales, violating the civil air international navigational rights of Bolivia, and also encroaching upon its sovereignty and insulting its leader. As it turned out, this effort to capture Snowden while he was mistakenly thought to be on his way to asylum in Bolivia, angered and affronted all whole  of Latin America, including the usually placid Brazil, which even speculated that it might not now continue with its plan to make a large purchase of fighter aircraft from Boeing. It would seem that the Obama presidency loses its composure and moral compass as soon as some of its dirty secrets are told, whether involving war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan or human rights violations around the world.

There are two principles at stake that both are protective of Snowden: first, extradition is not legally permissible because of the political nature of his crime; secondly, asylum is appropriate because of the evident intention of the United States to punish Snowden for the disclosure of information that is protective of the global public good, exposing surveillance, intrusions on privacy, and threats to democracy both in the United States and throughout the world.


            Instead of such a display of childish frustration manifest as statist fury, Obama would have helped his cause much more by declaring the Snowden disclosures as a ‘teaching moment,’ an occasion both to discuss the post-9/11 pressures to gain information and the threats poses to freedom and democracy by the inflated demands of ‘homeland security,’ especially when the homeland becomes equated with the world.


            The road to autocracy in America, aside from the plutocratic ride of the 1%, tunnels through mountains of secrecy, a panopticon of surveillance, drone warfare, White House approved assassination lists, death squads roaming foreign lands, and a globe-girdling militarism manifest in a network of hundreds of foreign bases, space satellites, provocative military exercises, and outmoded strategic doctrines.

9 Responses to “Globalizing Homeland Security (revised)”

  1. monalisa August 21, 2013 at 4:48 am #

    Dear Richard,
    with this GB-action I think we all are aware that ‘democracy’ became just a word.

    In my opinion it is only a question of time until the next sort/kind of dictatorship (fulfilling the demands of military complex, secret services complex and different lobbies/huge companies) establishes itself.

    I am still of the opinion that with the assassination of J..F.K. the road had been paved for some sort of dictatorship – as a long range goal.

    We all are witnessing that within some so-called ‘democracies’ the mask of ‘democracy’ slipped.

    Take care of yourself


    • Kata Fisher August 21, 2013 at 8:44 am #

      Mona Lisa,

      There is definitely a burden of dictatorship here in US, and is definitely well hidden and it is twisted in its works.

      The works of it is makes it appear as it is doing one (or the world service); however, when in reality it is dark, and it is cold—a very evil in mind, and behind all that authorship of things implemented over the time. There is also one example of that, which became public: “Jaffe Memo” that has its connection to Guttmacher Institute. (These are types of the people that gave recommendation to the US government in the past). This is how it appears to be; still I am not sure to what degree this type of errors did take place, just on a regular basis, over the time.

      Jaffe Memo is believed to be very authentic document according to reports, and a former executive employee at Planned Parenthood that made it public. It was written in 1969, just after J.F.K.

      Click to access Jaffe-Memo.pdf

      It was made known (just recently) that during 50’s US gov. did medical tests-experiments where they infected mentally disabled people with STD’s/ syphilis (patients that were no US citizens, I believe it was said).

      We do wonder about all viruses that are circulating around—that are new, very recent to the world population…things such as AIDS. I doubt that AIDS is a nature-made virus and few others, as well. This is just a guess, as I have no valid explanation, only possibility to point to. (I am not trying to write down a lie, but point toward a possibility…I like to stronghold misinterpretation of this to which I am referring to, limit confusion over something that I have no significant knowledge about so that understanding is possible).

      If you look at Jaffe memo and you look what is taking place in this point here in US—that piece of the paper is alive and living right there in US, and it is the way of the Land ( at best description I would say chronically neurotic and OC/D population, heavily medicated).
      It is all about population control here in US with that dictatorship.
      They use radical Psychology for behavior modification. This is quite sickening.

      As Church Charismatic I have a deep insight into these things, and for sure thise things will not go away (it is permanent, in essence). It is one in its woks and efficiency of eccalistical order that is present in the land (which is none to be applicable, and evil is instead).

      Because the problems are deeply eccalistical evil, in essence- this is permanently rooted in the society.

      One cannot change that course that land has taken, just by eccalistical evil that causes societal cancer.

      The only option is to protect population by some valid laws that are established (and not US Law because these are not sustainable in society like this, as being twisted more and more—this which we see in this point in time), but rather it must be placed under International Laws. There is a great need, as US Constitution with its legal establishments is no longer effective as a guide due to misinterpretation to misapplication that is quite often demonic in essence, and specific aims.

      In addition to that there is a great danger to the International Laws due to same issues, and it is best to be placed under guard (before it is to late) simply because there are more and more attacks and attempts that are aiming to paralyze and do away with the Global (International) Law’s that are establishes to guide and assist the governments and protect the population from vast abuse.

      This is what I see.

    • Richard Falk August 21, 2013 at 9:52 pm #

      Dear monalisa: Thanks always for your responses, never out of tune
      with my thoughts & feelings, but not always my opinions. For instance,
      although ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ are diminished and threatened in
      the liberal societies of the West, it remains more than a word, and
      may be strengthened from below, but not without a struggle.

      I will be in Europe the next few months and will let you know if
      I come close to Graz. Warm best wishes,


  2. imleif August 21, 2013 at 6:18 am #

    As you write, Obama’s reactions have been very clear and one-sided.

    It is chilIing, but it can become even more so.

    I think there will likely be systematic cases of suppressing and erasing unpleasant information (very difficult to prove), planted misinformation and lies (many examples already), and even of NSA agents posing as private citizens on internet discussion forums and social sites, trying to corrupt and distort debate. All then left will be falsification of election results.

  3. Beau Oolayforos September 24, 2014 at 10:48 am #

    Your last paragraph needs to be framed and put on our Peace Laureate’s desk


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