A Special SHAPE Webinar Featuring Daniel Ellsberg’s Keynote

19 Apr

On behalf of SHAPE (Saving Humanity and Planet Earth), we co-convenors extend a warm invitation to your members, affiliates and others in your network to a webinar (flyer attached) on The Rising Danger of Nuclear War with Daniel Ellsberg. Responding to his keynote address will be Richard Falk and Zia Mian – this Friday 21 April. It is a notable occasion to have this opportunity to listen to this live statement by Daniel Ellsberg on these themes as his own extraordinary life of dedication and witnessing approaches its end.

LA 2.00 pm   Mexico City 3.00 pm   New York 5.00 pm   Buenos Aires 6.00 pm    London 10.00 pm


SHAPE was initiated some months ago with a CALL to individuals and groups around the world. It seeks to build a community of individuals and groups sharing this sense of urgency about the present historical situation, dramatized by the dual challenges of the prolonged Ukraine War, generating dangerously escalating tensions between Russia and the United States and the worsening prospects of responding adequately to climate change. SHAPE has previously arranged two prior successful webinars. We regard this event as our most ambitious and significant event and hope you will be with us.

In this spirit, we urge you to join with over 4,000 other to read and ENDORSE our Call, which is attached together with a link for its endorsement. The poster for the webinar is also attached.

Joe Camilleri, Professor of International Relations Emeritus, LaTrobe University, Melbourne

Chandra Muzaffar, Director of JUST, Malaysia

Richard Falk, Professor of International Law Emeritus, Princeton Univeristy

Co-Convenors of SHAPE

One Response to “A Special SHAPE Webinar Featuring Daniel Ellsberg’s Keynote”

  1. SuzanneTaylor April 19, 2023 at 6:10 pm #

    How wonderful to get some time with Ellsberg and everyone interested in bringing in the more enlightened world we so need. Get on my mailing list for what we could do to end run around government to get the world to change. This was my post today: Delivering the Universe Story https://suzannetaylor.substack.com/p/delivering-the-universe-story

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