A Message to Blog Readers

15 Mar



I have been very frustrated with the recent drift of blog comments for several reasons:


–not meeting my expectations of ‘constructive conversation’;


–creating a false impression that this blog is devoted exclusively to Israel/

Palestine concerns, and hosting the most basic settled issues: for instance,

Whether Palestine is ‘occupied’ or not; whether the Geneva Conventions apply

to Israel’s behavior as occupier; whether the two sides are equally responsible for the failure of the Oslo diplomacy; whether the settlements are lawful and

not an obstacle to a negotiated solution; whether Hamas is entitled to represent the people of Gaza, etc., etc..


I do not doubt that there are those upholding Israel’s claims are sincere in their convictions. But it is utterly pointless to carry on such a dialogue. I propose a moratorium on all comments dealing with this conflict until the

end of April.


We have reached yet another dead end, and it is better to appreciate it than

to waste time and undermine all prospects of useful exchange of ideas. There are numerous alternative outlets for those who want to celebrate Israel as a democratic, humane, and maligned country, and many of these do not allow

critical comments past their filters.



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  1. Schlüter March 15, 2016 at 4:52 pm #

    Dear Professor Falk,
    I very much understand your frustration. Trolls are attracted by critical Websites like yours. I hope you´ll be able to fight them off. Since you state correctly that your site is not exclusively concerned with the conflict Israel/Palestine I´d like to turn your attention to this:
    “US Power Elite Declared War on the Southern Hemisphere, East Asia and all Non-Western Countries in September 2000”: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2016/03/13/us-power-elite-declared-war-on-the-southern-hemisphere-east-asia-and-all-non-western-countries-in-september-2000/
    Best wishes!
    Andreas Schlüter
    Berlin, Germany

  2. Marshalldoc March 15, 2016 at 5:18 pm #

    Dear Dr. Falk,

    As you are no doubt well-aware, pro-Israel bloggers, the hasbara factory, and others are dedicated to waging an information war against any iterations that might be considered (in their opinion) less that wholly “pro-Israel”. This ‘war’ includes trolling, spamming, DDS attacks, and any maneuver that prevents any view of which they disapprove of being publicly voiced. The issue of a ‘civil’ conversation to reach some agreed upon conclusion is not part of their calculus. That said, I don’t think that any moratorium or anything short of complete capitulation to their view will alter the ‘tone’ of the comments. Probably better to just disable ’em when you post something you know will piss of the ‘Israel was, is, and always will be, the best, most just, humane & humanistic, ecumenical, and non-discriminatory state that has ever existed in human history” crowd.

    • Harvey Epstein March 15, 2016 at 8:53 pm #


      If you read Sayyid Qut’b, you will note that you have just paraphrased almost the entire theme of his tafsir “In The Shade of the Quo’ran”. This is exactly what he says Islam is: the best there was or ever could be. I wont bother describing the rest. This is much of what is taught in the Madrasses which are funded, world wide, by our great friends, the Saudis. Some of the other “stuff” isn’t so great for non-Muslims ( or for Muslims who want to integrate into a modern non-extremist world) and constitutes much of the source of the Islamist extremist theology.

      Jews realize that Israel is not perfect, but which country is? Like most westernized countries, it recognizes some of its mistakes and really does try to improve. One needs only to look at its new efforts to improve the educational and living standards of its Muslim citizenry.

      Yes, some of us really do want to have a reasonable civil productive conversation. Perhaps you should “read up” on Ira before you start throwing your Molotov cocktails.

      If we do get this “civil” conversation moving along, I invite you and others to cast aside your preconceived ideas, no matter which side you advocate for, and join in. It might become an exciting experience and, as Ira alludes to, reduce the decibel level so that we may begin to hear more than just loud noises; perhaps hear some real ideas. Certainly it will be a better conversation than what we currently have, don’t you think? This is not an attack on you, but do you fear such a conversation? If you do, why?


      • harryshade March 16, 2016 at 4:30 am #

        This is the most irrelevant reply I have read for a long time. Pray, what is the connection between Marshalldoc and Sayyed Qutb’s tafsir? Your must have copied and pasted your reply from a lecture you must have given to 7 year old retards. No wonder Prof.Falk is so dis-heartened by pro-Israel trolls.

      • rehmat1 March 21, 2016 at 7:33 pm #

        Sayyid Qutub, just like Sayyid Maududi, or Imam Hassan al-Banna, doesn’t need an ‘certificate of approval’ from some Zionist Jewish bigot. He was a Giant among the Islamic reformists.

        In 1965, Sayyid Qutb – author of 24 books – published his famous book, “Mallem Fittareek (Milestones)” – for which he was arrested on allegations that he was conspiring to overthrow Gamal Nasser’s Arab nationalist regime. Tried by a kangaroo military court and sentenced to death. Against widespread local and internation uproar, the Nasserites hanged Sayyid Qutb on August 29, 1966 to the great pleasure of their western masters.

        Iranian Postal Department issued a commemorative stamp in 1968 in honour of Sayyid Qutb’s martyrdom. Dr. Ali Shari’ati translated some of Sayyid Qutb’s writings, which were used pre-Islamic Revolution period – for which Dr. Shari’ati earned the nickname “Shia Qutb”.


  3. Harvey Epstein March 15, 2016 at 8:15 pm #


    Two things:

    1. Please note that Ira and I are trying to start a dialogue about solutions for the Israel/PA issue rather than engaging in this fruitless constant bickering. Is it not possible that this change of conversation may in fact be of some interest to your bloggers? It may even turn out to be productive if somehow we can all reduce our adversarial approach. To remove such a possible change from your blog will have several adverse consequences, among which will be the reduction of the relevancy of your blog. History may pass you by. Your input into the truly progressive portion of your blog will just disappear because you have made it vanish. You will just end up speaking into an Internet mirror. After all of your effort, why leave the stage to others when finally (possibly) something sensible might be taking place: a discussion of practical solutions rather than just a bunch of accusations.

    2. When you try and speak to other issues which are important to you, somehow you seem to drag Israel into the conversation when you cite examples of what you consider to be bad behavior (or your anti-Israel contingent does). You did it with your most recent post about the election process now taking place in America. If you want to cite examples of reputed bad behavior and not bring Israel into the conversation, may I recommend that you select other countries. There are plenty of them. Some of us have interests well beyond Israel, but you (or some of your bloggers) seem to be narrowing the field and we just follow along.

    Please read this with the good hearted intensions I had when I wrote it. If you are firm in your desire to circumscribe conversations, perhaps we can use Aaron’s new blog and try and make something more of it than perhaps he intended when he set it up.


    • Laurie Knightly March 17, 2016 at 4:05 pm #

      Every US presidential candidate has sworn ‘unshakable’ allegiance to Israel in varying degrees. Hillary says she’ll immediately invite Netanyahu to the White House – all visit AIPAC. Israel is requesting a huge increase in US funding. Are you suggesting that an essay on the US election should not include this component? Many of us would very much prefer an election where candidates were not obligated to swear unequivocal loyalty/funding to any foreign nation. Israel or any other…..

      Aaron’s new blog sounds like a good idea for both those who incessantly demean Richard, and the blog, with ‘good hearted intentions’ or otherwise. You address him in constant repetitive rambling scolds accusing him of an intellectual status far inferior to your own. It’s you and yours who generate the ‘fruitless bickering’. The general intent is obvious. An offer to provide mentorship for Prof Richard Falk, described as a misguided novice, exceeds the demands of polite conversation.
      I do not feel bound.

      Also. my comments have appeared on the blog before they appear in the separate comment notices – sometimes a full day later. They go to the blog immediately and then to comment notice later. Maybe this is part of the confusion. It does not mean that they have been deleted. One still must sort thru all the comments by the date for the full text and its connecting post.

  4. Laura Westra March 16, 2016 at 4:39 am #

    I normally don;t do blogs.Unfortunately most people are either terrified of being labelled “anti-semitic”, the epithet of choice of critics, or the “critics” themselves,who are not capable of going beyond repetitions of the Israeli propaganda, to enter a conversation of the sort you envisage. A conversation requires two people who base their views on argument and logic, so that each is wiling to hear to other. Neither Hitler nor Mussolini could ever enter in a conversation…and neither does the Israeli government, at lest not in defense of its illegal activities.

  5. Harvey Epstein March 16, 2016 at 8:15 am #


    Gently, my Internet acquaintance. To a great extent, Richard is correct: the conversations are too heated to be productive. Ira senses that a change of direction towards a discussion of possible solutions, rather than the bitter verbiage we have all been subjected to ( frankly on both sides) would be an admirable goal.

    If we do get into a more productive rather than destructive dialogue, yours is a voice I would very strongly listen to. You live in that world on a daily basis. You are most directly effected by it. If any of us has a valid reason to become emotional, it is you. Most of the rest of us are in that world vicariously, or just collaterally ( but as to the Jewish membership, whether we agree or disagree with Richard, our involvement is pretty direct, that I do admit).

    If all of us can somehow get out of our collective “attack mode”, this blog could become a more useful and humane vehicle for problem solving. Certainly, it will be far less hurtful; and as to those who choose just to hurt, they should be the ones who should go elsewhere. Somehow, I think Richard would like that. But he, too, would have to evolve. I can only hope that he could and will.

    My regards to all.

  6. Tracy Encizo March 16, 2016 at 9:33 am #

    Dear Dr. Falk,

    Your blog is the best and most well-informed I’ve read. I appreciate your thoughtful and educated contributions to conversations about global issues. As well, your concern for civilized dialogue and empathy for humanity are heartening in this age of demagoguery and hostility.


    • tomricks28 March 16, 2016 at 1:11 pm #

      Thank you, Dr. Falk, for your precise and insightful blog on global affairs including climate change, north v. south, unrelenting greed, neo-liberal economics, and the rising despair of the global poor and suffering. I personally would like you to comment at length on the “collapse of the national security state of West Phalian origins and present popularlity” as we see the rise of ISIL’s “islamic caliphate” as a mask for butchery and “punk ass thuggery” and not an answer to a better world of regional positive innovation. Thanks again for your wonderful thoughts on nearly everything going wrong on our fair planet!

  7. Safiya March 16, 2016 at 1:51 pm #

    Dear Dr. Falk, I also appreciate your frustration. Although at times I wish their comments were blocked, at this point I simply ignore them and skip right over them. I hope your understandable frustration does not deter you from continuing with this blog.

  8. Harvey Epstein March 16, 2016 at 3:44 pm #

    Dear Harryshade,

    Your confusion probably arises from the fact that you have likely dropped into a very lengthy conversation somewhat in medias res.

    Richard has started this new and additional post dealing with his ongoing complaint that the language used on his blog has become somewhat divisive. He wants to tone it down. I agree. Ira agrees. The best way to begin to understand my comment is to go back through Richards earlier posts, perhaps starting with the one of 02/14, as I recall ( the one about Moon). Then go into his post regarding our American election, because our ongoing conversation is partly found there. In them, you should see what Richard has to say about my approach and me, and you might wish to reevaluate your opinion of me (assuming that this is even relevant).

    The last portion of Marshalldocks post is what I was referring to when I referred to Qut’b. It is the Islamic superiority theology that pervades their extremist movements and which Marshalldock tries to foist upon the shoulders of Israel. It is not what Israel stands for, although I speculate that you might not believe this. If you opt not to understand this current islamic extremist theology, i suggest that you best opt out of this entire conversation.

    Marshalldock merely spews the mindless doctrine so often expressed by many on this blog. Please again read Marshalldocks post and pick up on mine again. I merely follow his thread. Sorry if you were confused. Perhaps next time I will try to ” cut and paste” a comment (if i can do it) and then respond.

    As to “copied and pasted” , I appreciate the fact that you realize that it would have been my own verbiage, and not something out of someone elses writing, unlike some others i could mention.

    As to “lecturing to 7year old retards…. ” Well, out of respect to Richard I won’t reply to you with the obvious response. It is not my style. Your language is exactly what Richard chooses NOT to hear. Why do you disrespect him so?

    I can only hope that you are not so entrenched as to refuse to try and help to change the direction and tone of this ongoing series of conversations. Once you read the prior posts, you should get the idea. Become part of a possible solution to and not an exacerbation of a problem.


  9. Kata Fisher March 16, 2016 at 7:12 pm #

    I have nothing to reflect on:

    This is representative sample of the human condition in the world today, which even kids understand it.

    Even kids conscience can witness human viciousness.

    This supposes to be an adult setting – and yet it is impossible one – and from my perspective, it is a representative sample of the human condition (in world-community) / at this point in human history. Dark times, indeed and they will get darker and more vicious.

    This is what I understand:

    There are such misapplication /misuse and violent abuse of Sacred texts. Misinterpretations are at highest top (in the application). Folks believe and live lies.

    I can have a stash up of Church Doctrine to the “Temple of The Lord, The Temple of The Lord, The Temple of the Lord” and grave misinterpretations about that – but is irrelevant to mention here – at waste of time

    It is totally smart to avoid places / settings such as this – when you are not ordained. But even for the sake of the wicked – do unreasonable … just hang out here as long as you can

    It is just vicious from all sides – but at least, it is unlawful to kill or sword-behead opponents. (This is sincere thought and is not meant to ridicule rational people) that have no choice but to put up with an evil of cults (and false – believes)?

    One can do them service all life – they will not change their ways – never is enough to them! – so it is with the wicked. They do not need resolutions – they, in fact, all need God that they claim to worship – apart from “their gods.”

    When they start loving their children more then hating each other – they will perhaps get to break self-chosen curses upon them.

    It is lay-people issues – and everyone here is like beside themselves – not understanding that lay people do what lay people do to the Ecclesiastical things.

    Time for another 100 years, and another 100 years and so on … just as always was – on and on, until the Last things / events of End Times.

    Unless Descendant of Kind David may have some compassion for them and relieve them from their irrevocable sins. However, what if they have abused, robed and killed Descendant/s of Kind David? Who can help them in Church Age?

    Oh, just let them be and pass on all their generational sins onto their children. That is legitimate thing to let be – and not bind it.

    Happy Lenten Season Ya ’alone Catholics, do well and enjoy your desserts whenever you can – the Landmark’s of Dravidic Kingdom and Spiritual Authority of it is robbed form you by some evil laws against Church Law and the Spirit – what you were going to do? (I am just reading the Catholic-priests here). Not “the priestess” – we Chatolic have no such things.

    Who ever sins against Law of the Church and Law of the Spirit – give themselves over to devil/s. They did what they did. If they can’t think of their children – who are we to think about them?

    Either find David – or just forget about it.

    Jews and Muslims should just take a make-believe staff of Aaron and beat each other with it- or realize what took place and repent! They should also stop insulting everyone else with their wickedness in no repentance.

    This is historical event: I just said what I said. Imagine that? Absolutely no fiction – I said that.

  10. Beau Oolayforos March 17, 2016 at 9:26 am #

    Dear Professor Falk,

    On other subjects, then, I continue to be interested in your take on Syria, especially Putin’s “surprise” exit – coming from him, it’s hard to believe in anything but dark, ulterior motives. We all need to address it, one way or another, so that future historians, if there are any, don’t see it as the crucible of the Great War, where the Cradle of Civilization became its Grave.

  11. Kata Fisher March 17, 2016 at 10:47 am #

    Professor Falk,

    I think that refocusing on things that are of more importance to the civilizations/s will be relevant. Things that matter, and are actually worth of all time waste.

    If nations minded Cradle/s of their civilization – they would have less opportunity to act insane toward other nations. They just would not have money to go about all of that destructiveness worldwide, all together.

    I believe suggesting some deep cuts to the nations on their destructiveness will perhaps allow for and yield for them better outcomes of the cradles. Who knows? For Good or for bad?

    I would say – just have them reflect how well are they taking care of their children – and if that could possibly lead for them to some rational resolutions – they can move on…so that other nations can finally go about their own business.

    But you all must watch this, if you will:

  12. Rabbi Ira Youdovin March 19, 2016 at 7:41 am #

    Harvey and Fred,

    I applaud Harvey’s determination to establish constructive dialogue on this blog, but concur in Fred’s assessment that it’s wasted energy. Dialogue requires a common language. No such thing exists here. Prof. Falk’s narrative is based on the premise that Palestinians are always right and Israel is always wrong. (When pressed, he acknowledges that Palestinians make “mistakes”, but these never figure into his analysis.) He and his followers either ignore or reject anything that challenges the narrative, dismissing it as “Zionist hasbara”, or a misunderstanding (i.e. Hamas really doesn’t mean the genocidal affirmations in its Charter), or as a lie told by his “detractors” or “defamers” in order to smear him. This tendency to misrepresent a disagreement over facts as a personal insult turns off the light and turns on the heat.

    For example: Prof. Falk writes in a comment (3/15/2016):

    “Ira and Fred…through continuous innuendo and some slight (sic) of hand with language, certainly never tire of accusing me and anyone who agrees with
    me, as a Jew-hater and the rest….[They] seem mainly interested in undermining critics and criticism of Israel, and putting forward repeatedly long discredited arguments.”

    (A personal note: throughout four decades in the active rabbinate and now in retirement, I’ve been a tireless and very public critic of the Occupation, advocate for Palestinian rights on both sides of the Green Line, and critic of efforts to stifle open debate of Israeli policy. Anyone questioning that can Google me.]

    As regards who’s distorting the truth, Prof. Falk writes ( post of 1/15/2011): ”I have never equated Israelis with Nazis, and find the accusation odious.” That’s a provable lie. Indeed, I wondered why he would post such a thing when his article, “Slouching Toward a Palestinian Holocaust”, had been the subject of intense and wide-spread debate during the four years since its publication, and was easily accessible on the internet. There are similar instances that can be noted.

    I cite this history to support Prof. Falk’s insistence that the divergence of views on this blog is so wide as to preclude a constructive dialogue. But the dividing issue is not conflicting attitudes toward criticism of Israel, but whether one subscribes to Prof. Falk’s radical methodology and extremist thesis that puts total blame on Israel. If one doesn’t, he/she is smeared as being “mainly interested in undermining critics and criticism of Israel.”

    I write from personal experience. I’m not a troll. (And neither are Harvey and Fred.) I began following Prof. Falk’s blog at the urging of a mutual friend here in Santa Barbara who wanted me to see the “real” Prof. Falk, who, he said, was very different from how his critics portray him. Fair enough. So I approached the blog with a simple idea. As both Prof. Falk and I oppose the Occupation and support Palestinian liberation in an independent state of their own, we could conduct a civil, and possibly constructive conversation about strategy and tactics for achieving a shared objective.

    It quickly became apparent that this hope was futile. Prof. Falk assuredly supports Palestinian objectives, at least those articulated by the extremist Hamas. But his primary goal is eliminating the Jewish State of Israel, and is even willing to sacrifice an independent Palestine to achieve this objective. Sound incredible? Please consider that the bi-national state he proposes as a resolution to the conflict does not give the Palestinians independence. But it does destroy what some call the “Zionist entity.” And how else does one explain his harsh criticism of the Presbyterian Church’s pro-BDS resolution—you read that correctly PRO-BDS— because it also affirms Israel’s right to exist. And he has made statements on this blog and elsewhere that Israel must go.

    Prof. Falk will likely counter that this was not his original intention, and that Israeli intransigence drove him to it. But the plain truth is that a narrative in which one actor is always in the wrong is written for the purpose of laying the groundwork for delegitimization.

    Harvey, I believe you misunderstand Prof. Falk when he says that he wants a civil conversation. He does, but not one that addresses the issues we want to discuss. He’s been very clear on this point. The only folks who are really welcome on the blog are those who believe that Israel bears total, or near total blame for the Palestinians’ plight. In this regard, please note that he has not responded to the questions you and I politely asked as conversation starters. As Gene Schulman told you with his unfailing gentility: Prof. Falk may be nice to you because you’re polite. But beneath that patina, you’re nothing but a troll like the rest of us.

    Fred is on target in projecting what will emerge from the conversation Prof. Falk envisions. But if that’s what he wants, so be it. He’s renting the space and we’re trespassers. I appreciate Fred’s concern that anti-Israel and anti-Semitic slanders, when left unaddressed, could yield deleterious consequences. But the blog has a few readers, most of whom (one assumes) are already on board with its Moderator. Prof. Falk has been saying the same things for a very long time. What he says on this blog won’t make a difference.

    Besides, there’s a part of me that resonates with Prof. Falk’s desire, after a lifetime of controversy, to have a haven in which he can express his views without the usual barrage of criticism, and enjoy the adulation of his supporters. Moreover, simple self-respect asks why we should continue to subject ourselves to the viscous personal attacks hurled at us while the Moderator, despite his calls for civility, does nothing to stop them.

    I urge that we honor Prof. Falk’s wish. It’s a win-win proposition for all of us.

    Rabbi Ira Youdovin

    • Gene Schulman March 19, 2016 at 9:42 am #

      Everything you say here is a misstatement of the truth. For example, Prof Falk, in an earlier reply to his accuser admitted that he had indeed compared Israel to the Nazis (once!), and apologized for that. So your continued accusation is a distortment. Usually the habit of the NYT.

      I could point out others, but why bother. You ARE a troll, and you’ll settle for nothing less than total capitulation of your and Israel’s critics.
      I am fed up with all you apologists for Israel and its behavior. Israel IS in the wrong, has been from the beginning of its founding, and is a major cause of the contemporary ills of the world. This is not an anti-Semitic statement, but it IS an anti-Israel one. So please stop conflating the two.

      • Gene Schulman March 19, 2016 at 10:15 am #

        And you’d have to be utterly blind not to see it. And even if you were blind, you can still smell it. Whew!

    • Kata Fisher March 19, 2016 at 10:42 pm #

      A Note:

      I do have a suggestion to the household of Israel.

      Perhaps, it will be possible to evoke some human conscience if anyone of good will would remember killed/ dead children of Holy Land.

      Dead and seared conscience is abounding – so maybe reflection on dead children due to Arab/Jewish conflict could make the difference when brought to mindfulness of those with the dead and seared conscience.

      House of Israel / Jews and relentless Christians with sophisticated weaponry cheered and incited by Arab radicals has had much to regret – but they did not, and do not. They should recall dead children in Holy Land and understand that killing of innocent – that guilt of blood is not forgiven, and it remains as irrevocable sin under curses (in this case national curses).

      House of Israel (anyone in good human conscience) will serve God’s will remanding their lay-people about guilt of blood & irrevocable sin.

      I was moved to note that – because it came to my understanding.

    • Richard Falk March 20, 2016 at 8:21 am #

      I genuinely believe that both sides in this controversy would do better talking
      to each other rather than engage in argumentative and personally driven exchanges,
      and encourage confining your participation to Aaron’s blog designed for this purpose.

      Of course, I deeply resent referring to ‘the hate filled tone on this blog’ in your message. It is
      a deeply flawed and entirely false way of deflecting criticism of a state, and its
      practices and policies. And when you choose as your circle of admirers Ira, Fred, Aaron
      you give the game away.

    • Richard Falk March 20, 2016 at 8:27 am #

      I agree with Ira’s suggestion in his final line, but nothing else in his distortion of my views and positions
      to fit his preconceived ideas of what he supposes I believe, or what makes it easier to deflect
      criticism of Israel. I wish Ira, Fred, Harvey, and their friends constructive conversations on their blog
      and the same for our efforts here. Maybe we should agree to an objective comparison of before and after for
      both blogs in six months.

      • Gene Schulman March 20, 2016 at 12:24 pm #

        For those who don’t have access to the NYRB, I offer this piece by David Shulman from the forthcoming issue:

        Israel: The Broken Silence
        David Shulman
        Israeli human rights activists are facing violent arrest, interrogation, smear campaigns, even death threats.

        It would behoove those moving over to Aaron’s blog to read it before they leave. If this doesn’t sound more than a bit like Germany in the 1930s, I don’t know what does.

      • Gene Schulman March 20, 2016 at 12:31 pm #

        Sorry. Here is the link to the above:


      • Kata Fisher March 22, 2016 at 7:53 am #

        A Note to Fred:

        The Laws, the Laws…

        Is nothing new that Free World (Western), including Euromediterian and US, flip-flops between different types of Communism and Fascism – or is simultaneously in some forms/types of both Communism and Fascism – for some fatal purposes manifested in the world.

        I do not know if you can focus your eye to see? I am sure some must have known these bizarre occurrences.

        Those who step into each others appointed area, violating it is best to remove them selfs. For Example, separation of the Church and US-state was totally civil-ecclesiastical ILEGAL – based on the forms of past historical existence and recent historical one.

        I am not sure if some types of Communism and Fascism interrelated., had anything to do with the altering of Church and US-state standing – but just by scanning it – it appears to be just so.

        I fully see that Church and US-state are turned upside down in its purpose. I am sure that satanic seals had to do something with that. It would be nice research to go about for someone, somewhere.

        Its to benefit/best interest of all and to all (including Jews and others) is that Church and US-state standing/condition is balanced out – and even annulling separation of the Church and the State.

        This is why: When Church is in unresolved conflict with the State, and its people – and things remain so – we see while occurrences all over.

        The US as a State is becoming more complicated, and remaining in Separation of the Church and State will add to unbearable difficulties.

        Violating, annulling each others appointed areas is the work of Satanic seals – which came directly from radical groups rooted in same ideologies like some types of Communism and Fascism/types of it. They can be just be seen now, somewhat more in effect then other.

        This is legitimate, in a good will note – so you may reflect on it as everything has spun and is spinning into the dead-end.

        We can ask “Why”? Is it because of the Separation of the Church and State – or not?

  13. Kata Fisher March 19, 2016 at 10:04 am #

    A Note:

    The extremist ideology of Hamas is nothing less than the product of satanic seal. Regardless where they came wit that ideology to their Charter.

    They are in a product of “illegal religion” and not legitimate self-determination.

    Church Charismatic has Spiritual Authority over anything claimed to be “prophetic revelation.”

    Any Sacred text has to be interpreted in the exactly same Spirit that is received and (context that is received in context in which was recived), carefully examining the context in which was passed down (written and rewritten for preservation).

    To make this more clearly understandable: Holy Quran was not written down by the Prophet Muhammed, not was possible for him to confirm that what was written down by his helpers is actually what he said to be written down. He was illiterate.

    Also, the text itself was preserved outside Ecclesiastical Order – by wandering tribes.

    The Order in Which Secret Text ware received does not claret with Order of Holy Quran.

    So, that being the fact – Holy Quran has to be interpreted by very texts that it talks about

    Any part of Hamas Charter is under Spiritual Authority of Church Charismatic, especially, because it is applied to Holy Land.

    There are certain consequences applying anything to Holy Land that is in satanic seal – as we did learn from the establishment of Jordan in Holy Land – which was an absolute product of satanic seal work.

    If Arabs want Jews out from Holy Land and establishment of an Arab state – that is impossible. They have to proofread and discern Arabic Theology / Holy Quran.

    For Jews, in another hand – they should notice that “Temple of The Lord” is already standing (and it seems to be legitimate that End Times Temple). With that, they can Forget and give up in their thinking that they as contemporary Jews will be building another Temple/Third Temple on Holy Sites. Jews, in fact, should just allow Muslims to make the Temple even more prettier (as it should be) so that all involved can enjoy hanging out there @ the Third Temple. It’s totally unfinished (needs rebuilding – which will be very expensive, all together).

    Jews can legitimately forget about building the Third Temple while Arabs can legitimately dismiss Hamas and consider it “Illegitimate Leadership” just as Hitler and his crowd were in Nazi Germany.

    I am making this strongly clear, and without a doubt – if someone has any doubts on those issues.

    So, do not be fatal, fully deceived by satanic seals and blasphemy of God’s Spirit in Bloodlines.
    Those folks in their works are deadly – but I am sure that even they are blind that they are, all together.

    Satanic seals and blasphemy of God’s Spirit in Bloodlines are a tough business to go about.

    What is going on at this point in time: The Temple of the Lord is standing on the Holy Site, and contemporarily Jews want to build another Temple on the same site?

    The Dome of the Rock will be standing, and it should also be fully protected from Jews and Israeli vandalism (a product of illegal religion: in its prosuit to the destruction of the Temple/Dome of the Rock) – even if has to be by US military forces there. (Just forget about Israeli and Jordanians to this issue because they can’t deal with that – they have crazy lay-people).

    And another Temple will not be built by Contemporarily Jews because they can’t build another “Temple to the Lord” where the “Temple of the Lord” already is.

    • rehmat1 March 21, 2016 at 7:51 pm #

      “Temple of Lord” – are you talking about the Vatican which is worshipped by 1.2 billion Catholics.

      If you’re confusing it with the ‘Wailing Wall’ or the ‘Temple of Mount’ – UK’s Bishop Sizer claims the Bible doesn’t call for their “re-building”.

      On February 27, 2014, Bishop Sizer posted an investigative article based on the teachings of the New Testament – claiming that the Christian Bible doesn’t mention the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple on top of the so-called Western (Wailing) Wall.

      “There is in fact not a single verse in the entire New Testament which predicts that a Jewish Temple will ever be rebuilt or that a 2000 year ‘parenthesis’ should be placed between references to its desecration and destruction in Daniel, or that a future Temple in Jerusalem will play any part in God’s future purposes. We have seen how the followers of Jesus Christ are described as a living Temple, indwelt by the Holy Spirit,” says Bishop Sizer.

      “The Temple sacrifices, at best, only ever provided a temporary cover for sin. The daily sacrifices, and the smoke rising from the altar were a constant reminder of the need for a Savior. How then could God encourage the sacrificial system to be reinstated when he had sent his son Jesus to be the ultimate sacrifice, to shed his own blood on the cross to take away our sin? To suggest sacrifices must be made once more undermines the New Testament’s teaching that the work of Christ is sufficient, final and complete,” adds Bishop Sizer.

      A Note: The Zionist Scofield Bible does call for the re-building of ‘Temple of King Solomon’ to prepare the second-coming of Christ.


      • Kata Fisher March 21, 2016 at 8:52 pm #

        A note for rehmat: I am talking about Propheth’s Jeremiah “The temple of the Lord, the Temple of the Lord, the Temple of the Lord”. Also, in Jerusalem there is a rebuilt “Temple to the Lord.” When I was in “college” – to spell it right – you would not believe stacks and stacks of heresy that I had to read. In fact, I can just tell you that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was Messiah – and there will be no other one given to no one. When he comes again it will be just as He said. However, stupid theologians do not even know what He has said. They are worst then Liberal individualist and do not even know what makes them blind and dangerous, all together. It’s one work of theirs with stupid Theologians. So, no other Messiah will be or is to be coming, but Jesus Christ of Nazareth with resurected martyrs – and then transfigurated living will meet Jesus Christ of Nazareth and His Armies / martyrs – in the air. He is coming back to Earth again as He left the Earth in his resurected and transfigurated form – just as it is writen and rewritten/ passed down by Church Charismatic in Word, in Letter, in Traditions. Dome of the Rock needs some expensive updates – as well as Ecclesialistical notification that is off limits for disrespectful and vandalizing that is taking place in Jerusalem- of David.

      • rehmat1 March 22, 2016 at 11:38 am #

        I note to the bigot follower of Zionist corrupted Scofield Bible….

        Prophet Aramaya (Jeremiah) was not a Zionist racist. He never believed in your ‘Jewish Temple’, because he was not a JEW. He belonged to House of Levi Ibn Yacob (pbuh), who was Israelite and not a Jew.

        Israeli historian, professor Eran Elhaik (Johns Hopkins University) in a study published by the Genome Biology And Evolution on December 5, 2012, had claimed that the European Jews (Ashkenazis) are not Semitic (Hebrew) people but are descendants of Khazarian Turkic tribes.


      • Kata Fisher March 22, 2016 at 2:59 pm #

        Is it not bizarre how things are are have turned out to be?

        Is it not the Church age? What about the Weeping Prophet that had to marry the harlot / the whore and have children by her – so that names of children are the timeless/everlasting message (so to say) to the Israelites?

        Then who would be – we wonder (is responsible) for converting tribes and nations to Hebrew language and Judaism and Contemporary Theology of the Jews/Hebrew language? It was not Church – it was written down that Israeli-Jews did it (see in the Gospel).

        Arent contemporary Jews a darling to the Land of Israel, as we know – blessing or a curse of past or present? Well, just ask Prophet Jeremiah since I assume that it ‘s hard to ask God?

        Genome Biology has nothing to do with Spiritual and Natural inheritance – anyone thinking otherwise is somewhat heretic, all together. But after all – they are in good lucks / good fortune. Rather bewitched and rather bewitching.

        The word “bewitched” occurs only one time in the New Testament, in the Apostolic writing / Exhortation Apostolic.

        Casting lots were the method to that was used in the selection of the priesthood activities in/for the “Temple of the Lord” – Church has nothing to do with such practices – nor has adopted them (by Spirit of God.. But Peter has had adopted them in his will, without Spirit of God). Long doctrine, to the contemporarily sins/evil of many.

        We have not forgotten that contemporary Jews are just all right, as they are in Holy Land contemporary (in Church Age) unless prosecuted by (or due to) bewitched and bewitching in Church Age – all involved. Authentic Church would never have or has anything to do with it. It is irrelevant what is ancient and what is contemporary, all together – nothing is grafted in and is not grafting in apart from Spirit of God – whether in Generational lines or Spiritual lines.

        Look and see, what was all about Jeremiahs trouble of a Family baring? It was no good lucks or good fortune – neither curse or blessing.

        After all, Church has no good lucks of good fortunes – so best of wishes to the Senior padre’s – and exceptional graces from Lebanon’s Bishops.

        For some reason, I just happened to meet few. They have many humble concerns for you all involved, all together.

        In general, Church does not care who is saved or not. When comes to the prosecution – we as Church have to accept that people and tribes will kill each other – and will go after Spirit Tribe (ancient and contemporarily in any way they can). That is not relevant for the well-being of the Church authentic. But Church will be in courtesy and let all involved know about the condition of their conscience and condition of the conscience in the world.

        Yea – you should not protest against and prosecute ancient Olive Tree that upholds you (Contemporary Church-Charismatic). Nothing else will.

  14. rehmat1 March 21, 2016 at 7:42 pm #

    “There are numerous alternative outlets for those who want to celebrate Israel as a democratic, humane, and maligned country, and many of these do not allow critical comments past their filters.”

    In case you didn’t read, two weeks ago David Levin’s McGraw-Hill withdrew from market the 1st edition of book, ‘Global Politics: Engaging a Complex World’, which they claimed to be anti-Israel under pressure from the Organized Jewry. McGraw-Hill proceeded to destroy the remaining copies held in inventory. Why? Because it show decreasing maps of historic Palestine as result of Jewish occupation of Palestine in 1948 and its never ending expansionism since then.

    The book is authored by Mark A. Boyer, professor of geography at the University of Connecticut; Natalie Hudson, associate professor of political science at the University of Dayton; and Michael Butler, associate professor of political science at Clark University.


  15. Gene Schulman March 22, 2016 at 10:19 am #

    I’ve been looking in on Aaron’s blog occasionally, but haven’t seen any rush from others to join him. So far, only a couple of comments from Fred in response to the usual stuff Aaron spins. I can’t imagine he’ll be any competition for Prof. Falk.

    • Richard Falk March 22, 2016 at 10:30 am #

      Gene: I wish them well. It is possible in a friendly non-argumentative space, there exchanges
      will be more productive for them as I hope ours will be for us. What this experience has convinced me
      above all is that ‘argumentative debate’ especially if accompanied by personal invective is not a form
      of ‘constructive conversation’ for whoever participates. I tend to the view that Fred et al were deliberately
      seeking to avoid constructive conversation by their style of attack and extreme positions. I do not feel
      competitive with their efforts, and hope only that ours will seem worthwhile to those of us who take part.
      I suspect that they will soon abandon Aaron’s blog if I am correct that their motivation is to discredit
      and derail those they deem unfriendly to Israel, but let’s see. Greetings from San Francisco, Richard

    • Kata Fisher March 22, 2016 at 10:56 am #

      Fred: you also should note that some scientist sush as Nicola Tesla may have been killed and their ideas stolen and manipulated – by big cooperatives.. Whether that’s Nazism and communism is debatable, as well as such things do and did not take place

      • Richard Falk March 22, 2016 at 11:09 am #

        Kata: Please do not respond to Fred or others who have shifted their attention to Aaron’s blog. I am
        trying to discourage argumentative exchanges and make our conversation as productive as possible. This
        is an experiment. Your help would be appreciated. Best, Richard

    • Richard Falk March 22, 2016 at 11:07 am #

      Gene: Please refrain from responding to Fred and his group as I have decided to pursue this experiment
      of a troll-free blog space. I am blocking all messages from Aaron’s corner.

      • Gene Schulman March 22, 2016 at 12:59 pm #

        No problem, Richard.

        Will be lunching with Danny tomorrow, and get caught up on the doings in Atlanta. Take care of yourself, and get some rest. I don’t know how you do it, all that traveling and writing. We’re off to Djerba again in May. Hope to see you in June?

        Best, Gene

  16. Laurie Knightly March 22, 2016 at 5:49 pm #

    Maybe before the end of April, Richard would outline the ‘basic settled issues’ concerning Palestine. This might free the blog from the formulaic slandering of persons sympathetic to the rights of the non-Jewish population.

    Of equal concern, however, is the offensive theological agenda and supremacist claims of divine prophecy – individual and group. The pronouncements of gods, devils, Satan, etc by one so called anointed messenger is as equally insulting as the self righteous claims of political Zionism. The blog contains endless references, including this one, that also have a very obvious agenda. Excluding one and leaving the other seems unfair. This does not mean that religion is never a factor in the discussion but that 99% of the references have had either no relevance or are comprised of unintelligible and often offensive content.

    As to the constant stating that we are lemmings of a sort, I mention again my total objection to Steven Salaita, for instance, which I stated on this blog and said it to him personally. Ditto for Gerry Spence, the hijab, Security Council, etc etc. I address the subject and have felt welcome to differ in a constructive manner. It’s not true that commenters cannot offer conflicting opinions. Not only is it untrue, it’s an outright lie.

    There’s a better way……….

    • Richard Falk March 23, 2016 at 9:52 am #

      Laurie: Coherent and astute, as always. And take your point about the possibility of productive conversation
      between those with conflicting opinions. I can say that I always learn from your sharply reasoned and
      highly individuated interpretations of what is at stake. With appreciation, Richard

  17. Kata Fisher March 22, 2016 at 7:02 pm #

    A note: in the case that I have confused and distracted – applying Jeremiah to Hosea and Hosea to Jeremiah. I just do that, for legitimate reasons. In my perspective – I see one message of time-unit/continuation (problem/consequence/outcomes) and on, and on, and on.

    • Laurie Knightly March 22, 2016 at 8:51 pm #

      I rest my case……………..on, and on, and on it is……….

      • Gene Schulman March 23, 2016 at 1:05 am #


  18. Kata Fisher March 24, 2016 at 8:33 am #

    For me too, the matter is resolved. As Church-Case rests solid.

    In fact, it has been for a while – if not for more then Two Millenniums.

    I do not think that all of you will achieve anything significant wrapped up in dead-end dealings of (in disguise doctrines) of Fascism and Communism and even Radical Islamism.

    For Example, Population control policies are Fascism/Nazism. While Communism – as well as Radical Islamism – has in is the perpetual cause and its effect all to the Separation of the Church and State – and all consequences to it.

    In such conditions, I doubt (and do not even hope) that it is possible to bring about some worthwhile human conscience, as dead and seared conscience is dead and seared conscience (is understood in its context and essence, specifically) – that which again is the product of Satanic Seals and Blasphemy of God Spirit (personal sins/generational sins and in bloodlines manifested) – and poured out into the culture/s .

    With that in all its types Fascism and Communism – predominant in contemporary Non-Christian, Christian, and/or Jewish population – and types of Radical Islamism, predominant among contemporary Islam – but those types overlap across all, as well..

    While this is a general reference – specifics are almost impossible for those who are not Church-Charismatic and in prophetic anointing, specificaly – just because the activity of satanic seals is so diverse and almost impossible to discern – as is if they are spiritual or demonic (as all disguise of the demonic essence) is so strong – for that reason is so powerful in effect.

    In General – Church understands that in such condition its only to be wished “good luck to the religions and the states) which has always brought to death and end of civilisations.

    In addition to that, this setting is very bizarre, and sometimes I feel I am communicating the reality of the Church to unintelligible monkeys – or Baboons! (But this is not meant as an insult – just my perception- genuine one of the setting in which I find myself).

    But for me, its End of the Holy Week, and resolving of odd or unholy associations is not only that is seemed to be, but actually, it is welcomed (by me) in Spirit that is in Authentic Church, as we hang out around and about Perpetual things in worshiped places and understand that abiit ad bonum is abiit ad bonum – and we do not worsip empty altars – such as one in this seting. (In church Charismatic Prespective).

    Vanity of the void.

    Vanity of the void.

    Void Places and Void Graces.

  19. rehmat1 March 26, 2016 at 8:48 am #

    Dr. Falk – have you watched ‘UN Watch’s’ whining over professor Stanley Michael Lynk (Western University, London, Ontario) as the new special rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories (Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem) effective March 31?


    • Richard Falk March 26, 2016 at 10:41 am #

      Really far worse than whining, a typical excursion into the domain of defamation.

  20. Laurie Knightly March 27, 2016 at 6:44 pm #

    It’s helpful in these difficult times to have an abundance of readers and alerting one another to further relevant info. What spoils the interaction is when it’s done in a Me/right, You/wrong, Me/brilliant, You/stupid, form. In addition, there was usually no content or contribution to the subject. Zionists just keep screaming bias, bias, bias………

    Regarding bias against Israel, I was reminded anecdotally of a secretary in our office who was in an abusive relationship. One day, I noticed that she had a black eye and very bruised face. I cupped her chin in my hand and said, ‘Why do you stay with him? You can take care of yourself.’ She replied, ‘Well, it’s his only fault.’ So I told her, ‘Yes, it’s difficult to find a guy with just one fault.’ And so it is with Israel.

    • Kata Fisher March 29, 2016 at 8:49 am #


      I never had anything against you personally and never thought on “Me/right, You/wrong, Me/brilliant, You/stupid, ” terms.

      I personally never liked this setting simply because it reeked like dead and rotten dear – from the scorn of the stupidity. One must be absolutely stupid to submit to anything like that – but Church has no problem to do even that … to do even that for the sake of the wicked. When I came across of it and started to read – I thought I was back @ LU reading stacks and stacks of heresy – which made me sick as a dog.

      This morning I was reading Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation with the aim to find a human error and heresy in it – it was smooth and no dissent to find. Silly thing to do.

      However, domains of competencies of the Church that is authentic Charismatic are far too different from competencies of that which is natural and in mere traditions – not charismatic. This has nothing to do with “Me/right, You/wrong, Me/brilliant, You/stupid, form”.

      I personally do not like to go about anyone’s personal conscience – in their writings because it is irrelevant where all ideas are coming from. Unless I know – then I have no problem refuting that by the First Order of Church Doctrine. That is why I DO, AND I DO NOT care about specific topics / subjects. They are irrelevant for me to take on individually – not that I could not sit here and discern errors of human conscience by First Order of Church Doctrine.


      Growing up, I never did see women bruised up and beaten up like a mad dog. It does not mean that there was no conflict within families.

      Where I come from present and close by family gets involved in folks business and personal affairs. They even refuse Church marriages to sexually immoral man that harms a woman, and then goes to another one – if is told to the priest and he finds out. There is no Grace and confessional forgiveness to that where I come from – sexually immoral and their relationships in sexual immorality after that are given over to the devil.

      About ideology worth mentioning:
      I personally know that current feminist liberalism adopted Nazism – a fascist and separatist ideals outlined in the Jaffe Memmo. To much unethical psychology (abusive) and medical abuse is not birthed in mere human – rather in the satanic seal.

      If you ever research where current feminist liberalism got his first kicks – you will understand, in fact, that it was not birthed in healthy and rational human conscience (just as psychological witchcraft) – feminist liberalism is just as that: the doctrine of satanic seals.

      Contemporary feminist liberalism is a joke upon humanity (in Church Charismatic perspective). Its absolute satanic seal’s in-jokes.

      I do not know how and why man are actually led into all deceptions about all that, and actually, can’t (nor is possible for them) to see satanic wrath upon women subjected to feminist liberalism. It’s just hilarious while not funny!

      I do not know what they could do about it – They are in dear need of organisational reconstruction and re-evaluation of what they are about. I know it’s a tough business to do that. I can go on about abused women.. and their abuse just added on. I know all about that – but I personally do not care – just because I believe that Church has no problem with anything that “serves personal conscience and conscience of society / cultures.” If that is satanic seals – Church can legitimately say, ” So be it! Let satanic seals be”.

      So we would absolutely, in all legitimacy, say so and have nothing to do with it. Why should we have anything to do with it? Perhaps, we could have something to do with it – just for the sake of the wicked? Perhaps, we can just say – if you want a council in good jugment – just seek out legitimate Church? Perhaps, we can say ” Can the Church legitimate be?”

      In exceptions, that works of satanic seals come against the Baptized Church – then Church can legitimately curse them in the name of God that King David worshipped and in the Name of Jesus Christ if Nazareth.

      If I would claim anything less – it would be satanic lie and / or “sugar coated” with “false doctrine about Love to the frozen state of rebelion” (An Absolute Satanic lie with aim to mislead and misdirect).

      Folks are spiritually excommunicated and given over to devil, legitimately.

      Church Charismatic will curse in the name of God that King David worshipped and in the Name of Jesus Christ if Nazareth and gives over to devil the Bishops and the Popes, and would we even think that wicked lay-people would not be accursed and given over to devil by authentic Church Charismatic? We absolutely would not even think so.

      This is absolute truth.

      • Laurie Knightly March 29, 2016 at 9:46 am #

        Kata: You missed the point. The subject is not about women but that the fault of Israel is so egregious that it obliterates all else. No ‘balance’ can offset what has been happening to the Palestinians for the last 70 plus years. The anecdote is a demonstration of microcosm to macrocosm. One heinous fault can make all else moot and justifiably leave one with a bias.

  21. pabmarq March 30, 2016 at 10:34 am #

    Richard, Sorry Americans have been impoverished thinking there was “FREEDOM of Speech” in America and so you get the same ones angry at you but they did not know you work for a fee? A collaborator FOR the corruption going around America. Time to start with the RICH because the only other ones are going to give you 7734 what you really deserve for not helping anyone but -yourself.

    • Kata Fisher March 30, 2016 at 4:21 pm #

      Look and see – I would not accuse elders that are not Church Charismatic, and really it is not possible for them to see all evils of satanic seals. But will can make things visible – it’s the Church Ritual, legitimately!

      There is no anger that one will get ( the Church part – its ritual of the Church), all together. Church can practice this ritual toward anyone anywhere. Authentic Church violates no one’s conscience by their rituals – whether they are public or private (in essence). We (as the Church) are not responsible if anyone’s conscience is offended by the Ritual of the Church- Charismatic.

      What about other rituals that are imposed and are of grave harm?

      However, it can difficult between religion and the secularism – that cycle itself – if by some devil-given reason you stepped into that witch-cycle – you will not be able to help to notice the “small hatch of it” – the seed, the seed itself, and the seed after its own kind.

      Look that is not meant as the insult – but there is such wickedness in the land, deception is abounding, and folks all over are doomed day in and day out.

      But it is written in Apostolic Scriptures:

      [the] sanctification
      of [the] Spirit,
      of [the] truth;

      What is the Truth?
      I do not know what your truth is –

      this is my truth:

      People in this land are so wicked that between all wicked of the religion and the state – Roman Catholic mother ends up ordained – pushed like a whore into the curse of ordination over the women.

      I can tell you where I stepped into the witch-cycle of the religion and the state: Military Chapel! – full of sacrilegious toward the Church Order of Roman Catholic Charismatic Church Order.

      Where does it come from?

      Perhaps, go and even do wonder why they are in unending witch -cycles?

      Churches of God would be absolutely stupid not to know that God, who established Sacraments of the Church, will not violate and annul His already established one of list of the Sacraments. Meaning, he will not tear up on one (that is was performed by the priest – even by a fraction of Faith a valid one /Sacrament) Sacrament of the Church (just to try /and or to establish illegal one: for example illegal ordination of the woman (illegal Church Sacrament toward a woman). This can’t happen by any God will and act of the Church Legitimate, and in no way will ever happen without some sacrilegious stuff imposed.

      It’s wicked land and its wicked lay-people in the wicked churches – it is absolutely nothing less then that. It can’t be nor it is.

      It must be all of the wickedness du to the separation of the Church and the state and satanic marriage between illegal religion and the secularism of the state (in various forms). One gets abused as mad dog in condition such as that – and from all sides.

      I ( and we all) are done with my oversight and study of this all wickedness. How much stupidity does one need?

      ordination of the woman is heinous, directly from hell, in satanic seal church crime – always

      If is in the free will of the woman – it’s of the devil, and it is the seed of devil, and those men that allow the ordination of the women and women to be preforming Liturgy and Sacraments of the Church are either completely evil/wicked, dumb – or both of that – as well as insane.

      likewise, tripping woman into the curse of ordination by the trickery of devil and his servant is of the devil, the seed of the devil

      What else is the seed of devil?

      In another hand, Church Catholic Charismatic can be completely silent and say and do nothing about that – let everything that is in satanic seals remain just as it is – and have consequences according to its seed.

      We as Church do say “O’ you wicked, please separate all your sacrilegion of defiled tables from the Eucharistical Species in Church Catholic.” “Do so and save yourself from judgement and death upon your children.”

      We do ask: Emanuel – God With Us – why are they so wicked?

      Church Catholic Charismatic does not care; it has no effect on us what wicked do all together.

      • Laurie Knightly March 31, 2016 at 11:04 am #

        If this yet another hate infested rant were written against any group besides women, the words and its author would have been barred some time ago. It’s ironical that the spokesperson considers herself especially ‘anointed’ to censure men, women, and children alike who do not qualify for her divine approval. It appears that she got pushed like a ‘whore into the curse of ordination’ herself. If women are to remain silent in church matters, why doesn’t she do so? And her words are equal to any vitriol anywhere, against women. The world is ablaze with religious wars and egregious mistreatment of women is codified in Semitic faiths. If religion had a purifying effect on the morals of humans, we would not have the evil that exists in the world.

        I find Kata’s contributions not only irrelevant but reprehensible. On behalf of emancipated women, I protest……….

      • Kata Fisher March 31, 2016 at 11:37 am #


        “Abused Eucharistical Species”Where All”

        I know that if we were to Abuse Eucharistical Species and even the presence of the Eucharistical Species – and even just to cover up the tabernacle when we should not (in which Eucharistical Species is – or is not – during particular times of the Year /Day) and / or when no human may be there in the Presence) – so when we should not cover tabernacle – the priest / Bishops would shut us down.

        This is no amusement telling jokes on my part – it would be no jokes that I am telling, at all about this.

        I am 100% serious about Church Order with Eucharistical Species and consequences if and when is mishandled.

        What they do with sacrilegious in Military Chapels toward the presence of Eucharistical Species – but really, what is going on – and why?

        The Canon of Church Law it does not spell it out. The Law of the Spirit, however, has done so – for Two Millennium – and even before that according to the Law of the Spirit.

        Military Chapels are governed by other Gospel, other Law/s.

        The Canon of Church Law states that Military Chaplains are governed by other Laws.

        Whatever that may be – including other Gospel, perhaps.

        Perhaps not Governed but the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Church Roman-Chatolic Charismatic.

        It would be something to protest about.

        I know my stuff.

  22. Falk-Uncensored March 30, 2016 at 10:51 pm #


    THE BLOGS > Esor Ben-Sorek This post has been contributed by a third party. The opinions, facts and any media content here are presented solely by the author, and The Times of Israel assumes no responsibility for them. In case of abuse, report this post.
    Miracle on Dan Bus #4 MARCH 27, 2016, 5:31 PM


    The Foul Words of a Chief RabbiIn Deepest HumilityWhen Justices Are UnjustBreakfast With Memories On My TerraceJerusalem At Our Table

    It was a very hot day in July 1951. I was in Tel Aviv and too hot to walk. I boarded Dan bus #4 on the corner of Ben Yehuda and Gordon streets.

    The bus was very crowded and there was no available seat. I had to stand next to a Yemenite woman holding a live chicken under her apron.

    People were chatting, discussing with fervor the day’s news, each one offering a personal description of the political situation, everyone with a different opinion. As is common in Israel, every person holds himself to be the authentic source of “inside” information. This one said “I have a cousin in the police force and he told me……..” Another replied, “that doesn’t make any sense. My neighbor’s son is in the army and he was telling us……” And from the rear of the bus, a passenger shouted “who cares? Nothing will change soon”.

    At each bus stop some passengers alighted and new passengers boarded. Now there were a few empty seats and I grabbed one in the middle of the bus.

    As we approached another bus stop (I can’t remember which corner), three or four new passengers boarded. One elderly lady stepped up to the coin box next to the driver and deposited a few coins.

    Suddenly, looking at the bus driver she gave a loud shriek. “Moishele, Moishele, Moishele mein kind.”

    The driver jammed on the brakes, looked at the elderly woman and cried, “Mama, Mama, is it you Mama?”

    Both were Holocaust survivors from Poland and each one thought the other one was dead.

    Jumping up from his seat, the driver embraced his long-lost and presumed dead mother and both hugged and hugged and both wept bitter tears of joy.

    All the passengers clapped hands. Several were weeping from the joy of seeing mother and son re-united. One passenger jumped off the bus and hailed the next approaching bus. He shared the news with the new driver and requested him to notify the Dan bus company to send a relief driver.

    None of us left the bus. A relief driver appeared about half-hour later. Passengers sitting in the row behind the driver got up and gave the seats to the mother and son, still clutching one another and weeping with heart-wrenching sobs.

    At some point, our original driver and his mother left the bus while all of us clapped hands and the Yiddish-speaking passengers shouted “Mazal tov. Mazal tov. Tzu gezunt. A sach nachas”.

    I never knew where they were going. Probably to the driver’s home so his mother could meet his wife and her new grandchild.

    All of us were so filled with emotion that it was difficult to contain ourselves. There was not a dry eye among our passengers.

    It was a hot July day in 1951. But I will never forget the miracle on Dan bus #4 on that very happy day.

    • Laurie Knightly March 31, 2016 at 1:09 pm #

      A settled concept on this blog was that the Palestinian people are not to blame for atrocities committed in WW2 – including this one stated. It would be good to occasionally remind the public of the 16 million US men who were ordered to fight that war. They were not at fault either. Maybe some pictures of the men in Japanese prisons who were horribly tortured – like one I knew who had his toenails removed. And the Bataan Death March etc etc. Some 60 million people died in that war.

      The best way to honor all those who perished/suffered in WW2 would be to stop committing injustice on their behalf. And quti heaping slander on those persons who are working toward that end.

      • Richard Falk March 31, 2016 at 3:23 pm #

        I am blocking hostile comments from regular participants in the ‘Falk-Uncensored’ website, which I consider abusive
        toward those of us active here. As I anticipated, without a target to attack, there interaction
        will soon die of fatigue.

      • Laurie Knightly March 31, 2016 at 8:28 pm #

        Context is always important. After Palestinians were displaced and their homes, their lands,and all their possessions were confiscated by Israel to be appropriated by the State or to be given away to Jewish settlers and immigrants, a very poignant scene took place in July of1951.

        This would be a much truer example of ‘uncensored’.

      • Richard Falk April 1, 2016 at 2:36 pm #

        Totally affirmed..

      • Fred Skolnik April 1, 2016 at 11:00 pm #

        After you complete your survey of displaced Jews in Arab countries whose homes, lands, and all their possessions were confiscated by the Arabs to be appropriated by the State or to be given away to Arabs you will have a much truer example of what occurred in the war period and you can all “totally affirm” that without distorting history.

      • Laurie Knightly April 2, 2016 at 10:17 am #

        Fred Skolniik’s addition to the story seems bizarre but I’ll do my best with it. The Palestinians put out an order to surrounding Arab countries that they preferred Jewish residents to Arabs. This was consistent with aliyah so all should be pleased. They would dispossess and remove about 700,000 Arabs into refugee camps to accommodate this desired/demanded influx of refugees. As Palestine rules the Arab world, and more, they must be held accountable for any and all mistreatment of Jews – regardless of when or where. Th mother/son from Poland also had an entitlement as Palestine also controlled Poland at that time.

        It’s not easy for me to understand the Skolnik retributive system of moral equity but I think this describes it.

      • Fred Skolnik April 2, 2016 at 10:53 am #

        What you are saying makes absolutely no sense, even at the level of sarcasm. The Jews weren’t at war with the Palestinians, who did not identify themselves as such until after the war, but with the Arab nation, As a product of this war there was a de facto exchange of populations, just as there was in the India-Pakistan War of 1948. It works both ways.

      • Richard Falk April 2, 2016 at 1:41 pm #

        Please, Fred, confine your comments in the future to the ‘Falk Uncensored’ website where
        your views find a congenial audience.

      • Laurie Knightly April 2, 2016 at 11:34 am #

        Oh, except in comparison, Indians went to Pakistan and Pakistanis went to India.. In your system, Jews can go to Palestine and the Palestinians can go to hell. The Arab nation? Much as there have been aspirations in that direction, unity has not even come close. Even if your ridiculous analysis were true, it would not entitle a disparate group of foreigners to confiscate some of their territory. You have a very warped definition of a fair trade. It has easily reached trope status, however, so no need to desist.

  23. pabmarq April 1, 2016 at 9:11 am #

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    • Kata Fisher April 1, 2016 at 5:23 pm #

      Why would you expect help from anyone who is morally and spiritually incompetent? Also, why would you trust in any part of Old Order Jurasdiction (as Church Authentic) – that Order and Jurasdiction that in this point is proven false Eccalistical Jurasdiction, and it is totally invalid – along with false Ecclesialistical laws of UN – that only serve according to that which is false and invalid. Only rich, and those who are in satanic seals get fair representation according to lawlessness – things were taken out and now more and more is in power of lawlessness and the devil – but legal under Old Order Jurasdiction – Church even pushes for the rights of spiritually excommunicated, according to the Old Order Jurasfiction and current lawlessness. It is right and just to do so. New World Order is not Civil Jutasdiction, at all. New World Order is Ecclesialistical Jurasdiction. Folks that talk about New World Order, and all nonsense associated with that – they do not even know what they are talking about. Also, they have consistently try to implement false New World Orders: civil-ecclesiastical. Each time they failed, and every time they did it – they came out with more satanic one, and more destructive New World Order – a civil-eccalistical. In this point of time they have few, simultaneously false New World Order falsely implemented and being implemented. Authentic New World Order is Entirely Eccalistical.

  24. pabmarq July 22, 2022 at 2:04 pm #

    Tom,Please remember that Veterans should NOT have to grabble for things that the RICH get for FREE and while Attorney’s give Free services to illegal aliens. See below what I had to send to this corrupt online Lawyer Referral service. Hi Jonna, Lawyers.com,We say we are a Nation with “Justice for All”, but as Americans we do not practice this any longer. Many Minorities pay taxes upon taxes and when needing Representation; because you are a Latino based on the surname your Attorneys refuse, deny service and sell your information. Many of these inquiries go as; being “bird dog”, and that’s my experience and I think this is not what our Nations Fathers intended it to be.  As a matter of fact, it’s Unconstitutional to do this to any American Citizen. But as I voiced before it’s a crime to intentionally say you are Represented but you have an Attorney working on behave of the opposite litigator.Regards,Pab

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