GAZA: The Unfolding Tragedy

30 Nov

GAZA: The Unfolding Humanitarian Catastrophe

This material below was distributed by John Whitbeck, distinguished American lawyer and author, living in Paris,and doing his best to keep a group concerned with world affairs informed about latest developments, especially inthe Middle East. I also add a slightly edited text of a message sent by Robert Stiver from Hawaii, who has exhibited consistent empathy for the suffering of the Palestinian people.My press release below, although far less emotional than the cri de coeur that Robert Stiver wrote, issues from the same place of urgent concern for the brave and resolute people of Gaza. I hope that Robert is wrong however when he ends with self-tormenting words of despair: “What to do, in the name of common justice?  I know not; it seems useless, all useless.” Such feelings of futility are quite understandable, but let us do all within our power to make sure that this unfolding catastrophe ENDS before its full tragic character is totally realized.

It hardly needs to be observed that the silence of the United Nations and the global media is a continuing disgrace, particularly given the pomp and circumstance of those mighty statesmen who self-righteously proclaim a new doctrine: ‘the responsibility to protect’ (R2P) those whose survival and dignity is at stake due to crimes of state or as a result of natural catastrophe.


Cutting edge Middle East news analysis edited by Oliver Miles
 Web Arab News Digest
Gaza: a disgraceAccording to a BBC report military action in Gaza between Israel and Hamas has been limited since the serious fighting a year ago in which about 170 Palestinians and six Israelis died. But tension remains high, as also between Hamas and Egypt where northern Sinai has been the scene of much fighting. Meanwhile living conditions for 1.7 million Gazans remain atrocious.

Reuters reports that Turkey has pledged $850,000, $200,000 of which have already reached Gaza, to alleviate the fuel crisis which has closed Gaza’s only power station and a major sewage treatment plant, so that raw sewage is running in the streets. Fuel deliveries by the UN have started, and are reported to be promised by Qatar. The immediate cause of the fuel crisis is the destruction by Egypt of cross-border tunnels, and the longer term cause the Israeli blockade.

We thank John Whitbeck for an “Action Alert” from the Friends of Al-Aqsa (a UK NGO) drawing attention to the first item below, a UN report on action needed to avert a humanitarian crisis. He comments that the Action Alert refers to the “smuggling” of fuel and other basic necessities into Gaza through tunnels on the border between Egypt and Palestine. ‘This terminology is standard media usage in Israel and the West, intended to semantically criminalize the victims, but, as a matter of both law and common sense, I believe that the use of the word “smuggle” is totally inappropriate in these circumstances. “Smuggling” is an illegal activity, usually involving a violation of the laws of the importing state. Under whose applicable laws is importing basic necessities into Gaza illegal? Certainly not the laws of the importing state, Palestine, or the current de facto government of Gaza, as to which Israel insists that it has not been the occupying power (and, accordingly, has had no responsibilities or obligations) since it withdrew its illegal settlers, locked the gates and, effectively, threw away the keys. If there is an Egyptian law banning the export of basic necessities from Egypt, I am not aware of it. The provisioning of Gaza with the basic necessities of life should be characterized as humanitarian relief, those who prevent Gazans from receiving the basic necessities of life should be characterized as criminals and those who are aware of the situation and fail to speak out should be characterized as moral bankrupts.’

The second item below is a report published by Al Jazeera on the impact of Israeli drones over Gaza, particularly on children. The author is a British journalist resident in Nazareth, Israel.

Gaza fuel crisis: UN expert calls for urgent action to avert a humanitarian catastrophe

GENEVA (26 November 2013) – United Nations Special Rapporteur Richard Falk today called for urgent action to address the power shortage in occupied Palestine  that has left 1.7 million residents of the Gaza Strip in a dire situation. More than three weeks after the only power plant shut down due to a critical fuel shortage, power supply has been limited to six hours a day.

“The situation in Gaza is at a point of near catastrophe,” warned the independent expert charged by the UN Human Rights Council to monitor and report on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967.

“The fuel shortage and power cuts have undermined an already precarious infrastructure, severely disrupting the provision of basic services, including health, water and sanitation,” he said. “The onset of winter is certain to make things even worse.”

Less than half of Gaza’s total power needs are being met and disruptions to specialized health services, such as kidney dialysis, operating theatres, blood banks, intensive care units and incubators are putting the lives of vulnerable patients in Gaza at risk.

Mr. Falk highlighted the plight of patients in Gaza unable to seek affordable specialized medical treatment in Egypt as a result of Egypt’s closure of the Rafah crossing in recent weeks. “The Israeli authorities have been more forthcoming in issuing permits to Gazans in need of urgent specialized treatment, but the high cost of medical treatment in Israel places it beyond the reach of most Gazans,” he noted.

For the past two weeks, approximately 3000 residents, including children, living in or near the Gazan neighbourhood of Az Zeitoun have been wading through raw sewage on the streets after the largest sewage treatment facility in area overflowed due to a power failure.

The Special Rapporteur stressed that other sewage treatment stations may soon also run out of petrol to fuel generators and result in more sewage overflowing onto the streets of Gaza. Medical experts have warned of the serious risk of disease, and even an epidemic

“Up to 40 per cent of Gaza’s population receives water only once every three days,” he noted. “In this situation of dire necessity those who can afford to do so, are shockingly buying unsafe water from unregulated water vendors and distributors.”

The human rights expert believes that the main trigger for the latest crisis is Egypt’s ongoing crackdown on the vast network of tunnels and fuel tanks near the southern border of Gaza, which allowed Gaza to avoid some of the hardships associated with the Israeli blockade maintained since 2007.

“We mustn’t forget that the underlying cause of a lack of adequate medical facilities and specialized care in Gaza is a consequence of Israel’s illegal blockade,” Mr. Falk said.

The Special Rapporteur explained that, under present conditions, Israel has a special responsibility under international humanitarian law to take whatever measures are necessary to protect the civilian population of Gaza against this mounting threat to their wellbeing. “The failure to do so would be an aggravated instance of collective punishment, which is unconditionally prohibited by the 4th Geneva Convention,” Mr. Falk cautioned.

He also urged the governing authorities in Gaza to cooperate with the Palestinian Authority in a joint effort to ensure that desperately needed fuel becomes available to the residents of Gaza at the earliest hour.

“Israel must end its illegal blockade and exercise its core responsibility as the occupying Power to protect the civilian population,” the expert said.

Last Tuesday, an aid convoy carrying medicine, medical equipment and canned food was reportedly permitted to enter Gaza via the Rafah crossing for first time since June this year.

“Under these conditions of humanitarian emergency, the international community also has a responsibility to take special measures to safeguard the acutely vulnerable people of Gaza from impending tragedy,” the Special Rapporteur underscored.

In 2008, the UN Human Rights Council designated Richard Falk (United States of America) as the fifth Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights on Palestinian territories occupied since 1967. The mandate was originally established in 1993 by the UN Commission on Human Rights.

Gaza: Life and death under Israel’s drones

Drones buzzing overhead are a source of daily trauma for Palestinians in the occupied Gaza Strip.

Jonathan Cook: 28 Nov 2013

Jerusalem – There are many things to fear in Gaza: Attacks from Israel’s Apache helicopters and F-16 fighter jets, the coastal enclave’s growing isolation, the regular blackouts from power shortages, increasingly polluted drinking water and rivers of sewage flooding the streets.

Meanwhile, for most Palestinians in Gaza the anxiety-inducing soundtrack to their lives is the constant buzz of the remotely piloted aircraft – better known as “drones” – that hover in the skies above.

Drones are increasingly being used for surveillance and extra-judicial execution in parts of the Middle East, especially by the US, but in nowhere more than Gaza has the drone become a permanent fixture of life. More than 1.7 million Palestinians, confined by Israel to a small territory in one of the most densely populated areas in the world, are subject to near continual surveillance and intermittent death raining down from the sky.

There is little hope of escaping the zenana – an Arabic word referring to a wife’s relentless nagging that Gazans have adopted to describe the drone’s oppressive noise and their feelings about it. According to statistics compiled by human rights groups in Gaza, civilians are the chief casualties of what Israel refers to as “surgical” strikes from drones.

“When you hear the drones, you feel naked and vulnerable,” said Hamdi Shaqura, deputy director of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, based in Gaza City. “The buzz is the sound of death. There is no escape, nowhere is private. It is a reminder that, whatever Israel and the international community assert, the occupation has not ended. We are still living completely under Israeli control. They control the borders and the sea and they decide our fates from their position in the sky,” said Shaqura.

The Israeli military did not respond to Al Jazeera’s requests for comment.

Suffer the children

The sense of permanent exposure, coupled with the fear of being mistakenly targeted, has inflicted deep psychological scars on civilians, especially children, according to experts.

“There is a great sense of insecurity. Nowhere feels safe for the children, and they feel no one can offer them protection, not even their parents,” said Ahmed Tawahina, a psychologist running clinics in Gaza as part of the Community Mental Health Programme. “That traumatises both the children and parents, who feel they are failing in their most basic responsibility.”

Shaqura observed: “From a political perspective, there is a deep paradox. Israel says it needs security, but it demands it at the cost of our constant insecurity.”

There are no statistics that detail the effect of the drones on Palestinians in Gaza. Doctors admit it is impossible to separate the psychological toll inflicted by drones from other sources of damage to mental health, such as air strikes by F-16s, severe restrictions on movement and the economic insecurity caused by Israel’s blockade.

But field researchers working for Palestinian rights groups point out that the use of drones is intimately tied to these other sources of fear and anxiety. Drones fire missiles themselves, they guide attacks by F-16s or helicopters, and they patrol and oversee the borders.

A survey in medical journal The Lancet following Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s month-long attack on Gaza in winter 2008-09, found large percentages of children suffered from symptoms of psychological trauma: Fifty-eight percent permanently feared the dark; 43 percent reported regular nightmares; 37 percent wet the bed and 42 percent had crying attacks.

Tawahina described the sense of being constantly observed as a “form of psychological torture, which exhausts people’s mental and emotional resources. Among children at school, this can be seen in poor concentration and unruly behaviour.” The trauma for children is compounded by the fact that the drones also disrupt what should be their safest activity – watching TV at home. When a drone is operating nearby, it invariably interferes with satellite reception.

“”It doesn’t make headlines, but it is another example of how there is no escape from the drones. Parents want their children indoors, where it feels safer and where they’re less likely to hear the drones, but still the drone finds a way into their home. The children cannot even switch off from the traumas around them by watching TV because of the drones.”

Israel’s ‘major advantage’

Israel developed its first drones in the early 1980s, during its long occupation of south Lebanon, to gather aerial intelligence without exposing Israeli pilots to anti-aircraft missiles. Efraim Inbar, director of the Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies at Bar Ilan University, said drones help in situations where good, on-the-ground intelligence is lacking. “What the UAV gives you is eyes on the other side of the hill or over the border,” he said. “That provides Israel with a major advantage over its enemies.”

Other Israeli analysts have claimed that the use of drones, with their detailed intelligence-collecting abilities, is justified because they reduce the chances of errors and the likelihood of “collateral damage” – civilian deaths – during attacks.

But, according to Inbar, the drone is no better equipped than other aircraft for gathering intelligence or carrying out an execution.

“The advantage from Israel’s point of view is that using a drone for these tasks reduces the risk of endangering a pilot’s life or losing an expensive plane. That is why we are moving towards much greater use of these kinds of robots on the battlefield,” he said.

‘Mistakes can happen’

According to Gaza human rights group al-Mezan, Israel started using drones over the territory from the start of the second intifada in 2000, but only for surveillance.

Israel’s first extra-judicial executions using drones occurred in 2004, when two Palestinians were killed. But these operations greatly expanded after 2006, in the wake of Israel’s withdrawal of settlers and soldiers from Gaza and the rise to power of the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas.

Drones, the front-line weapon in Israel’s surveillance operations and efforts to foil rocket attacks, killed more than 90 Palestinians in each of the years 2006 and 2007, according to al-Mezan. The figures soared during Operation Cast Lead and in its aftermath, with 461 Palestinians killed by drones in 2009. The number peaked again with 199 deaths in 2012, the year when Israel launched the eight-day Operation Pillar of Defence against Gaza.

Despite Israeli claims that the intelligence provided by drones makes it easier to target those Palestinians it has defined as “terrorists”, research shows civilians are the main victims. In the 2012 Pillar of Defence operation, 36 of the 162 Palestinians killed were a result of drone strikes, and a further 100 were injured by drones. Of those 36 killed, two-thirds were civilians.

Also revealing was a finding that, although drones were used in only five percent of air strikes, they accounted for 23 percent of the total deaths during Pillar of Defence. According to the Economist magazine, the assassination of Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari, which triggered that operation, was carried out using a Hermes 450 drone.

Palestinian fighters report that they have responded to the constant surveillance by living in hiding, rarely going outdoors and avoiding using phones or cars. It is a way of life not possible for most people in Gaza.

Gaza’s armed groups are reported to be trying to find a way to jam the drones’ navigation systems. In the meantime, Hamas has claimed it has shot down three drones, the latest this month, though Israel says all three crashed due to malfunctions.

Last week, on the anniversary of the launch of Pillar of Defence, an Israeli commander whose soldiers control the drones over Gaza from a base south of Tel Aviv told the Haaretz newspaper that “many” air strikes during the operation had involved drones. “Lt Col Shay” was quoted saying: “Ultimately, we are at war. As much as the IDF strives to carry out the most precise surgical strikes, mistakes can happen in the air or on the ground.”

Random death by drone

It is for this reason that drones have become increasingly associated with random death from the sky, said Samir Zaqout, a senior field researcher for Al-Mezan.

“We know from the footage taken by drones that Israel can see what is happening below in the finest detail. And yet women and children keep being killed in drone attacks. Why the continual mistakes? The answer, I think, is that these aren’t mistakes. The message Israel wants to send us is that there is no protection whether you are a civilian or fighter. They want us afraid and to make us turn on the resistance [Palestinian fighters].”

Zaqout also points to a more recent use of drones – what has come to be known as “roof-knocking”. This is when a drone fires small missiles at the roof of a building to warn the inhabitants to evacuate – a practice Israel developed during Operation Cast Lead three years earlier, to allay international concerns about its repeated levellings of buildings with civilians inside.

In Pillar of Defence in 2012, 33 buildings were targeted by roof-knocking.

Israel says it provides 10 minutes’ warning from a roof-knock to an air strike, but, in practice, families find they often have much less time. This, said Zaqout, puts large families in great danger as they usually send their members out in small groups to be sure they will not be attacked as they move onto the streets.

One notorious case occurred during Cast Lead, when six members of the Salha family, all women and children, were killed when their home was shelled moments after a roof-knocking. The father, Fayez Salha, who survived, lost a case for damages in Israel’s Supreme Court last February and was ordered to pay costs after the judges ruled that the attack was legitimate because it occurred as part of a military operation.

A US citizen who has lived long-term in Gaza, who wished not be named for fear of reprisals from Israel, said she often heard the drones at night when the street noise dies down, or as they hover above her while out walking. “The sound is like the buzz of a mosquito, although there is one type of drone that sometimes comes into view that is silent,” she said.

She added that she knew of families that, before moving into a new apartment building, checked to see whether it housed a fighter or a relative of a fighter, for fear that the building may be attacked by Israel.

Shaqura said the drones inevitably affect one’s day-to-day behaviour. He said he was jogging early one morning while a drone hovered overhead.

“I got 100 metres from my front door when I started to feel overwhelmed with fear. I realised that my tracksuit was black, the same colour as many of the fighters’ uniforms. I read in my work too many reports of civilians being killed by drones not to see the danger. So I hurried back home.”



Robert Stiver’s message:

“I seethe with helpless indignation and rage at the despicable members of the “human” race, including me, who (i) perpetrate and (ii) allow this unspeakable tragedy to continue, always worsening, most often vindictive, all too often indifferent to the hapless-victims aspects of it.  And I must admit that I am as outraged at the God who, via the vaunted “free will” He is credited with giving us, has not yet found “His time” to intervene and put paid to this unending stain on humanity — a stain that, in my 20th-21st Century view, begins and ends with militant/political Zionism and its ever-present worldwide practitioners.

Sadly – how sadly – the Palestinian Authority and the quisling Fateh are in lockstep, fellow travelers with this miasma of shame and inhumanity.  Hamas and Fateh must overcome the USraeli “divide and rule” tactics and link arms as a solid force of resistance to the illegal occupation of their homeland.  Today, that must be the number one priority!


And thanks to Turkey and Qatar for having the scruples to toss a few coins to the suffering masses, perhaps alleviating but by no means solving their torment…as I am mystified that they don’t join hands, trek to Geneva or NYCity and demand a white-hot emergency meeting of the UNSC in demand that international law and countless supportive UNSC resolutions be enforced.  Failing any action there, a certainty because of the US’ enabling of pure evil, the Turkish-Qatari reps should trek to the UNGA and orchestrate a (I’ve forgotten the term…”Uniting for Peace”) proper response and accompanying action.  The “response” would be overwhelming – on the order of 150 pro, 5 opposed.  Why cannot this scenario take place?

Let us pity – we have nothing else to offer – the brave, beleaguered residents of Gaza.  Our pity should be informed by mental images of the children there, slogging through a toxic mix of urine and feces, facing epidemics of pestilence ready to strike at any moment, lacking hope for any surcease of their everyday misery and for a future of human rights, normality and dignity — victims of a deliberately vicious, internationally illegal collective persecution (not “mere” punishment…persecution) of them and their families.

Today/29th is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.  Where is the solidarity?

What to do, in the name of common justice?  I know not; it seems useless, all useless…”

34 Responses to “GAZA: The Unfolding Tragedy”

  1. Gene Schulman November 30, 2013 at 5:48 am #

    Dear Richard,

    Thank you for this platter of information about the Gaza crisis, and especially your own report. But why should we be surprised that this situation continues to exist? Anyone who has read recent books about Israel, including Avi Sharit’s “My Beloved Land”, or Max Blumenthal’s “Goliath” would understand Israel’s guilt. A reading of Rashid Khalili’s “Brokers of Deceit” would show that the US is equally guilty because of its role in undermining peace in the area. When we have two of the richest, most technologically advanced nations in the world putting the crush on Palestine, and Gaza in particular, all the hand wringing can do nothing. If regime change is needed anywhere, it is in the US and Israel, for one with a more humanitarian outlook. I am not too hopeful that we will arrive there soon. Robert Stiver’s pessimism seems justified.

    • Gene Schulman November 30, 2013 at 8:26 am #

      Gilad just informed me of your new book, and I have ordered a copy. Hadn’t know of it before ;-(

    • truthaholics December 1, 2013 at 5:37 am #

      To clarify, I guess the issue isn’t merely coping with the illegal siege as much as the criminal ongoing COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT itself, cased by the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine and it’s apartheid matrix of control.

      For example, Gaza needs at least 400,000 litres of fuel to function every day, most of which being supplied by tunnel from Egypt, which has all but dried up now since the coup but Israeli fuel, even if available, is double the price, hence unaffordable to impoverished Gazans.

      Given the recent detente, Iran may soon send a fuel tanker to relieve Gaza as genuine humanitarian aid. Now wouldn’t that be a sight for sore eyes?.

      • Gene Schulman December 1, 2013 at 5:48 am #

        Wouldn’t it be! But just how close do you think the Israelis would allow such a ship to approach Gaza. After all they do have a record of preventing others – from Turkey and Greece. Would Iran be willing to retaliate if stopped?

      • truthaholics December 2, 2013 at 12:44 pm #

        | Collective Punishment: Gaza’s worsening Electricity Crisis!

  2. Arif Dirlik November 30, 2013 at 6:42 am #

    Thanks, Richard, for all your efforts to bring this ongoing tragedy to our consciousness. Arif

  3. ray032 November 30, 2013 at 1:16 pm #

    Dear Professor Falk, I re-posted this to my Blog with the title, ‘AM I MY BROTHER’S KEEPER? I will add appropriate images in the next few days.

    I had already read Jonathan Cook’s article earlier this week, subscribing to his Blog. Liking his Facebook page, his writings automatically show up in my news feed.

    • ray032 December 2, 2013 at 10:38 am #

      I added the images and one video, the interview with Max Blumenthal on his new book. ‘Goliath, Life and Loathing in Greater Israel’

      Perhaps Richard, you will comment on it in my Blog?

  4. R. November 30, 2013 at 2:16 pm #

    The United States and Israel are in bed with each other and are to blame as they have the power and resources to end this tragedy and don’t. When will all see the blight that is Israel upon the world and do something? Probably never. As the U.S. continues to arm Israel and pay their way, the Palestinians suffer. Oh that those 2 countries in particular would suffer as much many times over.

  5. TheJade.BA November 30, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

    Reblogged this on Anno Domini 2013 / News.

  6. john francis lee November 30, 2013 at 2:32 pm #

    Barack Obama is the silent partner in this genocide. Barack the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate slash genocidal murderer Obama.

    He started off by ignoring Israel’s party in honor of his first inauguration in 2008/9. The message then was clear … ‘Obama to Palestinians : Drop Dead!’ And they’ve been dropping dead throughout his administration. He and Rahm Emmanuel have accomplished this part of their mission faithfully.

    The US has a Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean and it should be used to break the Israeli blockade, and to put ashore Seabees to help the Gazans, residents of Israel’s own Auschwitz. And take pictures so that no one can deny in future to the Israeli genocide and the Palestinian holocaust.

    Hamas willing of course. The only elected Palestinians in either of the remaining Palestinian ‘camps’ in Palestine.

    The Sixth Fleet should have broken the blockade on Obama’s first inauguration day.

    Obama is the stooge of the CIA, and of the Israel Lobby … the perpetual motion machine that runs on US tax dollars.

    We have to get down to business. We have just 546 enemies to eliminate, peacefully of course, to gain control of our United States government. Our work is cut out for us. All we need do is put one foot in front of the other and march ourselves, and our government’s victims, to the freedom land.

  7. Mike 71 November 30, 2013 at 5:12 pm #

    Hamas cannot expect an end to Israeli military action in Gaza unless it ends its own cross-border aggression against Israeli towns, such as Sderot and Ashkelon; if there is no end to the “Collective Punishment” and “Extra-Judicial Executions” of Israeli civilians on the Israeli side of the border, there will be none on the Gaza side. As former Prime Minister Olmert put it, “Quiet from the Gaza side of the border will be responded to by quiet from the Israeli side.”

    In a very real sense, the situation of Gazans wading through their own excrement is a consequence of their government’s persistent war against Israel. Article 13 of the Hamas Charter (Read it at: rejects any form of non-violent conflict resolution, based on an arrogant, self-centered sense of entitlement to all of the land between the river (Jordan) and the sea (Mediterranean). Under such a scenario, peace is impossible and the periodic pounding which Gaza suffers at the hands of the I.D.F. (“Operation Cast Lead,” 2008-2009 and “Operation Pillar of Defense,” 2012) is the price Hamas willingly pays for its acts of aggression. Furthermore, Hamas’ support of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Jihadists in Egyptian Sinai has resulted in the closing of tunnels used to smuggle Iranian made rockets and other arms, as well as fuel for the Gaza Power Plant. Hamas’ diversion of cement, intended for housing construction, used in the construction of cross-border tunnels into Israel, has resulted in the cut off of cement imports other than for construction by international organizations. The Gaza-Israeli border has recently become quiet due to the Egyptian closing of the tunnels, effectively preventing the importation of rockets, mortars and other arms into Gaza.

    The solution to this dilemma is ending the persistent wars against Israel and Egypt, joining Fatah in the ongoing negotiations for peace in return for the establishment of a Palestinian state (or states, if unable to form a unity government), which would result in the lifting of the economic embargo against Gaza. The U.N. has previously held the embargo a reasonable self-defense measure, following investigation of the May 2010 seizure of the Mavi Marmara and six other vessels trying to enter the exclusion zone. The only alternative to a negotiated peace with Israel is continuation of the present situation; if Hamas rejects negotiations, it risks a Cholera epidemic which would kill far more Gazans the the I.D.F.’s military action ever could.

    In making alliance with Hamas over the more secular, rational and pro-peace Fatah, the American Left has made a pact with an evil as pernicious as the Molotov – von Ribbentrop (Stalin – Hitler) Pact. As happened on June 22, 1941, the Left’s supposed ally will turn on it, as it is as opposed to Marxism, as it is opposed to Capitalism, Christianity and Judaism!

  8. truthaholics November 30, 2013 at 5:50 pm #

    Haven’t you a better way to disagree with Prof. Falk’s soundly reasoned findings without resorting to pathetic propaganda?

    Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone’s in the mood for hasbara let alone deconstructing it, given the gravity of how badly Gaza’s situation has deteriorated.

    HOW THE HELL can anyone forget that nearly HALF Gaza’s population is CHILDREN???

    Thankfully, the tide is finally turning and the nations of the world are beginning to realise that they have an overwhelming moral imperative to SAVE the ziocolony, Israel from ITSELF and, come to think of it … put it out of its misery.

    Being unable to get along with anyone bar none doesn’t make for being any kind of neighbour really, DOES IT?

    Make no mistake, the greatest danger in Israel’s continuing impunity taken with its relentless belligerence to its neighbours, its unabated land thievery with mass serial abuse of Palestinian human rights will cause but one inevitable outcome …
    the long, long overdue IMPLOSION of the ziocolony!

    Meanwhile, in the short-term, watch out for a major false-flag attack from your friendly-neighbourhood ziocolony to sabotage the world’s detente with Iran.

    Par for the course.

    Unless, of course, it’s cut loose first …

    | Prawer Plan: Britons protest over Israel removing 70,000 Palestinians!

    • Gene Schulman December 1, 2013 at 1:40 am #

      @truthaholics: Speaking of false-flags, you might wish to read this:

      • truthaholics December 1, 2013 at 4:58 am #

        Gene Schulman,
        Excellent analysis – time will tell.
        Thanks for the link! (Y)

        The Dogs of War Still Growl?
        High time to quarantine them then.

        Playground Rules 101.
        Sanction the degenerate ziocolony like apartheid South Africa till it RECOGNISES, engages and secures goyim human rights as much as Jewish human rights.

        No-one’s blood is superior to others.
        All blood is equally precious.

      • Gene Schulman December 1, 2013 at 5:33 am #


        The problem with your Playground Rules 101 is that there is no one to sanction the “Ziocolony”. The only ones with the power to do that are on the same register; the US and its puppet EU partners. They Recognize well enough, but will do nothing to alleviate the suffering of others. They want it all.

      • Gene Schulman December 1, 2013 at 5:37 am #

        Here’s another good link It seems the whole Western World is under the influence.

    • Mike 71 December 1, 2013 at 4:21 am #

      Aren’t the parents in the Hamas leadership aware of the consequences of their decisions on Gaza’s children? Are they willing to continue a fruitless war, even when it endangers their children’s health and lives? Israeli children across the border have been killed and maimed by Hamas rockets. Where is the concern for their welfare and safety; or is that strictly limited to the children of Gaza?

      These conditions can change when Hamas comes to the realization that the people on the other side of the border are just as entitled to self-determination and security, as the Palestinians of Gaza. The idea that Israel is not a democracy is risible. Mr. Netanyahu was re-elected in January, while both Ismail Haniyeh and Mahmoud Abbas have overstayed the terms to which they were elected. Where is the Palestinian democracy? A single election of a dictator does not make a democracy. Like Haniyeh and Abbas, Adolf Hitler was also elected one time!

      Israel has a long history of “armed struggle” and just like the Vietnamese, seek to live securely within their own nation. The expansion of Israel is the consequence of three failed “wars of aggression (1948-1949, 1967 and 1973).” After the 1967 “Six Day War,” Israel offered the return of ALL captured land in return for peace. The Arab League response was the infamous “Three No’s (No negotiation, recognition, or peace with Israel) of the 1967 Khartoum Conference. Since the 1993 Oslo Agreement, in 2000, and again in 2008, Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas respectfully, walked away from offers for return of most of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and all of Gaza. Rather than obtain the return of captured lands, they preferred to leave them in Israeli hands.

      The vast majority of Zionists, over 80%, are willing to trade land and make the necessary concessions for peace. While Fatah is willingly engaged in negotiations, Hamas is not. Hamas appears to prefer the status-quo over a just peace. Remember that the same U.N. resolution which provided for the establishment of Israel (UNSCR 181), also provided for the establishment of a Palestinian state. If Hamas holds that resolution invalid, then Israel can argue that establishment of a Palestinian state is likewise invalid and assert its rights to “all of the land between the river and the sea!” Such intransigence does not serve the Palestinian cause and to the contrary, fatally weakens it!

      • truthaholics December 1, 2013 at 4:45 am #

        People exist not states.
        How delusional.

      • Gene Schulman December 1, 2013 at 4:58 am #

        thruthaholics: responding to Mike 71 only encourages him to spread his blather. I would ignore him, like we did Fred Skolnik who hasn’t bothered to weigh in on this blog post yet. Can’t wait 😉

      • oldguyincolorado December 6, 2013 at 12:34 pm #

        Mike, you are in a cage in the middle of a zoo and the animals are in charge. You just can’t reason with these folks. They only see things one way and if you try to point out where they might be wrong they just treat you like an ignorant person and turn their backs. If you try and explain they wont listen. If you have some facts which will not fit into their mosaic of the world, they will refuse to face them. If you criticize Israel (and it is not without fault) they love you. If you criticize the Arab (and it is not without fault) they hate you. The only thought process that some of them have is to end the existance of Israel. The very sad reality is that if Israel is destroyed, the Arab will have to find “someone else” to blame for its’ inability to manage its’ own affairs (as some muslem scholars are now beginning to recognize).

        I have not read “everything” Prof. Falk has written, nor do I plan on so doing, but it would be very interesting to me if “someone” could direct me to any article written by Prof. Falk (starting in the year 2000) which casts Israel in a good light and/or the Arab in a bad one. Something of real substance and on a major issue. Surely within that period of time Israel must have done “something” right or the Arab something wrong on something major.

  9. truthaholics November 30, 2013 at 5:52 pm #

    Reblogged this on | truthaholics.

    • Mike 71 December 6, 2013 at 1:48 pm #


      Like you, I have not read everything that Falk has written since 2000, nor do I intend to do so. If he has written anything in defense of Israel, I would be extremely shocked and surprised! If you find something like that, please direct me to it! However, you are essentially correct in exposing his attitude favoring the destruction of Israel.

      But for the presence of Israel between Gaza and the West Bank, there would be a violent internecine Palestinian Civil War, causing deaths of numerous civilian non-combatants, which the leadership of Hamas considers expendable, despite the fact that it violates the 1949 Geneva Conventions. Hamas attitudes towards Gaza residents is no different than its attitudes toward Israeli civilians across the border. It is bad enough that they force the civilian population of Gaza to wade through their own excrement, rather than joining Fatah’s efforts to make peace with Israel, which would lead to relaxing the embargo and a significant improvement in the health and quality of life of Gaza residents.

      But as we both know, the heath, safety and welfare of Gaza residents is purely secondary to Hamas’ Jihadist ambitions to conquer Israel and to extend its version of Radical Islam into the West Bank, where it would excise the secular government there. Article 32 of the Hamas Charter (See: brands any Palestinians who negotiate with Israel, such as Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat, et al., as traitors to the cause. Hamas has likely already marked them for death!
      Article 13 rejects all forms of non-violent conflict resolution. Gaza’s civilians have become expendable “cannon fodder” in Hamas’ war against Israel.

      The problem with Marxists like Falk is their Faustian Bargain with Radical Jihadism. Like the von Ribbentrop – Molotov (Hitler – Stalin) Pact, this bargain is certain to result in betrayal, as the previous one did on June 22, 1941!

      • Kata Fisher December 6, 2013 at 3:15 pm #

        Mike 71 & OldColorado:

        You must be prosecuting our beloved Professor Falk because he is the only one telling Israelites HOW WRONG THEY ARE. 🙂 Are you BLIND ISRAELITES—THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE LANDMARK OF THE HOLY LAND! 🙂 🙂

        😀 😀 😀

        One can be in Nazi-spirit and tell others that they are…one can be AntiJewish state and Anti-Law and Prophets and tell others how they are like Hitler–when in fact they them-self are…Now that is WICKEDNESS AND UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. Inputing sins on someone is like stinch of death–and hell’s fire.
        Truth is harsh, and can be unbearable. How many prophets were sent to the Law braking and no Faith abiding in the Land of Israel?
        At some point in time—there was a divorce! Israelites are on their own with their Pamper – bell Jezebel.
        As long as we do not practice racism and hate toward Faithfull we may be considered humans-acceptable. Otherwise we are dogs, and we are hogs—or we are the hog in the dog (here I am using some Scriptural terms according to the Gospel of judgment).
        Condition of Israel in this point in time is this: a state under the curse of the Law.
        The Landmark is abomination toward God–all which is coming against the Israeli State is directly work of the past generation of Pamper- bell – Jezebel–who has always managed to bring the house of Israel under the witchcraft and the curse of the Law…and was always behind major destruction of man-kind, as a very evil tribe that grafts in not without Baptism in God’s Spirit—they are evil, just in Satan. In this point in time (Church age they are in one spirit of Anti-humanity and Anti-God).
        Jewish Rabbis of Household of Judah, blessed and holy who teach the wicked Faith by the Law, and they then are prosecuted in Israel, and made to leave the homeland. They would tell you how well Israel is doing in their relationship to God by practice of Zionism: accursed and is under curses of the Law. They are one who kept the Faith throughout the generations and were not defiled neither by heresies of the wicked (such as Zionism) nor abominations that are forbidden in accordance to the Law and the prophets to the Jewish Faith.
        That alone, and I would not even go any further explaining what Abrahamic-Jews are doing in the Land. “There is no such thing as Abrahamic-Jews in Holy Land” wicked would say. I can explain this, but seriously who would believe any report like that? “Jewish exiles that have legitimate right to the Holy Land are just one specific race, and not Arab race at all–not even 1% of world population can Arab/Abrahamic- Jew be the exile in Holy Land” wicked would say that.
        Once again, I would get under obnoxious attacks, like our beloved professor Falk who is writing on issues in Middle East apart from religious obnoxiousness, in his own perspective – avoiding religious fanaticism – that which is irrelevant to the problem solution in the Land, and region itself.
        We look and see who does what. You may like to explain “Why”?!
        Why has God cursed Israel in this point in time? Israel is self-destructive, just as are unlawful children in Satan. Gosh–this is harsh (I almost feel I am at violation of balance between I and Sprit of God).
        If they (Israelites) were to pursue “The Jewish Land” – and not accursed State of Israel one would be considerate. They are in pursuit of that which is not Lawful, and which is not Jewish State; it is not Scriptural, and it is not in accordance to the Law. It is of Antichrist and Church of Antichrist/pagans-wicked that are sealed in spirit of Satan, just as are Jews and Non-Jews that are under blasphemy of God’s Spirit and satanic confirmation trough Church-disorder and mixed-marriages during the Church age (2000 years), and all kind of social disorder and killing betwixt each other (for 2000 years)–they are in same practices and evil that their ancestor where.
        All wicked Israelites and pagans-wicked in the Church-wicked need Baptism in God’s Spirit by the Free Fall of God’s Spirit to annul their irrevocable sins—they are in Satan’s harlot all together. THEY ARE the one that are Antiemetic, and that are Anti-Jewish and Anti-Jewish State!
        Do not believe that we are Anti-Semitic and are anti-Jewish State. We just testify to that which we know that is True, to the best ability and understanding by any instruction and/or by God’s Spirit.
        It must be that one of our ancestors was either the girl that was sold for a drink–or a boy who was sold off into the slavery…or whatever!–so that we are filled by Spirit of God, and wicked Israelites are not…
        My Love Letter, as always. (It is Church-Charismatic-valid saying, as always).

      • Mike 71 December 6, 2013 at 6:43 pm #


        I don’t know what to make of your rant! Most others of our generation have long ago given up their experimentation which psychedelic drugs. It appears that you have not yet done so. One must be sober and drug and alcohol free before they can engage in coherent dialogue!

        The crux of the problem is the rejection of the Israeli state, a democracy ruled by the majority of its people. Most Zionists (about 80% at the most recent poll) are willing to recognize Palestinian independence on the condition of their likewise recognizing Israeli independence. That is something they are unwilling to do, as they prefer perpetual war, even at the expense of the lives and health of their own people. For some Palestinians, particularly Hamas, their claims are based on an arrogant, self-centered sense of entitlement to all of the land between the river (Jordan) and the sea (Mediterranean). The difference lies in Israeli willingness to compromise and tolerate the other, while some Palestinians are totally opposed to making concessions in the interest of peace and independent statehood. To put it in the Marxist terms favored by many on this blog, Israel, like Vietnam and Cuba, engages in “armed struggle,” to preserve its national independence. Israeli expansion to the current borders was the result of three failed “wars of aggression (1948-1949, 1967 and 1973)” against Israel. Had the Arab League, and since the 1993 Oslo Agreement, the Palestinians themselves accepted Israeli “self-determination,” they would not be suffering the consequences of war and would have obtained their independence.

        A statement attributed to Albert Einstein says “Futility consists of repeating the same failed strategies, while expecting different results.” After the results of “Operation Cast Lead” and “Operation Pillar of Defense,” it is time for Palestinians of Gaza to try something different. The secular Fatah government in the West Bank is willing to do something innovative, such as diplomacy and negotiation, while those of Hamas in Gaza are willing to pay the human costs of their intransigence!

      • Kata Fisher December 6, 2013 at 10:06 pm #

        I read whet you wrote, and I laugh…I hate to upset elderly…
        I laugh a lot. What makes me laugh?
        I know people like you very well; I spent @ LU for four years dealing with the exactly same crowd; if not similar and the same deception that you are communicating. I was way to mature to be in setting like that. But I can have fun. I totally understand your approach.
        I am Church Charismatic, and you are not.
        You have limited perception, and I do not.
        Your arguments are null and void even before they begun. Why? You lack insight into reality.
        You are misinformed: Your insight is limited–you can’t make anything out of my “rants” (which I do not do in practice, as usual?). I observe a whole lot, and you are not in that observing mode. I write by my way of perception, which you cannot even get close to understanding.
        You know that I was cooking dinner, and writing that? From my kitchen, imagine the mess…
        I never tested any type of illegal drugs, nor has any of my Family member done that, nor ever have has. Church Charismatic that is valid does no things that you are giving reference to it. I was not in US raised, I come from another culture. (You sugest abominations toward me.)
        Say, “Rome.” Say, “Church of Rome Charismatic is on my case.”
        Say, “Pope?”
        I say, “Pope, who…I do not know him.” I say, “lol, lol, lol, we had no priest under the priest who is priest forever under the order of Malkesadeck– for a long time.”
        I am irrational, right? I laugh a lot. Why? You see that you lack my perception…
        Let just our perception clash, and let us legitimately discredit, and also avoid each other? Right? Just as House of Israel and Household of David does not get along—why should we?
        You are misinformed: Israel is a democratic state –not Jewish State. Bring it on…ALL negotiations that are applicable to democracy, instead of Jewish State in care of Rabbis doing that WHAT THEY CAN DO IN THE LAND? Nothing they can do! Israelites happen to abuse them, and kick them out of the land when they hear Rabbi speak to them against the Lawlessness.
        You are misinformed: Israeli condition is historical disobedience to the Law and God (looking from a Scriptural perspective).
        You are misinformed: Israel has no problem with people in Palestine and Gaza. WHAT? NOT POSSIBLE! They have problems with themselves, and God.
        Church Charismatic said that there is hope and innovative diplomacy on behave of Palestine and Gaza, and Israel–this can be done. BUT THE LAND BELONGS TO EXILES: PEOPLES–NOT THE STATE! Say, “The State is split, and there is abuse over exiles.” Who has split the state?
        I mean, household of David and Judah (Jews that are Faithfull) are always the partners for peace in Holy Land, but Israelites and Pamper-bell-Jezebel are not (I am using ODD TERMS TO ODD perception).
        Going beyond this I would not want…
        This is true: There was genocide over the people by a State. In addition, there is robbery going on for a long time: systematic removal of population that has been in the Land, and then demolition, and new building up of illegal property.
        Before the State, people of Holy Land lived in peace next to each other…The State is accursed, as the landmarks are. Why?
        Say, “Why?” Say “Why can’t we settle with Fatah and Hamas…and others” …and I am not sure of all who see Israel State accursed and cut off.
        Now, let’s just disregard all religious chatter!
        Why can’t Israel abide by the valid and recognized establishment of Palestine and Gaza? How about that! There you go…the problem solved! Hamas and Fatah problem, too, would be gone?
        Just why can’t Israel apply Law international to themself? Ohhh?
        As Always, Church Charismatic (not drunk, not drugged up, and not in Satan).
        P.S. I have enjoyed my rant…NOW; I FEEL THAT I AM SIGNIFICANTLY SMART!

  10. poirefrais December 1, 2013 at 1:49 am #

    Thank you Professor Falk,
    I knew it was “the day of rage” – and I know this is the same rage withering beneath and above the surface, day after day.
    I have nothing to offer to help. Except to call the White House again, on the occupation., U.S> aid to Israel and Prawer Plan tomorrow. I believe a hand written letter would be better, but I have emailed Kerry and the President. I did not hear of a demonstration, where I live – I am not connected to groups.
    I read the children in Gaza were to sail little white boats in the Gaza port today. I signed petitions. I will look for the links and post them, as soon as I can find them.
    I am sure people posting comments have already come across some.
    Yesterday I saw an article where the IDF refused to release the body of a killed Palestinian for burial. It was disheartening. The elderly couple, in the photograph, were so grieved and I have no words for it. The soldiers/IDF holding them hostage and inflicting psychological pain and torture to the suffering parents.
    They have no moral codes. I saw a video, just this week. A young Israeli soldier was beating a Palestinian woman. He said “the means justify the ends.”
    He was under 30 years old.
    I read most of the Wikipedia link on “Palestine”, but the “Blockade of the Gaza Strip”page has not been updated, as someone noted.
    I wanted to see more.
    Thank you for keeping us informed. People are still arguing the “right” to the land on presumed/assumed “religious” terms, not historical, and dispute that. I see there is nothing to dispute. Palestinians were always there.
    It’s military dominance. Israeli government/Netanyahu and “pro-Israeli” supporters/Zionists, view it as both their claim and territory assigned, and conquered – like any other land won in war.
    The laws of Israel, though, and the marginalization, fragmenting, persecution and erasing of
    Palestinian people is, like South Africa’s apartheid, with a totalitarian regime.
    I’m not saying anything new, that you and the readers don’t already know. I am disgusted that this is legitimized by the U.S. government.
    I won’t be voting for anyone, who will collude in this.
    AIPAC is the problem here, it seems.
    There will not be any of this on the news, but I will check the Newshour, just to see. I don’t watch them anymore, much, and I have commented several times that they are not covering the Prawer Plan, Palestinian plight, and reporting on Gaza and the West Bank.
    Colonialism isn’t new. Expecting better from the U.S. is hard, when governments are controlled by other interests, who exercise so much power. Like the gun Lobby, e.g.
    The democracy here, has to clean itself up. Israel isn’t a democracy.
    No great perspectives or insights, I’m afraid. Solidarity and the struggle must continue to the end. Powers have always disenfranchised the vulnerable.
    “America” has made it’s bed with Israel, for reasons so conflated and distant to reality, I feel it must stop.
    I wish sanctions would be applied to Israel! But the U.S. would never do that to it’s “friend’ and ally. What use is it to have a president, who can’t make tough decisions without a bunch of goons trailing every policy he makes.
    There’s “democracy” and there’s corruption. Double standards (chemical weapons) seem to be the norm – and, ultimately, it seems all about bargaining chips, and “collateral damage”, not “doing the right thing.”

  11. mahmoudbensalha46 December 12, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

    Reblogged this on mahmoudoun.

  12. jenny October 29, 2015 at 6:09 am #

    I support your article and blog , but help me in supporting the cause of justice for P Mohamed ali in man.
    Kindly contribute your bit to support this cause by letting your support here:


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