After ‘Protective Edge’: What Future for Palestine and Israel

21 Sep



The 50-day Israeli military operation that killed over 2100 Palestinians, wounded another 11,000, and undoubtedly traumatized the entire Gazan population of 1.7 million also took the lives of 70 Israelis, of which 65 were soldiers. This last violent encounter has ended without a clear victory for either side. Despite this, Israel and Hamas are each insisting that ‘victory’ was achieved. Israel points to the material results, tunnels and rocket sites destroyed, targeted assassinations completed, and the overall weakening of Hamas capacity to launch an attack. Hamas, for its part, claims political gains, becoming far stronger politically and psychologically in both Gaza and the West Bank than before the fighting began, refusing to give in on the basic Israeli demand of the ‘demilitarization’ of Gaza, as well as further tarnishing Israel’s international reputation.


The UN Human Rights Commission has taken what for it is an exceptional step of appointing a commission of inquiry to investigate allegations of war crimes. The fact that William Schabas, a renowned expert on international criminal law, especially on the crime of genocide, was selected to chair the investigation is of great symbolic significance, and potentially of major relevance to the ongoing legitimacy struggle being successfully waged by the Palestinian people. Some have referred to this new initiative as ‘Goldstone 2.0’ referring back to the earlier high visibility fact finding undertaking of the HRC prompted by the Israeli military operation against Gaza in 2008-09 that had shocked the world by its ferocity and disregard for the international laws of war. Unlike Richard Goldstone, who was an amateur in relation to international law and ideologically aligned with Zionism, Schabas is a leading academic expert without any known ideological inhibitions, and with the strength of character to abide by the expected findings and recommendations of the report that the inquiry produces.


As earlier, the United States will use its geopolitical muscle to shield Israel from censure, criticism, and above all, from accountability. This lamentable limitation on the implementation of international criminal law does not mean that the Schabas effort lacks significance. The political outcome of prior anti-colonial struggles have been controlled by the side that wins the legitimacy war for control of the commanding heights of international law and morality.

This symbolic terrain is so important as it strengthens the resilience of those seeking liberation to bear the burdens of struggle and it deepens the global solidarity movement that provides vital support. In this respect, the Goldstone Report exerted a major influence in delegitimizing Israel’s periodic ‘mowing of the lawn’ in Gaza, especially the grossly disproportionate uses of force against a totally vulnerable and essentially helpless and entrapped civilian population.


The most startling result of this latest onslaught by Israel, which seems less an instance of ‘warfare’ than of ‘orchestrated massacre,’ is strangely ironic from an Israeli perspective. Its ruthless pursuit of a military victory had the effect of making Hamas more popular and legitimate than it had ever been, not only in Gaza, but even more so in the West Bank. Israel’s military operation seriously undermined the already contested claims by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to be the authentic representative of the aspirations of the Palestinian people. The best explanation of this outcome is that Palestinians as a whole prefer the resistance of Hamas, however much suffering it produces, to the passive compliance of the PA with the will of the occupier and oppressor.


For its part, Israel has signaled a less disguised refusal to move toward a negotiated peace under present conditions. Prime Minister Netanyahu has told the Palestinians once again that they must choose between ‘peace and Hamas,’ without mentioning that his use of the word ‘peace’ made it indistinguishable from ‘surrender.’ Netanyahu repeated his often proclaimed position–Israel will never negotiate with a terrorist organization that is committed to its destruction. Putting another nail in what appears to be the coffin of a two-state solution, Israel announced the largest confiscation of land for settlement expansion in more than 20 years, taking nearly 1000 acres of public land near Bethlehem to be added to the small settlement of Gvaot near the Etzion bloc south of Jerusalem. Some ask, “Why now?” rather than the more perceptive “Why not now?”


From these perspectives, the real impact of the Gaza carnage may be less the physical devastation and humanitarian catastrophe, imminent dangers of disease epidemic and $12 billion in damage taking at least 20 years to overcome, than the political effects. It looks like the suspension of inter-governmental diplomacy as a means of conflict resolution. Even the PA, seeking its political rehabilitation, is now talking about demanding that the UN establish a three year timetable for Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank. It is also threatening recourse to the International Criminal Court to empower an investigation of charges that the occupation of the West Bank itself involves the commission of crimes against humanity.


From these perspectives, the situation seems hopeless. The Palestinian prospects for their own state, which was the hope of moderates on both sides for many years, now seems irrelevant. Only the two-state template, however enacted, could reconcile the conflicting claims of Israeli Zionism and Palestinian nationalism. Of course, increasingly Palestinian critics questioned whether Zionism was consistent with the human rights of the Palestinian minority and its large refugee and exile communities, and tended to view the two state outcome as a triumph for the Zionist project and a sugar-coated defeat for Palestinian national aspirations. Now that it is ‘game over’ for the two-state solution, and the real struggle is more clearly being waged between competing versions of a one-state solution.


What can we expect? Even a sustainable ceasefire that allows the people of Gaza to recover somewhat from the dreadful ordeal of a cruel regime of collective punishment seems unlikely to persist very long in the present atmosphere. There is every reason to suppose that Israeli frustrations with the failure of its attack to subdue Hamas, and Hamas’ refusal to accept without acts of resistance the harsh realities of its continuing subjugation.


And yet there are flickers of light in the darkened skies. The stubbornness of Palestinian resistance combined with the robustness of a growing global solidarity movement is likely to exert intensifying pressure on the Israel public and some of its leaders to rethink their options for the future, and from an Israeli point of view, the sooner the better. The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) campaign is gaining political and moral traction by the day. The kind of nonviolent international movement that unexpectedly helped cause the abrupt collapse of the apartheid regime in South Africa seems as though it might at some point push Israelis toward reconsidering whether an accommodation is not in Israel’s interest even if it requires a rethinking of what is the core reality of ‘a Jewish homeland,’ and even if it falls short of a complete reconciliation. As the experience in South Africa, and also Northern Ireland suggest, the side with the upper hand militarily does not acknowledge mounting political pressure until it is ready for a deal with its enemy that would have seemed inconceivable just shortly before it was made.


The outcome of the Israel-Palestine struggle is presently obscure. From the territorial perspective it appears that Israel is on the verge of victory, but from a legitimacy struggle perspective the Palestinians are gaining the upper hand. The flow of history since the end of World War II suggests a hopeful future for the Palestinians, yet the geopolitical strength of Israel may be able to withstand the intensifying pressure to acknowledge the fundamental Palestinian right of self-determination.




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  1. rehmat1 September 21, 2014 at 6:10 pm #

    Dr. Falk, I bet you know very well nothing will change in the occupied Palestine. The Zionist occupiers will keep trying to fulfill their dream of the Eretz Yisrael – and their Palestinians will keep trying to stop the Zionist dream even if they have to it without any help from Arab puppets. As long as the ‘Axis of Resistance’ (Iran-Syria-Hizbullah) survives in the region.

  2. Clif Brown September 21, 2014 at 7:54 pm #

    With the United States an open spigot of funds both public and private and the corrupt system of campaign financing that has made America a democracy of lobbies, I see no change on the horizon. Israel will continue to grab land, to oppress the Palestinians and to tar all outside objectors with anti-Semitism. Though the world is not deceived, the only pressure I can see coming is in the ever-lowering opinion of Israel that will make it increasingly uncomfortable to be an Israeli in the company of non-Israelis. The country will continue on the course of extremism and a number of residents will find it impossible to live there, even as the radical right will be attracted by the settlements. Eventually businesses may find it difficult to have dealings with Israel, but that looks a long way off. A change to public financing of U.S.elections could upset everything overnight, but with every lobby fighting in unison against that, it is even further over the horizon. Pessimism? You bet it is as Israel holds all the cards in a game that has long been rigged.

  3. Laurie Knightly September 21, 2014 at 8:42 pm #

    It bears repeating that the 1948 Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel does not refer to a ‘dream’ but a reality. Included in the Declaration is “Over Eretz-Israel and by virtue of our natural and historic right and on the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz-Israel to be known as the State of Israel.” The reference to Israel is that of one state within Eretz Israel which includes all of Jordan, parts of Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt. It behooves interested persons to read the whole Declaration carefully. The rights given to non-Jews are referred to in a later disclaimer easily referenced. The General Assembly then rejected a motion to allow the Palestinians due process before the World Court by a vote of 21 to 20 with 13 abstentions. The UN violated its own charter regarding the rights of the indigenous populations of mandates – now trusteeships. There is ample documentation concerning plans to remove the existent population by terror or expulsion. The vision to destabilize the Middle East into small weak areas is outlined in the Oded Yinon plan which has been mentioned earlier.

    So we currently have Islamic State, IS, verses Judaic State, JS, – each planning the eventual control of the region. Some day the Moslems might stop arguing about who was Mohammad’s favorite and join forces – or at least strong regional bonds. In the meantime, let they have the Free American Army until we are wrecked from within.

    • Richard Falk September 21, 2014 at 11:44 pm #

      Thanks, Laurie, for this very illuminating commentary on the historical background..Richard

    • rehmat1 September 22, 2014 at 5:51 pm #

      Israel’s patron-in-chief, Washington and the UN Security Council never recognized Israel as a “Jewish State”. Beyond the Zionist propaganda – it’s recognized as “State of Israel”.

      No one in his/her right mind can expect a committed Zionist to accept the historic facts. For example, on April 28, 2010, the Copenhagen Post reported that the Danish modern art duo Surrend, known for its political-satire-exhibits – has lined-up Berlin streets with poster titled ‘Final Solution’ – showing map of Middle East without Israel. Instead the Occupied Palestine under the Zionist-regime renamed as Ramallah. The poster was drawn by Jan Egesborg, who is Jewish, and his wife Pia Bertelsen.

  4. Gene Schulman September 22, 2014 at 12:35 am #

    Not to demean the William Schabas investigation before it is even completed, but I can’t see that it will be any more relevant than the Goldstone Report, so long as the American government continues its unqualified support for whatever Israel continues to do in the region. The US, in my estimation, is equally guilty of war crimes, and will continue to protect Israel from any repercussions resulting from these investigations. This reader is not at all hopeful for a just resolution of this matter.

    • Richard Falk September 22, 2014 at 1:49 am #

      Gene: You are forgetting the role of civil society in the Palestinian struggle. The Goldstone Report was very useful
      in strengthening the political momentum of the BDS campaign, legitimating the tactics of the growing global solidarity movement.
      In the present context, the Schabas initiative is likely to have a similar impact. This is the best hope for the Palestinians.

      • Gene Schulman September 22, 2014 at 1:55 am #

        Got up on the wrong side of my bed this morning, Richard, emphasizing my pessimism. It lingers on, despite your hopes with which I would like to agree.

      • ray032 September 22, 2014 at 8:34 am #

        I can relate to your pessimism, Gene. I have emphasized in this Blog more than once, as far as I can see, Israel has 3 years left to declare and prepare to implement the conditions God set for the Jubilee Year (Leviticus 25) in the 47 year Israeli Military Dictatorship in the occupied Palestinian territories, if it is to live in Peace and Security with it’s neighbours.

        Even though I consider PLO President Abbas a puppet implementing Israeli-US interests, and having no legitimate Democratic or legal mandate to speak for the Palestinian People, he has set his own 3 year time Time line for Israel to withdraw to the ’67 boundaries as called for by the United Nations and International Law.

        I was touched by the finger of God February 1, 1975. Of this I have no doubt, and I was filled with Joy, Wonder, Excitement, Hope and Anticipation the likes of which I had never experienced before in my 29 years. Even though my family and friends tried to discourage me in my new Faith, for the next few months, I thought the Kingdom of Heaven would be revealed to all the world within 3 years. That was my hope at least! I had to learn to get with God’s Eternal plan and Time line.

        The reality of the record in The Kansas City Times, September 13, 1976, says, “There are 30 months before the fate of the world will be sealed with either Destruction or the Universal Brotherhood of Man.”
        NOTE – this does not say Armageddon in 30 months.

        In March, 1979, exactly 30 months later, the Camp David Agreement was signed, the sign of the Universal Brotherhood part of the record.

        Along the same Time Line, the ’79 Iranian Revolution happened, also recorded via Biblical Prophecy/Parable in the 1976 Kansas City Times record. Can there be any doubt, seeing what the powers of this earth are doing these days, this represents the destruction part of the 1976 prophecy?

        It seems to me this world has opted for the Destruction choice. Everyone has their free choice in what to think and do.

        But of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.
        Matthew 24

      • Gene Schulman September 24, 2014 at 9:05 am #

        No Ray, you can’t relate to my pessimism. Yours is bible based, mine is reality based.

      • ray032 September 24, 2014 at 6:54 pm #

        Maybe you’re right, Gene? Maybe I can’t relate to your pessimism.

        Personally, my heart is filled with the Joy of the LORD, despite the the negativity leading this secular, non-religious world to it’s self-destruction as indicated by the trend lines propagated by the secular, non-religious news media. Surely you know what I mean by that!

      • Gene Schulman September 25, 2014 at 2:06 am #

        Sorry, Ray. In my estimation it is the prejudices and ignorance of religion that propagates the most destruction in the world. As history well demonstrates. I don’t think I have to cite the crimes committed in the name of religion. They are being committed daily.

      • ray032 September 26, 2014 at 7:07 am #

        Gene, Ignorance of religion is like a two edged sword. Some people think they understand religion but are ignorant of all that religion is based on, the Living Spirit of God.

        You might like this article in Haaretz Today?
        I like the Truth of this one line from it, ‘According to an old adage, the job of the clergy is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable.’ It seems to me expressing Faith in God afflicts you in your comfort zone!

        ‘Rabbis must go beyond cheerleading on Israel’
        Rabbis are different from pundits and politicians, and it’s their moral voice that must be heard. Too many young U.S. Jews despair of hearing in synagogue a less one-sided view of Israel, one that reflects their discomfort with the occupation.

      • Gene Schulman September 26, 2014 at 7:17 am #

        Ray, you’re welcome to your own comfort zone. Please don’t try to change mine. I’m most comfortable without clergy trying to tell me what’s good for me.

      • ray032 September 26, 2014 at 7:22 am #

        “Ray, you’re welcome to your own comfort zone. Please don’t try to change mine.”

        Then stop trying to change mine by your disparaging comments. You don’t have to reply to anything I write from my comfort zone in the Living Spirit of God!

      • Gene Schulman September 26, 2014 at 7:38 am #

        I’m not trying to change yours, Ray. And I only reply to you when you address me directly. If you’ve got a problem with that, please lay off me just because I don’t believe in god or religion. The answer to our earthly problems are not to be found in faith or mythology. Rather in good sense.

      • Corrine Hasch February 19, 2015 at 7:47 am #

        Have got idea related to ur comment s here
        קבלה, חכמת הקבלה, הדף היומי, kabbalah

  5. Beau Oolayforos September 22, 2014 at 11:15 am #

    Dear Professor Falk,
    Your message of hope and optimism will be received, as usual, with gratitude by all peace-loving people; and with scorn and excoriation by war-mongering officialdom. Another hopeful sign is the seemingly growing ‘refusenik’ movement among the Israeli population, and even in their military.
    The most decisive incident in our Vietnam war was My Lai: that was when we, as Americans, even those of us who had supported the war until then, believing that we had been trying to help oppressed people – that was when we looked at each other, in the eyes, we shook our heads, and said “this is not us – we didn’t go there to massacre whole villages of helpless women, children, elderly…”
    Let us hope that a similar soul-searching is going on in Israel right now. BO

    • ray032 September 22, 2014 at 12:53 pm #

      Unfortunately, if you read the comments in The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz, Beau, the opposite is happening among Israelis – not soul searching, but a hardening of positions against any accommodation with Palestinians.As for the people of Gaza, Israel would be happy to drive them all into the sea, since that is the only way out of that Israeli guarded Ghetto/prison.

      • ray032 September 23, 2014 at 6:28 pm #

        Israelis after Gaza: Resilient … or in denial?
        The average Israeli at the water cooler or on the street corner wants to discuss anything – except this summer’s conflict.

        There are generally two types of people when it comes to coping with the aftermath of traumatic events. There are those of us who relive the events over and over again in their minds, re-experiencing the emotions, and analyzing what happened: what they did, what they could have done differently. Then there are the “let’s move on” personalities – they believe in cleaning up the mess, getting on with their lives and avoid dwelling at length over what happened. If something similar happens again in the future – well, they handled it once, and they will handle it again. Best to be strong and enjoy the respite as long as it lasts………………………………………

  6. Francis Oeser September 22, 2014 at 1:54 pm #

    An astute piece. THANK YOU Richard. Maybe there’s milage in the idea of 2 states: one, Israel behind the Green Line, two, Palestine (including illegal settlements) occupying the rest rest of the territory.

  7. Kata Fisher September 22, 2014 at 8:00 pm #

    This is what I understand:

    Nations that sinned against Holy Land did not recognize Jewish homeland /Kingdom of Israel to the Holy Land. Biblical /Scriptural, unexceptionable. That is fine—we can dismiss all of the Scripture, and lets’ look how that looks like, as well? That would be just too much to consider. We can have many ideas, and that is all that we would have, in fact.

    What is the difference between “Jewish State” and “State of Israel”? I see none. What are nations up to? Who knows?

    I like humor,too, but map of Middle East without Israel would not be humorous, rather would have to be an accurate one. However, what would that be?

    I am amazed (negatively amazed) that those nations along with UN and UN Security Council and “State of Israel” are turned upside down–paralyzed and paralyzing to themselves and others.

    A “state” to the Holy Land (Arab or Jewish) is a curse, and it acts as a rotten tooth in the mouth of a babe. We should say, “count your blessings?” Not really…

    They have pushed against the UN and its Charter/ values – just to establish whatever for the Jewish-exiles in Holy Land. Whenever we start paying attention to the human condition we can start getting in touch with needs of humans that are spiritual and natural, as we as humans really cant separate those things for other humans .

    Don’t you think that people that gave themselves a name “Palestinians” need to consider for themselves some valid confirmation to their government before they can even realize what they want in Holy Land for themselves.

    Note: we will assume that “majority of the people” did that, as former Jordanians (as Jordanians were named so by the British to be Jordanians in Holy Land. I do not see, or understand any valid support for people in Palestine, Gaza and Israel (who are Arab Nation) in Holy Land without upholding their right to a legitimate vote, wherever they are.

    As long as that does not happen the scales for judgment to the measurements are skewed on their behave – as they need to choose whatever they want.

    They can have for themselves Arab-unity, or Fatah, or Hamas, or Democracy with other Jewish exiles as them self in Holy Land—or they can choose for themselves their self-appointed “names/territories/ kings, and /or British made, so to say.

    Now we all can push against free will of the people in Holy Land and elsewhere as the world-community is confused about human condition and sees no way out—things are only getting darker and worse.

    For one thing UN Security Council needs to get together with the nations and make them accountable for Nuclear weaponry and substance that is not secure, at all. Moreover, are you going to wonder that I said that, and say all will say, “Not secure, at all?” Based on the human condition it is the fact that is not secure.

    I believe that professor Falk had a vision that was a valid one when comes to the abolishing of all Nuclear waste – that–what it is in nature all weaponry and unnecessary harnessing of energy.

    A link that you may like, and you may like to study these things, as well. What do these things mean?

  8. Kata Fisher September 22, 2014 at 8:54 pm #

    I have a reflection:

    While some nations play with their nuclear waste other nations have nothing to eat.

    Where are the sanctions to the human appropriate?

    Now that would and should budge on conscience of the world-community & the nations that cheated others and/or have stripped off some nations of their population/human capital. Have they grown rich, at all in their way–but they had kings who have horded on?

    You will note that humans cannot be owned by other humans without lasting consequence.

  9. Laurie Knightly September 23, 2014 at 3:45 pm #

    Reference is sometimes made concerning the ‘annexation’ of the West Bank and Gaza by Jordan and Egypt. The Gaza Strip was kept ‘in trust’ for the Palestinians by Egypt – not possession. Jordan, moreover, at a National Assembly on April 24, 1950, stated that all Palestinian rights be safeguarded and that the union shall not prejudice the final settlement of the Palestinian question. It is essential that the Palestinians never cease to resist annexation. If Israel were an honorable entity, it would use similar language to that of Egypt and Jordan that would reject sovereignty to land beyond the 1947 partition to which it claimed an unofficial acceptance. Considering that Jews owned only 6% of Palestine in 1947, they would still have a questionable case.
    As to scriptural claims – there’s not a scrap of evidence that Jews as a selected group were slaves in Egypt. But if they had been, they took off for Canaan to slaughter and enslave the entire population except for a few thousand virgins for the use of their army. The Pharaoh was always willing to let them go but God hardened his heart in order to have a bit of ‘sport’ with him. Added some plagues and death of their first born for even more fun. Some of us have problems with such a god and his adherents/opportunists.

    • Kata Fisher September 23, 2014 at 7:56 pm #

      Laurie, hi.

      I have a reflection:

      Lo and behold, you are misinterpreting the facts. Where should I start? With your misinterpretation of the Scripture, or misinterpretation of God?

      Say that there was sin in Canaan that was unacceptable under the Promise and then the Law? Alternatively, say that Canaanites were in the Land that was promised to that tribe… You can interpret any way you will; I see no grave-harm error to it…I do not think that there is.

      Actually, there is scientific-fact evidence that “footprints” can be traced in the desert where Exodus congregations were roving from Egypt to the Holy Land just by Satellite Imaginary/infrared technology that is assisting archaeologist in many ways.

      Actually, there are more than few solid facts (from arguments of “Bible-story” that is in evidenced in archaeological finds as evidence) that give evidence to that which you are refuting: the Scripture filled with facts?

      Hardening of ruler’s heart was in line of reference to that ruler’s theological misconception (so much so, that “Religion of Pharaoh” was not equal to his plagues?

      It is a fun read-research, if you will. I just brainstormed – had no time to proofread…

  10. david singer September 23, 2014 at 7:06 pm #

    Professor Falk

    Sorry to see your lengthy article does not canvass direct negotiations between Jordan and Israel in any form.

    Perhaps the Scotland experience of seeking to gain independence from the United Kingdom could indicate that the Palestinian Arabs have an example they could well follow.

    I have often written to you about giving the Palestinian Arabs a say in their future. Perhaps an election where a similar question was asked in relation to their wishes for a union with Jordan might be something constructive to pursue.

    You state:
    “The flow of history since the end of World War II suggests a hopeful future for the Palestinians, yet the geopolitical strength of Israel may be able to withstand the intensifying pressure to acknowledge the fundamental Palestinian right of self-determination.”

    That future was indeed hopeful – as the 1947 UN Partition plan laid out and the Arabs rejected.

    That future could have been secured at any time between 1948-1967 but was never pursued. Opportunities to do so until 1990 were rejected.

    Rejection has continued since Oslo and the offers made by Israel in 2000/1 and 2008.

    The opportunity for a third State in former Palestine – in addition to Israel and Jordan – has now vanished after Operation Protective Edge and the advent of ISIL.

    The hopeful future for the Palestinian Arabs now rests with Jordan negotiating with Israel to restore the status quo as far as is now possible – that existed 5 June 1967.

    Even that opportunity is fast slipping away.

  11. Kata Fisher September 24, 2014 at 10:28 am #

    I have a reflection based on the letter of Apostle Paul to the Church in Galatia: he explains something in ch. 4 v. 24-26, specifically. Still you must understand the context in which Paul gives reference to this: Hagar and Sarah.

    Apostle Paul understood and has known things taking place in his point in time. That is what he writes about, in fact.

    What is now?

    There are two nations, two covenants and if you will “two states” we can say: Jordan and Israel are (manipulated reality by other nations in many ways).

    Third state in Holy Land would be a difficult doctrine that does not correspond with present Jerusalem because the tribes intermingled into one seed of Abraham that is not all that “Spiritual?” They are just Jewish Exiles – now what?

    We can note that the seed of Abraham /children of Abraham is a Spiritual line, and always was and is so based on the teaching of the Scripture: believing God and doing the will of God. The Spiritual line would be the one who had to follow the way of God and to be in covenant with God. These Jewish Exiles will have to get right with God in Holy Land — if they are seeking religious things for themselves.

    Then again you can note that the Kingdom of Israel is split, as well.

    Third state in Holy Land is another bad idea; however, they can have whatever they will — who cares?

    I do not think that I am wrong, but then again I am not sure that I see this right, either.

    Then again, people in Holy Land say that leaders know that Arabs are Jews — but they like to be stubborn and ignorant. For that reason let people in Holy Land vote for themselves and look and see what happens?

  12. rehmat1 September 24, 2014 at 10:32 am #

    I have a reflection…

    Why Ed Miliband suspended his party candidate for the coming election for calling Israel EVIL?

  13. Laurie Knightly September 24, 2014 at 2:02 pm #

    Does an upcoming UNHRC investigation mean that the Gaza massacre will be evaluated in a vacuum, or predominant focus, from the entire issue? The Likud Party of Netanyahu, Sharon, Shamir and Begin [Stern Gang,Irgun] rejects Hamas as a ‘terrorist organization’ committed to the destruction of Israel. A bit of irony here…The map of Eretz Israel does not make reference to a place called Palestine. It still seems to me that the International World Court should tell us where we can find Palestine. I know my grandfather served there in the British Army during the occupation period [1917 to 1920] before the start of the mandate period in 1920. He spoke very disparagingly about the plans for the regional inhabitants. The European Colonial Powers wanted an alien ethnic wedge there, as a base, to separate the Arab peoples of Asia from the Arab Peoples of North Africa. The Zionists fit this design aptly for further grand colonial interests. This verifiable history is very recent compared to other folklore that keeps being referenced.

    • Kata Fisher September 24, 2014 at 10:03 pm #


      “to separate the Arab peoples of Asia from the Arab Peoples of North Africa” is very interesting.

      Why would they want to do that? Islamic feud that British may have had promised to handle for Arab-tribes that did not like each other – or British were after hindering of grafting in of some different tribes with each other /keeping them ethnically separated so to say?

      What is the folklore? I do not understand all. Explain it. I do not understand that what you mean – but I do understand some specifics.

      Traditions are not folklore nor are word of mouth any folklore; it is, and it can be Ethics of Faiths. Traditions = Ethics of Faith. Ethics of Faith is not folklore according to the apostolic teaching. Paul apostle instruct that Traditions = Ethics of Faith, in reality. When he writes to Timothy – Paul clearly indicates that by the way he speaks to Timothy about Timothy’s Family line – just for an example. When he talks to Timothy about the Faith in Timothy’s family line – Paul gives reference to the gift of the Faith of Timothy’s grandmother, and does not recognize Faith that Timothy’s Mother may have had – or not.

      Likewise, at that time, there was no Canon of Apostolic Scripture – so to say which was put together. When they gave reference to the Scripture, as the first generation of Christianity (as Paul did in his letters) they gave reference to the Old Testament and traditions of Old Testament.

      In some specific exceptions to that Tradition of the Law what was fulfilled by the work of God’s Spirit alone. Meaning, no longer then the tradition of the Law that had to be fulfilled by the Church-Charismatic that was under the Spirit; yet, the Law-keeping was not hindrance to the Church.

      Paul notes that only imposing the work of Law as not accepted and was not crucial under the Law of the Spirit for the Church. Meaning, not as for the sake of the Law-fulfillment because they were under the Law of the God’s Spirit who fulfills the Law, in the Church-Charismatic. All they did teach was Gospel of God according to the Law while under the Law of God’s Spirit, in reality. They had no other Gospel but Church-Charismatic Gospel.

      Further, Paul has said that all Scripture is inspired by God. Traditions (Traditions of the Old Testament and the Gospel under the Law of God’s Spirit ware to be held on in word & letter) Paul has instructed.

      Those who are not under the Law of the Spirit must keep the Law in the Church and must refer to the Teaching of the Church and Liturgy Order.

      I do not know what you mean “folklore” when you say that is referenced here, can you please explain what you mean, exactly. With that, I say that Scriptures and Traditions of the Faith is not folklore, in essence.

      About the map:

      Is this what you are talking about?

      That is not based on Law / Torah?! Is it—or I can’t read these maps?

      All right, all right. Look Zionist project has nothing to do with Freedom of the Faith. Would I be wrong here?

      The Freedom of the Faith is valid for Jews, however, as it is valid for all other Faiths in Holy Land that have no legitimate spiritual authority in Holy Land apart from Old Testament.

      Zionist project may have to be reconsidered and corrected in order to be authentic Faith-Ethical.

      It has to be kept as ethical agreement of the Nations that are member-nations of UN and have to protect and support Freedom of Faiths, in reality.

      Freedom of religion is another thing…because everyone would do according to his or her will and no Ethics of the Faith.

      As you see, there is a legal stronghold when comes to the “religious freedom” that allows for things to be just as they are…even according to the International Law “Religious Lawlessness” (that is religious in essence and no Faith) is acceptable and allowed for.

      I am not sure that you can perceive that and why? I am not sure myself why would “Religious Hypocritical” behaviors be acceptable under providence of International Law and UN charters.

      It is beyond what I can understand…

      • rehmat1 September 25, 2014 at 8:35 am #

        The North African Arab Muslims were the ones who liberated Jewish communities in Spain in 701. Arab-hating Dr. Bernard Lewis called Muslim Spain being the “Golden Age” of Jews.

        Middle East has always been separate from other Asian nations. The same way the great majority of world Jewry especially the European Jews – have never been inhabitants of Palestine pre-WW I.

        Dr. Falk in a recent post admitted that while Jews were hated and persecuted in the Christian Europe, Jews found a great religious tolerance in Islamic societies.

      • Richard Falk September 25, 2014 at 10:12 pm #

        Ray: It was not meant as an ‘admission’ but my understanding of the comparative
        experience of Jews in the two civilizational contexts, and can be explained in
        various ways. Richard

      • Kata Fisher September 25, 2014 at 9:31 am #


        Europe is like a hot-potato in “spirit-realm” due to some tribes that do not graft in & mixed marriages with those tribes that are spiritually excommunication, in essence…not grafting without Church-Charismatic presence & ministry.

      • ray032 September 26, 2014 at 7:33 am #

        Richard, I think you were addressing rehmat1, but I have seen reports from the Jewish Virtual Library that confirms the Jews of Europe persecuted by the Christians were welcomed and given refuge in the Ottoman Islamic Caliphate.

  14. rehmat1 September 25, 2014 at 8:38 am #

    I had a reflection ……

    Obsessed with ISIS, Russia and Iran – why Obama ignored Palestinians during his UNGA speech on Wednesday?

  15. Kata Fisher September 25, 2014 at 9:17 am #

    I came across this report, and I do not like it.

    This is reporting about actual Anti-Semitism / “religious hate”.

    Things such as “rally against anti-Semitism” or similar does not deal effectively with issues that are actual religious hate.

    Religious hate has to be hated by communities of Faiths, and it has to be cut to the root and uprooted, effectively. The Laws have to better about that and be strict, in reality.

    One cannot allow for “civil lawlessness of the religious lawlessness (in nature) in public”, and opportunity for them, at all.

    Saying “Death to the Jews!” and “Gas the Jews!” are not acceptable street slogans at some protest that turn into riots.

    Nations have to have some strict Anti-religious hate Laws in place, for “religious hate” is Lawful now in civil society. It is can be defined as harassment in public, but it is also more than that.

    Faith clergy has no spiritual authority of those who are in satanic seals and Blasphemy of God’s Spirit (either personal or generational sin-irrevocable in bloodlines, in fact). They are not a “sheep’s” of any of the Faiths – so to say, because they act as devil-incarnate in Faith congregations as well as in the public.

    When you hear this: “Death to the Jews!” and “Gas the Jews!”—this, in fact, is of devils incarnate. (A “frozen state of rebellion” of a human when comes to understanding of Hamartiology & Satanology in the Church age).

    Likewise, any other ethnic and religious hate is just as similar and the same.

    What do we say then is this: Religious freedom can be “religious hate”. Instead, “hate on yourself if you will by your religious freedom” Church Charismatic will say this because it is and it should be freedom to worship for yourself in your place in any way you will, and that is acceptable for you and those in fellowship with you.

    However, Freedom of Faith is only acceptable freedom in public—public is not in fellowship with the religious lawlessness/religious freedom of lawless, in fact. I think that I am not wrong about this, at all.

    I believe that “Religious freedom” is punishable by the Law’s that are civil and that are ecclesiastical. It is not immune to the restrictions and punishments of the Law’s.

    According to the context of the Gospel according to Matthew ch. 18. v. 15 – 17 that states that unrepentant that do not heed by Ethics of Faith must become to you as “pagans and tax collectors”. Meaning with pagans you settle dispute in the civil court and/or have nothing to do with them just because you could not do in any other way by the Ethics of the Faith.

    This explains associations that give reference to a spiritual excommunication and /or civil and ecclesiastical restriction and demands of the associations.

    In summary by the Gospel: The ethics of paganism in Faith community would tarnish your Faith ethics, and demands of tax-collectors would be an unreasonable oppression that are unethical by the Faith and demands of the Faith (in the context).

    • Kata Fisher September 25, 2014 at 12:40 pm #

      I would pay very close attention to what President Rouhani has said here, as he speaks in substance, and I am in agreement with him.

      When you hear in substance – you do not hear from a mere lay-people, and you will will hear a warning that is prophetic, in nature.

      We do not understand the “principality’s”—or the spirit- structure of the the “principality’s” that ISIS is under – we do not know what they really want.

      It has to be bound up in a valid way.

      President Rouhani is indicating that, and I understand what he is talking about.

      Further, US have their own closet full of skeletons of these spirits such as ISIS is under; however, from the disorderly Church practices. However, they are distracted by other devils, as Western nations and lured in into grave-harm things.

      • David Singer September 26, 2014 at 3:56 pm #

        Interesting you should post Rouhani’s comments.

        You might like to read my latest article on how I believe ISIL needs to be confronted, degraded and destroyed.

      • Kata Fisher September 26, 2014 at 5:35 pm #

        I agree with you about that what you wrote because it would balance out unwanted pressure for all while understanding what ISIS want by their version of Islam.
        According to Islamic scholars, – ISIS has no understanding of the way of Islam.
        In additions to that, President Rouhani would understand his responsibility toward ISIS and also have valid Spiritual authority over that move, in the region that close by neighbors — like Russia should help oversee and keep calm.

  16. Kata Fisher September 26, 2014 at 9:57 am #

    I can agree with this:

    “The answer to our earthly problems are not to be found in faith or mythology.”

    The wrestle with the evil in the world is based on the organization of human capacity and intelligence. One can have faith to move a mountain – but the mountain does not move by faith alone. Mountain of the task does not move without individual that is like a neurotic – or many of the same kind neurotics.

    A personal note for Gene: Gene, just enjoy where you are because if God wants you elsewhere He will let you know. He certainly does not need you in heretical environment. I wish I can ditch the religious services and religion, all together, but I cant for I am under some wild obligations due to some legal strongholds. Enjoy your freedom in serenity, therefore!

    Another thing:

    Clergy in this point in time is extremely sick (like sexual immoral priesthood that is not Charismatic-Church ordained priesthood in Catholic Church)—like some other Clergy as well just as that and /or is just ignorant. Who can perceive a sense of God from them? I certainly can’t. However, while at wrestles with evil, I perceived everything.

    For example:

    They want to forbid abortions for women but by what authority? Sexual immorality of the priesthood pastors in US who created “witchcraft Church-marriages” that produce children born in witchcraft? Moreover, never broken of grave-sins are rested where? Is it not in the babes? Do you really need them in the world?

    Church-Charismatic laughs and says “bring it on by your works all witchcraft that you can, priesthood.”

    And then we shall pray a cording to the Scripture in the Name of God and in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in accordance to Revelation 2.23 that God moves by His Spirit and does what he has promised in the Revelation 2.23.

    May God deliver us from evil and set us free from the wicked by the death of unborn wicked that are in Blasphemy of God’s Spirit and Satanic seals.

    Pope Francis will be accursed in hell if he does not take power and authority in the name of God and in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth over only ONE WRONG GRAVE thing in Church Roman-Catholic: doctrine of heresy about the ordination of the priest, and corrects invalid ordination and ministry choice for the priests in Church-Catholic.

    The Spirit of God wants priesthood in Church-Catholic to be ordained in God’s Spirit –or be under the Law lay-people. The Spirit of God does not accept priesthood without Law of the Spirit upon them for they must perform Sacramental Orders by Spirit of God while under vows. If they got any other call it is not from God and Spirit of God.

    When they correct their Church-disorder and their wrong-doing toward illegitimate Israelites and Gentil-tribes – then they can have some more born babe’s to them.

    When I see of these lay-people yapping about abortions and so forth…I am like “Ble, bla, bla…I cannot hear you–go and feed some hungry and abused babes that are under condemnation of the Law of God, and no Grace of God by His Spirit– let the Grace of God come to them by God’s Spirit alone because it cant by the “solo-Scripture” Now that is immature and obnoxious from me to say, and perhaps even hateful — but you get what you got..for I am forbidden to tell a lie in my will-power.

    • Gene Schulman September 26, 2014 at 10:58 am #

      Thank you for your grasping of my position, Kata. I am often not able to follow your Church Charismatic philosophy, but I know you are a good person and am happy to have your reflections.

      More than just an expression of speech: God bless!

      • Kata Fisher September 26, 2014 at 12:37 pm #

        I am glad that you are not annoyed because it is just religious stuff, and I, too, just don’t understand why all this, and here.

  17. Kata Fisher September 26, 2014 at 12:33 pm #

    I came across this and I was catatonic and immersed in a ritual – I could not even read.

    Then, I was thinking: “why do these women want a divorce — what is going on?”

    Why would women have the right to challenge the validity of a religious marriage –or not have that right? And really who do you challenge? Would you ask a husband, “Why re you behaving as of devil?” Or would you ask Faith community, “Why is my marriage as of devil?”

    In church Catholic –they say: “I want a divorce!” and we say: “get a divorce –who has married you, really?”

    When they say, “I want a divorce of the marriage in the Church!” We say, “You are of devil—you cannot do that.”

    When they say, “I want a divorce of the Church-marriage,” We say, “We cannot as the Church divorce a Church-marriage—only God can! It is impossible for the Church to give you divorce of a Church-marriage–How can you even ask for one? Are you unbeliever in the Church?”

    When they say, “I want a divorce of invalid Church marriage.” We say, “Curse the leadership in Church Catholic by Spirit of God—how can that be, at all? Explain that if you can!” You get no divorce – the marriage never was, and you just were played for a harlot—that all! Now what?

    Women do not get ordained, and women do not ask for a divorce in Church-Catholic. You just can’t allow for women to be in positions like that! – but God can.

    The Pope Himself will annul or divorce their marriage, so they can if they will go on in a civil one—and try to correct on a marriage without witchcraft of the Church-invalid and of Satan. Pope will hear from prophets when he has to annul or divorce the marriage that took place in Church-Catholic.

    In general, they would not get annulment or divorce – or remarriage in the Church, at all without Baptism in God’s Spirit, first. If that does fix the problem, then neither God can. Give them divorce and annulment–and then reflect on condition of your leadership and ordinations of it.

    Unbelievers in the Church can do whatever they will to want. Church-Catholic Charismatic says, “Baptism in God’s Spirit—or let them do whatever you will to want.” However, why would we say that?

    Now, what is going on with Jewish religious marriages—would they be valid…and how valid at all? Would you not just give them a divorce / annulment and let them do want ever they want? Why not?

    “I want a get; I want a get!”… “Ble, bla, bla…I want a get?” She wants a get and she has to get the get she has no valid-husband? – there is no valid religious marriage on that women’s behave! What happened that so is that what she said that is? Perhaps, religious witchcraft it was?

  18. Laurie Knightly September 27, 2014 at 9:22 am #

    I disagree Gene. We have an obligation to address the subject. What draws me is the tragedy of Palestine and the ripple effect of this injustice throughout the world. The ‘charisma’ of the man who has dedicated so much of his life and intellect toward this objective is what I need. The rest belongs on some other blog of another type – it’s just irrelevant self indulgence here.

    Richard – hope you’re planning to speak about Abbas at Cooper Union and UN. Why the ICC and not IWC? Also Fatah to become leader within Gaza. Sounds good to me if Hamas could reconcile.

    • Gene Schulman September 27, 2014 at 9:38 am #

      Not sure just what you disagree with, Laurie. I’m certainly with you on the need to keep addressing the subject of Palestine. And I certainly continue to support Richard’s work. Perhaps it is my admitted pessimism that you disagree with. I do see some ray of hope when the NYT begins to publish negative articles about Israel as they did this morning on their op-ed page.

    • Gene Schulman September 27, 2014 at 9:42 am #

      That and its editorial questioning the bombing of Syria leaves a glimmer of hope. Cheers

      On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 6:07 PM, Gene wrote:

      When I first spotted this article in the NYT this morning I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought I must have mistaken it for The Onion. Hats off to the NYT for publishing this. When the Times publishes something negative about Israel, you know the times (pun intended) they are a changing.


      • ray032 September 27, 2014 at 10:32 am #

        Gene, Thanks for the NYT link. It’s about TIME! A sea/see change is coming! Too bad there isn’t a ‘comments’ link to the article.

  19. Laurie Knightly September 27, 2014 at 10:13 am #

    Gene – what I meant is the subject is not Church Charismatic which belongs in a blog for that purpose. People have interest in many subjects so should they take up the majority of this blog with – let’s say, the future of marriage? Reincarnation? A ‘good person’ takes note of the subject and puts in a concise form statements/questions to that end. And if you think you’re more discouraged than I – just forget it Buster! And when people ramble off topic or attack Richard, I get rather testy.

    • Kata Fisher September 27, 2014 at 12:00 pm #

      Laurie: I am greatest supporter of Gay-marriages! I know this is very confusing considering ecclesiastical purpose of a marriage. Gay-marriages (in civil courts), in fact, would be only thing I would be willing to rally for, in public as Church Charismatic.

  20. Laurie Knightly September 27, 2014 at 11:41 am #

    Gene: Just read your NYT links. Now this is what I need! I’ll take it to some discussion groups. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope…. Thanks much, much………

  21. allwaysamazed September 27, 2014 at 4:15 pm #

    From a perspective of cultural anthropology, commercial economic interests precede the political; perhaps Ms. Knight’s “ethnic wedge” has more to do with corporate-military nationalistic imperialism than ethnic rivalries. Access to markets and lucrative business “wheeling and dealing” has certainly become the priority of specialized elites who use their academic expertise in mathematics, arts, science and letters for purposes of control. Now at an apex of techno-military regimentation and ecological depredation, comprehending the Big Picture of ecological, social health through non-violent creative cooperation seems to need a wholesome alliance of wisdom and sanity to replace uncivilized, barbaric competition for territory, resources, “profit”. I fear it may be asking too much of limited human intelligence. When all is said and done, we are animals…and we are predatory. Throughout history, conscientious care-givers are at an unarmed disadvantage.

  22. Laurie Knightly September 28, 2014 at 4:36 pm #

    To Allwaysmazed: under TLAXCALA Arab Scene 100 years after Campbell-Bannerman, the description sounds similar to your comments. Twas not empathy that moved the colonial powers to donate Palestine but Rothschild’s $$$ and Chaim Weizmann’s genius in making explosives. The question is now what? I say enforce the ’47 partition which was supposed to be acceptable. So do it. And either reimburse or allow Palestinians to return. Or reconsider a new land division – or one state. The latter being all that may now be possible. But do something – and enforce it!

    • Kata Fisher September 28, 2014 at 6:32 pm #

      I have a reflection:

      Is it possible for China’s overpopulation problem to be addressed with land grants from other nations with whom they are in disputes over some territories – for example Pakistan. What is the specifics of those disputes?

      Land grants to China were possible for Pakistan due to strategic needs of Pakistan for compliance in reference to terrorism and economic development.

      China would be excellent overseeing and calm keeping partner for Pakistani territories, I believe.

      However, I do not understand specifics when comes to the legal aspects of this.

      This is interesting article:

    • Kata Fisher September 28, 2014 at 6:39 pm #


      What is the current wall-Landmark that Israel has built on—just divide by that into “two-state” territories (Arab and Jewish states) or annul that wall if “one state” is asked for?
      Let the current wall-Landmark be the division-Marker for them—why should we to miss the marks of their self-determinations?

      I am just thinking on that.

  23. Laurie Knightly September 28, 2014 at 9:10 pm #

    Kata: Look at ICJ on the Wall/Israel. It was another crooked land grab and went before the world’s highest court – and Israel lost. There’s no enforcement mechanism but it helps to demonstrate the general injustice.

  24. Kata Fisher September 29, 2014 at 10:28 am #

    I just came across this document. What is this document is it authentic? How does it look in reality if implemented?

    Who has structured this document, and by what authority?

    If they are really up to this – would they not be just as Nazi?

    Do they have an eccalistical problem – or a civil (public) one, in reality?

    Well, eccalistical problem was Nazi (in corporate) themselves as problem…over the population.

    I say that US Church-Council and /or Ecumenical council (that is not in Satan) have to be appointed, and some eccalistical structure has to be.

    There is no “Freedom of Religion of Lawlessness” that is free as eccalistical-civil — or they will have eccalistical-civil issue over their head’s that are in Satanic seals and Blasphemy of Gods Spirit.

    Only “Freedom of Faith/s /Religion in Moral Laws — we say: any corrective Law to a “Religion of Lawlessness”? We can note that by the Scripture and by the Gospel teaching and Apostolic Writings.

    People in US military leadership are sealed in satanic seal of a “dumb-spirit” and are devil-directed just as that: frozen in stupidity of Satan.

    You can ask Pontificate and Pontificate will confirm it – or Pontificate is in the seal of Satan, and as well Lawless.

    I am sure that Military Chaplains can organize themselves –but why would they? They should be – or are they all of Devil and in Devil, as well? Let’s look and see?

  25. Kata Fisher September 29, 2014 at 10:47 am #

    US- Church and/or Prior Protestants with their charismatic-disorder of just wild kind have always demonized people (illegally abused Church order), and that shows up in blood- lines in forms of “satanic-Seals” and “Blasphemy of God’s Spirit”. Now after how many generations Church-Catholic-Charismatic has to say to them: What do you want as people with other Gospels, and partially corrected Gospels from the Church and God?

    This again?

    Now this is recalling evidence – or what is not? :

    • Dan Livni September 29, 2014 at 12:52 pm #

      A Berber details how the land belongs to Israel.
      Moroccan Poet: Arab World is Imperialist, ‘Palestine’ is Jewish
      Outspoken poet angers Arab countrymen by provocatively quipping that Arabs ‘are more Zionist than the Jews.’
      By Ari Soffer

    • ray032 September 29, 2014 at 3:43 pm #

      You’ve got to be joking, Dan! Reading up on Mudar Zahran, why doesn’t Israel appoint him head of the PLO as their man in the occupied Territories?

      Abbas has no legal mandate, yet the US/Israel keep up the facade he is the only Palestinian Leader. Do you think Netanyahu would negotiate a genuine Peace with Zahran, being a Palestinian-Israeli Firster?

      You think former Bush UN Ambassador John Bolton, head of the Gatestone Institute, has any credibility with anyone other than extreme right wingers and Israeli Firsters?

      • Ken Kelso September 30, 2014 at 8:45 am #

        This coming from Ray who quotes Arab terrorist supporters like Jonathan Cook.

        Hey Ray, do you want to be a human shield for Hamas in a church?
        Bishop in Gaza Says Hamas Fired Rockets from His Church
        August 8, 2014

      • ray032 September 30, 2014 at 9:28 am #

        Jonathan Cook lives in the original Nazareth, not the Jewish settlement of “Upper” Nazareth.

        As an Independent British Journalist living among the majority Palestinians, unlike the Jews living in their illusionary exclusive Cantons of Democracy predicated on maintaining a 47 year brutal Military Dictatorship ruling and ruining the lives of the Palestinians, depriving them of Civil and Human rights.

        He knows they have to endure the same human indignities the Jews in another Time and place had to endure, amongst a majority who thought of themselves as Superior and Righteous in persecuting those who they considered the inferior.

        History repeats itself in new forms and faces in different economic circumstances.

      • Kata Fisher October 1, 2014 at 10:47 am #

        I just had this reflection:

        USA and EAU is in a satanic-alliance; it is between these two that destruction in Middle East and Israel is in roving’s –and all on the base of what they did with English (as rule of the base that gave the birth to the “false-church of Antichrist”), and Kingdom of that.

        Now, what is ISIS in essence—would they be “false Islam”? or just another tribe of Islam that is corrective of toward that satanic alliance/destroying it—if they are real deal and no “false flag” that USA and EAU and Brits implemented against people in Middle East?

        I fear that Islam may be under a valid caliphate – who is an unmerciful prophet. In fact,unmerciful prophet.

        USA and EAU gutted out Church in Iraq, and now they will be under unbearable consequences – all who took pleasure in evil alliances.
        I was getting ready for the day, and I was just distracted by the Presence and started realizing these things.

        USA and EAU gutted out Church in Iraq, and now they will be under unbearable consequences.

        I think now, and also do believe that their only hope is Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini — if they are up to balancing out their evil-doing toward the people in the Middle East.

        I am starting to become amazed with who Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini may be.

        I know that this is confusing –I do not understand it all, all brainstorming and reflections..

  26. Kata Fisher September 29, 2014 at 2:49 pm #

    Livni – you are delusional in your approach.

    If you really want to understand terrorism and religious and ethnic hate and discrimination’s – you will not be accusing intellectuals to be terrorists and terrorist supporters — who are actually trying to solve unsolvable religious problems while in their personal and spiritual limitations – not Church-Charismatic ordained ans that can actually expose evil in its root.

    Do you know that Nazi was putting intellectuals into their Nazi-camps along with Jews?

    Is it not Nazi-spirit now prosecuting Jews that are intellectuals? O’ yes—this is now!

    Do you know that Nazi-systematic approach was not exposed without help of Vatican Nuncios? Two (Jews from Poland) prisoners escaped and made its way to the Jewish council who did not believe them what was taking place until they gave them names of their Jewish communities that disappeared in the very camps that those two prisoners escaped from? Then Rome got involved. I forgot the story…

    Who knows that story, in details?

    As Church-Catholic back then it was impossible to catch up with those devils relished by work of Azusa Street disorder and the condemnation of 1909 Berlin Deceleration — which actually fell and is resting curse on and upon the US-Church evangelical, specifically.

    How about US church-charismatic disorder and Awakenings I, Awakenings II, Awakenings III, IV, V, VI…HOW MANY, really? and Azusa Street? How did these things look like? Lo and behold that is not that long ago that we can’t understand what is going on now in US Church is satanic principality of “Caste system” in the structure?

    Hit-yourself-up with group/s of Evangelists that are in God’s Spirit and go Church to Church in order to offer a correction of their heretical ways and Lawlessness of the wicked by Baptism in God’s Spirit — by Free Fall of God’s Spirit, and no forced anointing – for all they have is false-Gospels by which they are accursed and we let them be accursed when they give us that another gospel that was not given by Apostles (in all) and another spirit that is not of God but is of Satan– reality in which deluded are.

    Now do you understand what actual terrorism is toward population and nations? Como-on, come-on–for sure you do? Against terrorism we say:” Do not give me things of Satan as Church and/or Christian– are you of devil…

    Give us not things of Satan not in word of mouth, and not in a letter!” Stay in your own Church and the Land — enjoy your satanic worships as much as you can!”

    Do you believe that Professor Falk was is capacity to understand what those who were /are in “satanic seals and Blasphemy of God’s Spirit” have done to the Holy Land and Jewish-Exiles = (Arab and Jews)? And Holy Land alone? Come-on. Who is stupid here — so to say?

    What is Hamas? A Mosquito compared to hyenas that tear things live apart?

    However, you are here to judge us here all?

    Instead: Go and declare condemnation upon the Churches in Satan — how accursed they are by the Gospel and writings of the Gospel of Apostle Paul who has said that his Gospel will judge them all! It is now, as it was and it will be.

    To much of heresy will make you mad…look and see are they not?

    • Ken Kelso September 29, 2014 at 4:02 pm #

      Ray032 Arab writer confronts Hamas official on Arab TV on Hamas using Gazan’s as human shield in this war. When the Hamas official has no response, he threatens the Arab journalists life for telling the truth on Hamas war crimes.

      • Ken Kelso September 29, 2014 at 4:28 pm #

        Ray032, what do you think happens to Gazan’s who criticize Hamas?

      • Kata Fisher September 29, 2014 at 4:58 pm #

        You must be sure to realize that there are some “heavy radicals” within Hamas (not necessarily Gazan’s Hamas ) that are in one evil spirit/s with these who like to eat their own flesh – are they not killing /abusing their own children and citizens. Incredible war-crimes reports?

        Their hate and confusion are so great that that they cannot have compassion on their own children. Where else can we see that?

        I say that is just so in US – from another level of oversight and perspective.

        Evil is evil — just different / diverse in its geographical position and destructive capacity.

      • Barry Meridian September 29, 2014 at 5:17 pm #

        Miss Kata Fisher, as a Christian aren’t you bothered by how Muslims treat Christians in Muslim countries?
        Israel is the only safe place for Mideast Christians, priest tells U.N. council
        Posted on September 24, 2014

        Father Gabriel Nadaf, an Israeli-Greek Orthodox priest, spoke in defense of Israel at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva on Tuesday, arguing that the Jewish state is the only safe place in the Middle East for Christians.

        “In the Middle East today, there is one country where Christianity is not only not persecuted, but affectionately granted freedom of expression, freedom of worship and security,” Nadaf said. “It is Israel, the Jewish state. Israel is the only place where Christians in the Middle East are safe.”

        The 47-nation human rights council—which has been a frequent critic of Israeli policies towards the Palestinians—recently launched a probe into Israel’s conduct during the Gaza war, but not Hamas’s actions.

        “Leaders of people, seekers of peace, end your witch hunt of the only free country in the region,” said Nadaf, who also told the UNHRC that roughly 120,000 Mideast Christians have been killed during each year for the past decade, meaning that “every five minutes a Christian is killed because of his faith.”

        “Those who can escape persecution at the hands of Muslim extremists have fled. … Those who remain exist as second if not third-class citizens to their Muslim rulers,” he said.

        As an outspoken proponent of Israeli Christians forming their own identity apart from the Jewish state’s Arab-Muslim citizens, and for Christians to serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Nadaf has received numerous death threats from Arabs. Additionally, his pro-IDF stance reportedly prompted an Arab to physically assault his son last year.

        But in a more positive development for Nadaf, Israel recently recognized “Aramean” as an official nationality on Israeli identification cards. “All Christians from the 133,000 Christians who live in Israel and belong to one of the Eastern churches can now be listed as an Aramean,” Nadaf said at the time of the announcement.

      • Kata Fisher September 30, 2014 at 10:02 am #

        Barry Meridian:

        What is Christianity? I do not understand?

        How do you go about “to care” or “not care” for Christians in Middle East– I do not understand?

        Should I start first with my care about issues with racist and anti- foreigner /anti- Immigrants in Colorado/Colorado Springs? You would be shocked what locals tell you in private what is going on in your areas. I am not shocked — I understand the nature of cult-churches that graft in no one…

        With local Christianity that is authentic I can only shake my head? It is just like that.

        As always – you can’t authentically care apart from the Scriptures, and that what is written.

        If the Christians are in countries that are Anti-Christ and are False Christ – among the wicked – when they are Baptized in God’s Spirit and have bread – they should be content.

        What would my support be then? Myself eating some best butter and puff-pastry while sipping some English tea-delish on the base of the resources that I have stripped of/stole in reality from other Christians in Middle East (recently) as well as others over centuries all over other areas, and as well oppression over them as humans/neighbors?

        Look, generational sins are upon the wicked. Have not the wicked gated out Church in Iraq that was 2000- year- old one, an Apostolic Establishment? Have they or have they not?

        If you want to support Christians in Middle East as other region Christians so to say – you can’t call Allah (as God’s Name in another language) in English “Satan” and say that “Muslims worship Satan,” and say that “Islam is evil.” When they say such thing as Christians – are they are not of the devil, and not Christians?

        They need to support no Christians in Middle East. They are of devils, and not Christians – they are not under Apostolic Teaching of Apostle Paul and Baptism in Spirit of God.

        When authentic Christians are oppressed and hated; it is for their own Spiritual benefit. What are they under? Prosecution like of Nero? Well, Muslims too are under prosecutions like of Nero. Likewise, Jews are, too, under prosecutions like of Nero. Other Natural Revelation Faiths as well are under prosecution like of Nero.

        If they want to complain about Religious prosecutions and wickedness — that can be done, but complaints do nothing unless we see some Laws and Compliance in UN with International Laws and Freedom of Faith (not Freedom of Religion of Lawless—Religion of Lawless should be condemned and cut off).

        Nations that do not find themselves in compliance with requirements of the International Laws (which, too must be modified on substance base) and those Nations are to be excommunicated, and only access they would have to other world is by their Diplomats @UN who can ask for food rations for their citizens. Business and trade is over for the wicked rulers/nation based on a violation of International Laws? We have “Freedom of Religions/Lawlessness” – everyone does what they want based on provisions of International Laws. I do not think I am wrong here.

        I can tell you what Church is, and Teaching of the Church is – what is not is under devil, and given over to the devil. Authentic Church is free by Faith, and Spirit of Faith. I can only assist them with their natural needs (food/drink).

        When they are killed and prosecuted they are killed and prosecuted—we get martyrs, and murders and oppressors of authentic Church will be in Hell, unless Commissioned by Spirit Church of Church of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Jesus Christ of Nazareth appears to them, and commissions them by Spirit. That is just how it is, and I do not know any other way?

        I know I see this in a valid way, and I am not off into some delusions.

  27. Kata Fisher October 1, 2014 at 8:09 am #

    These are generational sins upon the wicked.

    • Kata Fisher October 1, 2014 at 8:15 am #

      This is in quote:

      In their 2013 Annual Report, Amnesty International drew attention to the United Arab Emirates’ poor record on a number of human rights issues. They highlighted the government’s restrictive approach to freedom of speech and assembly, their use of arbitrary arrest and torture, and their significant use of the death penalty.[93]

      Human Rights Watch have drawn attention to the mistreatment of expatriate workers, mostly of Asian origin, who have been turned into debt-ridden de facto indentured servants[94] following their arrival in the UAE. Confiscation of passports, although illegal, occurs on a large scale, primarily from unskilled or semi-skilled employees.[95] Labourers often toil in intense heat with temperatures reaching 40–50 degrees Celsius in the cities in August. Although attempts have been made since 2009 to enforce a midday break rule, these are frequently flouted. Those labourers who do receive a midday break often have no suitable place to rest and tend to seek relief in bus or taxi stands and gardens.[96]

      Police departments and non-government organizations provide shelter and support for human trafficking victims until they are able to acquire the right documents, and many victims are then sent home at the Government’s expense, under the Crime Victim Assistance Programme. These shelters include the Dubai Women’s and Children’s Foundation, which was established in July 2007, and Ewaa in Abu Dhabi, which opened in late 2008, as well as the Human Rights Care Department in Dubai and the Social Support Centre in Abu Dhabi, which have been operating for several years.[97] The issue of sexual abuse among female domestic servants is another area of concern, particularly given that domestic servants are not covered by the UAE labour law of 1980 or the draft labour law of 2007.[98] Worker protests have been suppressed and protesters imprisoned without due process.[99]

      In 2004, the Dubai police opened designated departments in all emirate police stations that are mandated to protect the human rights of both victims and perpetrators of crime.[100] The UAE government is also currently studying the establishment of a national human rights commission.[101]

      • Kata Fisher October 1, 2014 at 8:30 am #

        I have a reflection:

        Why and how is possible that expatriate workers fall under such mistreatment? Why are these expatriate workers not documented as they arrive, as well as their point of destinations?

        They would have to report at their local area –or would have to be declared illegal / missing every 15-30 days of their time in the land, along with their pay-checks?

        In reality how do you stamp out wickedness and make things impossible for the wicked? I believe that UAE’s government in total extremism of incompetent-state. They allow witchcraft-of-man and wickedness of males. Allah-directed destruction will come upon them. Prophets will curse them in the Name of Allah that allows wicked to burn in unquenchable fires of Hell.

  28. najib November 18, 2014 at 12:20 pm #

    Israel is a failed experiment. It is on life-support
    – pull those three plugs and it is a cadaver, living
    only in the minds of some seriously deluded
    foreigners who thought they could pull off the
    heist of the century.

    Israel fears “delegitimization ” more than anything
    else. Behind the velvet curtain lies a state built on
    myths and narratives, protected only by a military
    behemoth, billions of dollars in US assistance and
    a lone UN Security Council veto. Nothing else
    stands between the state and its dismantlement.
    Without these three things, Israelis would not live
    in an entity that has come to be known as the
    “least safe place for Jews in the world.”


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