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16 Jun



            During this apprentice period as a blogger I have learned and relearned how difficult it is to reconcile my interest in constructive dialogue on highly contested subject-matters with sustaining a tone of civility. Especially with respect to the Palestine/Israel struggle I have periodically failed, angering especially those who feel that their support of Israel is either inappropriately rejected or ignored. This anger is turned in the direction of personal insults directed either at me or at writers of comments, which induces those at the receiving end to reply in kind, and the result is a loss of civility, which alienates many other readers who tire of such futile and mean-spirited arguments.


            By way of clarification, let me acknowledge that I regards two types of interaction as satisfying my goal of ‘constructive dialogue’: conversations between likeminded on matters of shared interest; exchange of views between those who adopt antagonistic positions on an array of concerns ranging from cultural assessment to political analysis. To favor conversations with likeminded means favoring those who share my convictions with respect to the themes addressed in posts, and is viewed as ‘bias’ by those who do not share these convictions. I feel unapologetic about this encouragement of conversation among the likeminded.


            Some of my harshest critics complain that I am one-sided or stifle the freedom of expression of those whose comments I exclude on grounds of civility, the avoidance of hate speech, and the rejection of serial submissions of views. It is true that I have decided against an open comments section in which anything goes, and seek to avoid having the debate on attitudes toward Israel dominate the blog, although it is admittedly my own recurring preoccupation and commitment. It is also the case that I feel a need to be protective toward the Palestinians who are massively victimized by their prolonged conditions of displacement, occupation, statelessness, and acute insecurity, a historical circumstance that combines tragedy and injustice. And I will not hide my solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinians to realize their rights under international law, which has been my overriding commitment during the past five years while having serving in the position of Special Rapporteur for Occupied Palestine on behalf of the UN Human Rights Council. My attempt to be an honest witness has from the outset prompted accusations of bias by defenders of Israel. Such accusations have been substantiated by my detractors through distorted presentations of my views on an array of unrelated issues including 9/11, American foreign policy, the Iranian Revolution. I mention this personal embattlement only becausthese personal attacks use as evidence statements from my posts that are taken out of context and given inflammatory interpretations, especially by the NGO, UN Watch. What has been most disturbing for me is the extent to which such

a defamatory campaign, broadly centered on allegations that I am an anti-Semitic and a self-hating Jew, has led to calls for my resignation or dismissal by highly placed individuals at the UN or in leading governments. In my view, a toxic political environment has been deliberately generated, which pepper sprays anyone, especially if in a formal position of some influence, who dares to offer strong criticisms of Israel’s behavior or shows clear support for the Palestinian struggle.


            Perhaps, in the end, there is no way around monitoring the flow of comments, seeking to make difficult choices as to which seem to inform or

usefully challenge and those that are merely arguing from fixed positions or submitting a comment that demeans others. Often comments contain a mixture of what is usefully substantive and what I find destructively mean-spirited, and it necessitates a choice.


            One of the difficulties I have found is that there is a genuine disagreement as to the scope of ‘anti-Semitism.’ The maximalist Zionist position, that has proved very influential in North America and Western Europe, is that harsh criticism of Israel, given that Israel is a self-proclaimed Jewish state and a reality shaped by the experience of the Holocaust, is properly classified as a hateful form of ‘anti-Semitism.’ In effect, such a broad view of anti-Semitism, provides an all-purpose shield of impunity, which has allowed Israel to defy international law in the most flagrant ways (2004 World Court Advisory Opinion on the Separation Wall; 2006 attacks on Lebanon; Gaza military operations of 2008-09, 2012—Goldstone Report; Mavi Marmara incident of 2010; settlement expansion) without enduring any serious adverse diplomatic consequences.


            I reject this broad conception of anti-Semitism, and limit this term of extreme opprobrium to hatred of Jews as an ethnicity and religiona, expressed by opinions and hostile behavior. I recommend reading Jean-Paul Sartre’s excellent essay “Portrait of an Anti-Semite” to obtain a deep psycho-philosophical understanding of the mentality that has led to the persecution of the Jewish people over the centuries. To obscure this core sense of ethnic and religious hatred by merging it with political attitudes that are critical of the behavior of a sovereign state or of some aspects of cultural and religious tradition embodied in the Jewish experience (‘chosen people’; biblical treatment of enemies) is, in my view, intellectually, politically, and morally regressive. In addition, it is harmful to the Palestinian people, unlawfully victimized for more than six decades by Israel’s state policies.


            Does such an outlook imply that moral purity is exclusively on the Palestinian side and all wrongdoing attributable to Israel? Of course, not. Yet what is true is that Israel has been the aggressor throughout the struggle, and Palestine the outgunned defender that has constantly lost ground. I believe it is misleading to create a false symmetry between the two sides based on the claim of pursuing ‘a balanced approach,’ which seems to be the general position of most moderates and liberals. When the reality is so unbalanced, apportioning blame to both sides equally for the persistence of the struggle is profoundly misleading, and unwittingly supportive of the unjust and exploitative status quo.


            I have dwelled on the Palestine/Israel agenda because it is what has provoked most of these blog concerns about tone and substance, the constituents of dialogue. I suppose it is the test of my approach, generating objections associated from some about ‘freedom of expression’ and from others about ‘an unhealthy polemical atmosphere.’ In my view, the domain of a blog is a quasi-private space that can set its desired limits on permissible expression that may be far narrower than what should be allowed in public spaces. The blog space may legitimately choose to be one-sided. Also, the objective is often different. I am not seeking to establish a marketplace of ideas, but a setting designed to encourage an exchange of views, opinions, and proposals in the spirit of civil conversation and dialogue, embedding a commitment of respect for ‘the other.’ And yet I have come to realize that the abstraction is difficult to apply concretely, especially if objectionable views are dogmatically stated and repeated. I will do my best to promote constructive dialogue, but I know that some will be disappointed along the way, especially those who disagree with me on substance, and therefore are put off by conversations among the likeminded.    

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  1. Gene Schulman June 16, 2013 at 5:28 am #

    How refreshing it is to see that, after all the slings and arrows he has suffered since he has exercised his official position as Special Representative on Human Rights in the Palestinian Occupied Territories, and the two years he has maintained this blog, Richard Falk can so calmly, and with such equanimity, explain to his readers, both pro and con, what he is attempting to accomplish. One can only wonder how he can continue to work for justice in the face of the animosity he receives. Others have thrown in the towel: Alan Hart, whose book “Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews” should be a must read for those interested in the struggle; and Paul Craig Roberts, who comments at Counterpunch, recently announced his retirement (but fortunately has returned to the fray).

    When questioned at the recent conference in Geneva that I reported on in an earlier blog, Professor Falk explained that though the work can be frustrating, it must continue on if there is to be any hope of progress in resolving these great problems. Those of us who agree with his positions must also ally ourselves with him, and continue to encourage him. History shows that bad times do come to an end. Step by step, ‘we shall overcome’.

    • walker percy June 16, 2013 at 10:36 am #

      Gene, I agree that richard’s statement is obviously sincere. When you compare intentionally defamatory comments from UN watch and other paid mouthpieces of the state of israel, non-aligned readers will recognize the difference. A growing number of educated people have figured out that israel is an apartheid, rouge state dedicated to militarism and founded on lies and violence, forever despised by everyone who witnessed the horror of 1948 and every subsequent lethal episode.

      This latest Falk dust up made it to the new york times only because UN Watch insisted on going public, driving more traffic to falk’s site, and exposing many more readers to the truth. This damages their cause, but they appear to be unable to resist. Sometimes I wonder if anti semitism recurs in each generation because jews need it as the rationale for the bad behavior encouraged by ethical creed. Brain plasticity means every time you do something it changes you a little, and religious observances that include highly repetetive rhythmic chanting and prayer probably induces peculiarities of personality. This may explain the cyclical nature of jewish catastrophes, which seem to occur in every culture.

  2. Carroll June 16, 2013 at 5:49 am #

    I reject the ‘new’ definition of anti semitism’s ridiculous. As far as I am concerned anti semiitsm is hatred of Jews for simply being Jews…same as any other bigtory. In fact the slur has become a joke it’s been so misused as a political tool for Israel.

  3. Arif Dirlik June 16, 2013 at 6:33 am #

    Dear Richard, I admire your commitment, tenacity and patience. I am afraid this medium encourages the kind of behvior that you suggest, as it obviates the need for self-control charcteristic(most of the time) of face to face encounters. As for being one-sided, how is it possible not to be one-sided when speaking for those who are subjected to the most inhumane and shameful oppression and abjection. Those who would confound criticism of Israeli state and settler colonialism with anti-semitism, on the other hand, display an intellectual obscurantism before which rational discourse is helpless. I don’t know how you manage to keep the fai9th! Arif

    On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 4:07 AM,

  4. richard June 16, 2013 at 6:34 am #

    Dear Richard,

    There seems something almost uniquely violent and irrational in the cries of “anti-semite” that resound when anyone has the audacity to point out that Israel is behaving like a psychotic bully.

    I personally suspect that is it bluster to cover up the reality that the Zionist loonies know they are out of line, but shout loudly to cover up any possibility of self analysis.
    The equivalent of a naughty teenager putting their fingers in their ears and shouting na na na na na at the top of their voice.

    Bullies have always behaved thus – the fact that they had a grim childhood doesn’t mean we can ignore the wrongness of their actions.

    Yours in peace.

  5. monalisa June 16, 2013 at 8:11 am #

    Dear Richard,

    your “Blog Ethics and Politics” show which grandeur your character comprises.

    In history – in politics as well as in other areas of our lives – if some actions reach a “tipping point” things either break, go into reverse motion and/or change all over.

    If it concerns politics and/or some lobbies it has shown over historic times (far back in the past and closer) that either by outside forces or from inside change was an essential factor arriving without giving any kind of a “last warning” – as usually beforehand “warnings” were neglected and/or abandoned. Many times it was accompanied by intolerance and arrogance.

    What I see is that this “tipping point” isn’t so far away as some politicans might like and prefer to think.

    Please take care of yourself,


    • Richard Falk June 16, 2013 at 11:04 pm #


      Yes, this idea of a tipping point is valuable in avoiding either foolish optimism or unjustified pessimism.
      We cannot know the future, and thus must struggle for what we believe to be right. This is my faith!

      I value you so much your presence in this experiment in constructive cyber-dialogue! I am hopeful that at
      some point I will be able to make a pilgrimage to Graz!



  6. David White June 16, 2013 at 9:09 am #

    Richard Falk, What a remarkable fight to put up in a tough situation – and thank you for sharing with your readers what it’s like at the coalface – it helps us realize that a fight requires total commitment and no fear of being stabbed in the back. Best wishes to you.

  7. Georgianne Matthews June 16, 2013 at 9:59 am #

    June 16, 2013 Good morning Richard:

    I am glad that I checked “spam” before I trashed your Blog Ethics and Politics. I do not know how it ended up in spam.  Otherwise I would have trashed your outstanding document glowing with your principles which should be principles of every educated person of every nation and every religion.  You express yourself excellently and I am uplifted by your words of wisdom and human kindness.  

    It is so sad that a certain group of Jews and others are not able to understand what you present with eloquent writing and testament of your mind and high principles. Children taught moral goodness understand this at an early age, those that have been so cruel and ugly in their statements where not taught the principles hence they are unable to stand up for the Palestinians as well as all oppressed people and harbor anger and hatred. I does not seem possible that a group of people enjoy swimming pools in the Settlements while the Palestinians hardly have enough water to cook with and to drink and bathe and so many human rights are not fairly respected.

    I have been reading the history of ancient civilization and I marvel how for ages people have chosen to put down, cruelly kill throughout time.  Unfortunately it is carried on up until our present time.

    You will forever shine, those that do not understand your high principles unfortunately will always live and darken the world, spreading misery is their destiny.  

    The world is blessed by you while others walk in darkness and may never in their lifetime shine.  It is sad. You must keep expressing the goodness you seek to share with others and help those that desire the same. Thank you honorable Richard Falk. Sincerely, Georgianne E. Matthews Pacific Grove, CA


    • Richard Falk June 16, 2013 at 11:00 pm #

      Thanks, Georgianne, for your ever warm, generous, and resonating response to what I have written. It
      means a lot to me, and especially when I feel embattled! We are in Turkey for the summer where tensions
      are rising ever higher. With warm greetings to you, Richard

      • dreamsonthehill June 18, 2013 at 11:50 am #

        I appreciate your post and sentiments and I think people lose sight of the notion that we can have similar or dissimilar views or opinions and still engage in dialogue that is healthy and expressive even if contrary to our own positions. In my opinion, technology, the internet, cell phones and social media have great benefits, unfortunately these venues for communication have somehow encouraged some to speak without thinking or regurgitate every idle thought as evident on one site I will not name. In any event, we must not let those who are insolent and act with impunity dissuade us from our course, including those who would broadly pepper spray and malign for political agendas.

  8. Georgianne Matthews June 16, 2013 at 11:03 am #

    In the second paragraph “I” should be “It”. Please excuse my error.  Thank you. GEM


  9. nahida the Exiled Palestinian June 17, 2013 at 1:45 am #

    Dear Richard

    Do not be disheartened by allegations coming form racists usurpers, what is important is who you are; a highly principled human being. What matters also is the truth, ethics and ideals which you stand for and defend.

    The truth is gradually coming out as the flow of information is no longer in the hands of corrupted “elite”. Decent people of the world are able to make up their minds and support justice-seeking Palestinians.

    All my respect

    • Richard Falk June 17, 2013 at 4:10 am #

      Thanks, Nahida, your tender words are much appreciated, and I wish that the Palestinian future will include the end of your exile. Wishing you only the best, Richard

  10. Rabbi Ira Youdovin June 17, 2013 at 10:25 am #

    Reading Prof. Falk’s intent to make this blog a forum for constructive dialogue, I am remiinded of some unfinished business from the last post.

    A reader calling himself “oldguyinColorado” defended Israel’s blockae of Gaza as a legitimate measure to interdict weapons sent to arm Hamas in pursuing its stated intention to destroy Israel. As night follows day, he was flamed by monalisa, who accused him of bering “brainwashed” , and Gene Schulman who called him “plane (sic) ignorant” (don’t you just love it when somebody accuses another of being ignorant, and manages to misspell a word? or sufferiing from heat prostration caused by the fires in Colorado. (It takes a rare form of humaritarian to use a natural disaster as a punchline for an abusive putdiown!).\

    Needless to say, neither monalisa nor Gene Schulmajn addressed Oldguy’s critique, which is the minimal requirement for constructive discourse.

    Oldguy kept his cool, and challenged them to refute his point after reading the Hamas Charter, which unambiuously and repeatedly calls for Israel’s annihilation, and adds somre genocidal threats against all Jews everywhere.

    Mr. Schulman, the Hamas Charter is not Zionist propaganda. It’s intentions are clearly stated in Hamas’ own words, which have been backed up by incessant rocket attacks on Israeli civililians, which cease only when Israel responds. Once again, this is not Zionist propaganda, unless you believe that CNN, the BBC as the world’s print media have been brainwashed.

    Oldguy’s challenge is still on the table, as is Prof. Falk’s desire to make this blog s forum for constructive dialogue. The bsll is in you court.

    Rabbi Ira Youdovin

    • Gene Schulman June 17, 2013 at 11:54 am #

      Ira, normally I would ignore you. But since you make such an issue of misspelling words, try rereading your own comment. You should be red with shame, an educated rabbi like you. You are just as ignorant as ‘oldguyfromcolorado’.

      No, I do not think CNN and BBC are brainwashed. They know perfectly well what they are doing, and they do a good job of brainwashing people like you.

      • fasttimesinpalestine June 17, 2013 at 12:44 pm #

        Funny how Israel had no problem with Hamas’ charter when they were allowing them to build themselves up in the West Bank and Gaza as a counterweight to the secular nationalists of Fatah.

        Funny also how you obsess over a piece of paper when Hamas would never exist in the first place if not for decades of unremitting oppression (something about which you seem to have very little to say). What drove them over the edge into targeting civilians was not Goldstein’s massacre in Hebron. It was the Israeli government’s response, which effectively punished the Palestinians and rewarded the settlers. Hamas decided they were no longer going to allow their people to be killed without any price whatsoever.

        Obligatory note: I DO NOT SUPPORT ANYONE TARGETING CIVILIANS, EVER. So please don’t waste anyone’s time by accusing me of doing so. Explaining how something happened is not the same as justifying or supporting it.

        Hamas’ charter was born out of misery and desperation I doubt you can imagine. How do we defeat it? End the number one cause for Palestinian misery and desperation: Israel’s insistence that only Jews should have full human rights in the Holy Land.

        I lived among your neighbors in the West Bank and Gaza for many years. (No, not the settlers — the Palestinians.) They are human beings and include some of the best I’ve ever met. No one is a saint, and Palestinians are no exception, but their kindness and resilience under the terrible conditions they are forced to live under is something I could not previously have believed if I hadn’t seen it myself. The Jewish and Israeli friends I tour-guided around the West Bank felt the same way.

        Let go of your obsession and fear. Or at least allow them to loosen their grip. Maybe one day you will finally see this world for what it is. Or at least what it can be, if we’ll all loosen the shackles of fear and hatred around our hearts.

        Pamela Olson

      • fasttimesinpalestine June 17, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

        As for this line of baloney: “It’s [sic] intentions are clearly stated in Hamas’ own words, which have been backed up by incessant rocket attacks on Israeli civililians, which cease only when Israel responds.”

        There are hundreds of reports clearly stating who tends to break ceasefires between Israelis and Palestinians, not to mention who kills hundreds of times more innocent victims than whom. (I was a journalist in Palestine for over a year, so I saw a lot of this firsthand as well.) Here’s just one, regarding ceasefire violations:

        I look forward to your addressing of this critique of at least one of your talking points.


      • Gene Schulman June 17, 2013 at 1:26 pm #

        Thank you for your astute comments, Pamela. I hope they were addressed to Ira and not to Gene Schulman. The placement without salutation concerns me. I would highly recommend to Ira that he read your wonderful book, which Richard reviewed in these blogs last month.

    • oldguyincolorado June 18, 2013 at 10:20 am #

      Rabbi, thank you.

      I had prepared a very long posting, but feel that I should defer it. Once a discussion becomes more religious than political, so much raw emotion comes into play that whatever “reason” we have left goes out the door. There is no reasoning, just emotion. Perhaps that is why discussions like this blog often become uncivil.

  11. monalisa June 17, 2013 at 12:23 pm #

    BBC and CNN cannot be trusted in their reportings when it comes to the Israel/Paelstine conflict (and too some South American, African and East European and Asian states). Especially BBC has even some sort of bias when it concerns Israel.

    The science of history is usually in flux especially when it concerns to fix dates. However, respected historians fix dates and events from past times usually when they have got other sources so that a cross-examination of events with relevant dates/persons/kings etc. can be made with more exactness.
    A great reliable source is the pharaonic “library” of papyrii. The second one is taken from Babylonian/Assyrian/Hethitian and in some cases from Mediterranean states when events in certain areas aren’t too far away from their written times.


  12. nahidaexiled June 17, 2013 at 12:48 pm #

    Palestine has been OCCUPIED since Nakba 1948

    Every Palestinian, Hamas, or no Hamas has the right to work for the LIBERATION of his Homeland and his people… It is a right granted by the International Community and recognized under International Law:

    “…People under colonial and alien domination recognized as being entitled to the right of self-determination to restore themselves that right by any means at their disposal”
    UN General Assembly Resolution 2649 (1970)

    • Richard Falk June 17, 2013 at 9:36 pm #

      Nahida: You are quite right to quote those words from UNGA 2649 as they confirm
      the Palestinian right of resistance, and should be qualified only by the words,
      “within the constraints of international law.”

      • oldguyincolorado June 18, 2013 at 11:26 am #

        Professor, perhaps Nahida might benefit if your tell her what the words “within the constraints of international law” mean so that she does not get the impression, from the language she quotes, that it is an open door to suicide bomb a child day care center or any other similar extreme activity.

        I hope that she also understands that the international community does recognize the existance of the State of Isreal within certain borders based on 1967 and not the original 1948 plan with a 2 part Isreal, and any effort by Palestinians to occupy that will give Isreal reciprocal rights under the resolution she cites.

      • max June 20, 2013 at 7:29 pm #

        you are getting yourself further and further into a corner, where you would not want to be(and I don’t mean Turkey), by trying to be polite and kind to the other side, People can easily interpret your comments as encouragement to fight and “resist the occupiers” and easily implement. In this part of the world things get inflamed easily, this ain’t America.
        Even if that is not your intention, more innocent blood could be shed because of your opinions and support. Don’t forget you are a Jew and your words/opinions have power.

        I see that you take pleasure in causing a political stir and angering Jews and Americans alike. Maybe it keeps you alive and motivates you. But I do believe that your brave stand for Palestinian children being tortured by Israel. can lead to more casualties on both sides.
        Ours and theirs. And here is where the political sparring ends and you became more of a treat, rather that a voice of reason, and a freedom fighter.
        In this case, I would say you are too smart and intelligent not to know what I am talking about. You do play with human lives.
        and you do cause more damage, than you do good.
        Enjoy your vacation.

      • Gene Schulman June 22, 2013 at 1:18 am #

        Oh ho! I see we have another hasbara lobby troll to join in with theoldguyfromcolorado, Ira Youdovin and David Singer to take Richard to task. Speaking of the other side, just which one are you on Max, ours or theirs? And which is which? If Richard Falk is a threat to anything, it is to the Israeli oppressors of the Palestinian people (see above link).

      • walker b percy June 22, 2013 at 8:37 pm #

        max, what an insolent putz you are. how dare you make your veiled threats against Prof. Falk, a respected and peaceful scholar of international importance, who has made a brave effort to alert the world to the profound dangers it faces. Last week, Netanyahu proclaimed at Auschwitz that Israel will do “whatever it takes” to protect itself against the hundreds of millions of deadly enemies it has created, presumably, including destroying the rest of the world if necessary. We cannot allow this small group to have some much power over all of our fates, considering their terrible track record. It’s time for zionists to accept the sad truth, that Eisenhower, Einstein, JFK, and all of the other wise men who strongly warned against establishing a Jewish state in the Holy Land were right. There is no way to prevent the blood bath about to erupt in the Middle East, but at least we should all go into it understanding why it has happened, and start thinking about how to prevent it from happening again.

  13. Rabbi Ira Youdovin June 17, 2013 at 4:26 pm #


    I’m typing this on an unfamiliar IPad which produces very small letters. So please forgive the typos.

    I’m pleased to respond to your thoughtful posting. Unlike some other readers of this blog, you present a coherent argument whose civility invites a civil response. (Apropos, I ask Gene Schulman to butt out on this one. I’m sure Ms. Olson is perfectly capable of handling her end of the discussion without your abusive intrusions,)

    I’m mostly in agreement with your historical analysis, whose central points were confirmedby the testimony of the six immediate past-directors of Shabak in a remarkable Israeli-made documentary entitled “The Gatekeepers.” I take exception to your statement that “hundreds of reports” document that Israel provokes Hamas violence from Gaza. Who wrote those reports? And I believe that no assessment of Hamas is complete without reference to the influence of Iran. More on this in a moment.

    This being said, may I suggest that our attention is more productively directed away from how the current quagmire developed, and re-focused on consideration of how Israel and the Palestinians can extricate themselves from it and enjoy peace and security in the context of two states for two peoples. There’s an old addage: In the Middle East, nothing changes except the past.” It’s time that more folks focused on changing the future.

    A majority of Jews in Israel and throughout the world want the Occupation to end, but are stymied by the absence of a significant Palestinian response. I believe President Abbas wants tio negotiate for peace, but is prevented from coming to the table by a justifiable fear of Hamas igniting a bloody civil war as it did a few years ago. I’m not obsessing over the “piece of psper” that is Hamas’ Charter, But I am deeply concerned—as you should be—about the Rejectionism of those who insist that the Charter not be amended to remove its stated commitment to annihilate the State of Israel. The issue is not how and why the Charter was written some years ago. The concern is the chilling effect Palestinian hardliners have on the prospects for reconciliation and peace today.

    I mentioned Iran, Iran has zero interest in seeing the establishment of a Sunni-dominated Palestine with a Christian minority. Its interest in helping Hamas (and Hezbolla) is to topple Israel, following which it would install Shiite leaders whose purpose would be extending Shiiite hegemony down through Syria, Lebanon, and Palestne and eventually to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
    Meanwhile, I believe that key elements of the Hamas leadership, dislodged from their Damascus base, have come to realize that they are in a no-win situation, and are losing ground with other Arabs by backing Bashir Assad, If the dissident realists can prevail, perhaps Hamas will ease the Rejectionist strategy that has got them nowhere. Indeed, the UN General Assembly endorsed Palestinian statehood and instructed Palestine and Israel to negotiate its borders. But with PA leaders unwilling to negotiate, the UN vote, which should have been historic, slides silently off the world’s radar screen.

    By emphasizing Palestinian responsibilties in the pursuit of peace, I don’t mean to let Israel off the hook. Israel has its own hardliners to deal with. Settlement expansion has to stop. Implementation of the Occupation has to ease pending its termination. The atmospherics Israel displays to Palestinian leaders has to be more forthcoming, etc.

    Correctly understood, the pursuit of peace must be mutual. Prof. Falk rejects this notion because he claims it implies that blame rests no less on the Palestinians than it does on Israel. But this perspective is more directed at castigating Israel than furthering Palestinian national aspirations and resolving the refugees’ plight. It takes two to make peace. Full stop.

    Pamela, thanks for reading through this and, of couse, I welcome your response, My hope is that sincere and informed people like yourself can find a way of linking with your counterparts in Israel to build a bi-lateral movement for Israeli-Palestinian Peace that will overcome the extremists in both camps.



    P.S. Your reference to “your [my] neighbors” in the Occupied Territories indicates that you think I live in Israel. Actually, I live in Santa Barbara, CA where one of my neighbors is Prof. Falk.

  14. nahida the Exiled Palestinian June 18, 2013 at 1:19 am #

    Zionist Jews indulge themselves with blather of “peace” only to deceive to Palestinians and the world, , gain more time to STEAL more land and creating new facts on the ground …. They have no interest in anything but more land, more weapons, more money and more power.

    Israeli defense minister: Turn Palestinian towns into Jewish settlements, send Palestinians to Jordan

  15. nahida the Exiled Palestinian June 18, 2013 at 1:32 am #

    Israel constructed 16,000 settlement units over the past 3 years

    Data shows that Palestinians now own just 8 per cent of historic Palestine

    Memo to the world: Israel is never leaving the West Bank

    Yair Lapid was the great hope of “liberal Zionists”. The former TV anchor surged in the January elections and said that Israel could not put off the Palestinian issue.
    Now Lapid is Netanyahu’s Finance Minister and check it out — he’s approving special aid to illegal settlements

    Why do they indulge into endless “peace talks” and decades of “peace processes”?

    Listen to the supremacist Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe’s answer:

    “The talks are only, so the public shouldn’t say that Eretz Yisroel is not interested in peace”

    living on STOLEN land,
    serving in a TERRORIST ARMY,
    supporting an army with a state,
    maintaining generations of OCCUPATION,
    thriving on the DESTRUCTION of others…

    “israel” is not mere apartheid … “israel” is a GENOCIDAL SUPREMACIST entity

    • walker b percy June 18, 2013 at 1:59 pm #

      Wow, Nahida, what a powerful statement! I agree that there is no Israeli interest in peace, only in obfuscation and misdirection. The hysteria about Iran’s nuclear ambitions is only to divert the world’s attention from the main project of getting rid of indigenous people, and making money by selling weapons throughout the world (see new Israeli movie The Lab). Meanwhile, this gambit requires Iran’s large population to suffer under sanctions that Israel forces its American vassal to impose. It appears that Israel would like nothing better than to start World War 3, because it would allow them to sell even more weapons, and the ensuing chaos would allow them to seize more land. Even though it is unpleasant to contemplate, this behavior is consistent with the historical pattern that brought us World Wars 1 and 2. Nahida, please continue to tell the truth on the Internet. Even if we can’t put a stop to this, at least the historical record will include voices like yours that can be turned to after the fact, so that the world will finally understand the forces that drove humanity to the brink of extinction.

  16. jg June 19, 2013 at 10:16 pm #

    Dear Dr. Falk,
    I know it is important to be on topic, of current post. I could not figure if, or where to post this.
    I feel that abuse of Palestinians in Israel, and the Palestinian territories,occupied by Israel – Palestine, is part of the bigger pattern of abuse of a Refugees from other parts, as for example, the Eritrean refugees.

    Earlier today, I saw this on PBS Newshour website, to my surprise. /
    “Unpromised Land: Eritrean refugees in Israel”
    JUNE 19, 2013

    I have a bad sore throat and chills, and have not read or watched yet, but will after I send this.

  17. Rabbi Ira Youdovin June 19, 2013 at 11:50 pm #

    Prof. Falk,

    I hope oldguyincolorado will forgive me for rephrasing his question in a non-argumentative manner so as to facilitate your response.

    You affirmed to Nahida that the Palestinians have the right to pursue their objectives by whatever means are at their disposal “within the constraints of international law.”

    As an acknowledged expert, is it your opinion that international law extends this right to efforts to regain territory to the November 29, 1947 Partition line? The 1949
    Armistice line (Green Line)? Or does international law support Nahida’s contention that all of Israel is illegally occupied territory.

    With thanks in advance for your response.

    Rabbi Ira Youdovin

    • Richard Falk June 20, 2013 at 1:42 am #

      Rabbi Youdovin:

      Unfortunately, international law does not give at this time a clear answer as to the outer territorial limits of the right of self-determination. From a political perspective, reinforced by SC Res. 242, the 1967 boundary seems like the most appropriate boundary, and corresponds with the consensus that has formed around the call ‘to end the occupation.’

      • Gene Schulman June 20, 2013 at 2:03 am #

        It seems to me that this question is precisely the reason that Israel has never created a Constitution which would necessitate establishing exact borders. It is easier for them to keep their borders undefined so as to never have to confine themselves to a fixed line that keeps them out of the occupied territories that they will eventually claim for their own. For Israel it is a win win situation, whereas the Palestinians remain in limbo.

      • Rabbi Ira Youdovin June 20, 2013 at 9:46 am #

        Prof. Falk,

        Thanks for your concise and candid answer.

        Ira Youdovin

  18. Rabbi Ira Youdovin June 20, 2013 at 10:02 am #

    Sorry, Gene. Your ignorance of constitutional process is showing. The United States’ constitution (1789) makes no mention of national borders. I don’t know how many do. Perhaps someone on this blog with more extensive knowledge of the subject can provide information.

    There are many reasons for Israel’s failure to adopt a constitution: some good, some not so good. But your fantasy is not among them. btw, the absence of a constitution is not a fatal flaw. England has done right well without one for quite some time.

    Rabbi Ira Youdovin

    • Kata Fisher June 20, 2013 at 4:08 pm #

      Dear Mr. Schulman
      For the People in the Holy Land it is very difficult due to lack of vision for the valid borders of the Holy Land (within the Kindom of Judah and within the Kingdom of Israel). Now, I am refereeing to historical landmark—or perceptions. (I can judge myself and will not call a robbery/ignorance, or to be in some sort of anti-Semitic hate to dismiss invalid Landmarks of Israeli state—that which is impartial and not valid landmark painted, altogether. In addition to that, it is consistently moved (and it is a well of hatred and a well of a civil unrest to be watched for the entire world/all of us) because all people are not quite sure where the landmarks are. (Still, it should be known/they should know what was given to them as chosen people, in a way).
      Now, the People in the Land/Holy Land are dear to me, and I really do hate to see the position that they are in. Still, people sin against ancient landmarks and things become quite wrong for next generations. (Generational sins are upon us/I myself don’t see that there are not).
      We know that Palestine is a valid people in the Land, and are valid with their free and neutral Ecclesiastical entity, in a way (within the Holy Land). So, it is as it was recognized still without a maker of a land, in essence. In this point in time/contemporary times there are only exiles in the Land with their Families (both in Israel and Palestine, just exiles in the Land).
      The future trend (or hoping/our expectations) is that number of exiles will be growing within the Land that is already available.
      I am afraid that past generations failed to be vigilant (or not called) to recall ancient landmarks and restrict themselves to that, and due to their failure (or stubbornness) other small natural of free entities are not accountable for and are lost, in a way—not really where they should be in this point in time. Still, in this point in time there is a troubled state that was marked with some territorial landmarks. (What exactly are they? We do ask that).
      I am afraid that Israeli Landmarks are not as (or where they should be) and it will not be corrected until Israeli Exiles and Palestinian Exiles make a decision to heal within the Land that already is available to them and their children as chosen people. In this point in time there is enough Land for them to live on, but the very sin of selfishness and sin of unwillingness is that which hinders/restricts them to work together. They do not know who they really are, in a way. The truth is that they will need to reconcile and then to restrict and to rehabilitate radicals that among them, so that additional exiles can be back when they feel that are called, in any way.
      Please, correct me where I am wrong.
      With Love and all Blessings
      Kata Fisher.

      • walker b percy June 20, 2013 at 8:47 pm #

        what a load of nonsense. reading your ramblings explains a lot. crazy people are attracted to the “holy land” because it suits their madness to think about ancient races and promised peoples and similar supernatural claptrap. While I guess that Kata Fisher doesn’t live in America, there are plenty of nut jobs like her here, and these fools give cover to the zionist criminals, just like unwitting liberal jews. How revolting.

      • Kata Fisher June 20, 2013 at 10:47 pm #

        Walker B. Percy
        Call me maybe…or call Vatican. How about that?
        Oh, we should be spiritually ethical. (For a constructive argument you should regard ethical requirement, all together). Still we can go without any, as well. (How about that?).
        But, I will tell you a story…would you like to know the story? No? I agree, it can be boring to listen to a story.
        There are writings (Smile). I never heard Gospel-rap…this is something new, and I like that! (This is a master peace of an art). Christian-faithful on joyful fun! How about that? A Full concert just filled with Spirit…Awwww (Sometimes by hardest try I ‘can’t enjoy that). Still, I am not Anti-Spirit of God.
        (Smile) I often wander off with my thought-process and things become real fast…I am like “Wow, wow, wow, my thought-process…I can’t follow you—you way to fast.” (When was really, really bad…I had few Churches who became my spiritual director in fellowship with a local lawyer/judge). How about that?
        BUT YOU are extremely lowly. It is a compliment (in a way, so receive it when you can).
        Receive it when you can, receive it when you can, receive it when you can (this is a Lolo-bay for a babe).
        How would you like to influence me? By a natural or a special Revelation…I do wonder: (But what is that?)
        I am almost sure that you would love to influence me…by natural or spiritual? I say: “all right.” I am influenced very much 🙂
        I do speak three languages :). Two I learned by wandering around–so much fun. And I do live in US for long time, but I am not an American, nor I need to be OMG…OMG…how about that? I am always a Roman citizen, right? Sure, why not! :).
        I like to have lots of fun and think about ancient, all together. Don’t you? Come-on!
        I am in Church-Catholic-Charismatic (actually, and more accurately only Jew-Charismatic) and you are someone lost like in Florida—or something like that, right? Why am I here? To bail you out?! Yes—or not? I learned by Spirit about Paul, and he was a Roman citizen…he can be inspirational, at times you can learn somewhat and not wonder what Paul was thinking. It is so easy to misinterpret Paul, so you need “mind-hints.” 🙂
        You have shared what you believed (now it is my turn to tell you what I have leaned by writings things down that I hear), with due respect.
        Natural Revelation is limited Revelation of God
        Special Revelation is fuller Revelation of God.
        I heard and I wrote down things like this:
        If you carefully read Romans, you will see that Paul acknowledges Gospel and justice based on faith, and that “Anyone who is upright trough faith will live,” and he starts explaining point by point what happened to Gentiles who knew God, but turned away from Him (faith). They knew God and the Natural revelation of God was available to them—they did not acknowledge and worship God—they are without excuse. (This is significant to Paul’s argument). A chapter below that—(ch, 2) Paul writes about Special revelation in relationship to Jews and Gentiles. In addition to that, he writes about cause and effect of both revelations. You have to interpret the very verse with surrounding context. I just summarized the context, I did not interpret it.
        You have to know when Paul writes the letter to Romans, he is planting and pasturing the churches for about 20 years, so he is correcting the church disorder, and in this case specifically “judgmental practices between Jews and Gentiles: “So no matter who you are, if you pass judgment [apply ungodliness/injustice] you have no excuse..” (ch 2. v.1) When he writes “you have no excuse” he is referring to “inefficiency of Special Revelation” to Romans (which he preaches, and was preached and given) both to Jews and Gentiles in Rome by the Gospel—they are the Church, with Special Revelation. Just as were Jews with the Law and judgments of God—God gave Jews judgments by His Law.
        Now, who was without excuse that he is referring to, just before he starts to correct the issue? Gentiles, who applied their own judgments, and now Romans/the Church are doing one the same thing (as Gentiles) and have parted with God, in reality.
        You see disorderly Church practices corrected (of Jews and Gentiles) with Special revelation/Law and compared to reject-full Gentiles with Natural Revelation in ch. 2: “The retribution of God from Heaven is being revealed against ungodliness and injustice of human beings who in their injustice hold back the truth”(ch.1 v.18) Paul is teaching about inefficiency of human judgments, (He is telling the Church that their behavior in not by faith; yet, their judgments/justice), but there must be faith, by which they live. In this context Paul applies the truth about Natural and Special Revelation.
        I hope this was helpful.
        I do not disagree with Apostles John ability to teach one truth with Paul from different perspective.
        Kata Fisher
        Liberty University
        Sunday, July 24, 2011 9:10:40
        (Time-pass) Awww…but what now?
        I have no certain way to talk about things, at all.

      • monalisa June 20, 2013 at 11:07 pm #

        to Kata Fisher:
        If I understood your posting right you mean that the actual Israeli borders aren’t those which the ancient land promised to the Jews comprised of.


    • Kata Fisher June 21, 2013 at 12:20 am #

      Dear Monalisa,
      When you read do not feel afraid. Sometimes when I reread things that I write down the fear falls upon me. But I write softly.
      God in His wonderful kindness adored the Human Race, and human race adores God as He reveals Himself to them. It is irrational and it is inhuman to dismiss spirituality of human race. (We should not do that, not on purpose).
      Each cultural and spiritual background has its promises according to that which they believe. When comes to Human spirituality, we can not violate “spiritual ethics.” By the Spirit of God and by Laws that are written down I believe that we can not violate “spiritual ethics” (at least not on purpose/neglect).
      What happened after WWII: “spiritual ethics were violated” (I believe) by people that were not in touch with anything around them due to terrible events of Holocaust, and due to all other things people were confused and hurt. They just wanted to do something.
      It is visible that the State of Israel in this point in time is not what is should be there. (It is a very limited territory; it is impartial then that which is written down in sacred text (as a promise). The landmarks went around the people that are in the Land (it completely excluded the exile people that were in Palestine within the Land or the State), and it did not get all territory with the people on those territories.
      I believe that Jewish Rabbis would be able to tell us all about acceptable and valid Landmarks for Kingdom of Israel. There is kingdom of England and other lands…why not the Kingdom of Israel? All of the Land for exiles. So the entire tithe for God, not a partial tithe.
      Now this is what I feel by Spirit of God. (Still, I am not an expert on all that was written down according to the Laws that are appointed).
      I pray that God and Gods Spirit who is Holy rest upon you and you think on this, within His Glory. I will pray for you.
      With all Love,

      • monalisa June 21, 2013 at 1:12 am #

        Dear Kata Fisher,

        Very kind of you that you would pray for me.

        However, there is no need that you pray for me. I am neither in any misery nor I am starving.

        If you would like to pray you could start to pray for those children in our world, whom are starving and/or in prisons (like the Palestinian youngsters) and/or those children misused by farmers (like in USA) or held as “prostitutes against their will because they have been captured and are too young to defend themselves”.

        In general: Children should be protected because they aren’t able to defend themselves and as mankind it should be our first duty to protect and defend them.
        Therefore, children are always my main concern.

        Moreover, I believe in good deeds and to follow those principles as laid out by Kant.

        Nevertheless, I wish the best for you,

  19. lmarks04 June 20, 2013 at 11:21 pm #

    Rock on brother

  20. Sergey June 22, 2013 at 8:15 pm #

    Dear Dr. Falk,

    Thank you for your courage and determination to bring attention of international community to the tragic plight of Palestinian people.
    You have been our inspiration and model for civil and independently minded pilgrimage for truth and justice. Your life and deeds have inspired many, myself included, to join the struggle for the inalienable rights of Palestinians and against the evils of occupation of Palestine.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    • Kata Fisher June 24, 2013 at 12:00 am #

      Dear Sergay,
      Our Beloved Mr. Falk acts as a Father toward children that are teachable. Our backgrounds are diverse and we are blessed by that. There is unity and bond of peace which is present in this place. I am in joy, and sincere thankfulness toward Mr. Falk, and also the principles by which he stood and now he stands. He was disrespected in many ways. The Spirit in me became active, and I was moved to find out who Mr. Falk was. At first I was wondering why I was here, but then it became clear to me that God’s presence wanted to rebuke Mr. Flak’s accusers. The Spirit in me confirms to me that Mr. Falk is a cornerstone to important undertaking. This is what I feel by Spirit.
      Mr. Stevens died while he was walking in his appointed calling, and his life was cut short. It is a very difficult tragedy.
      Church Charismatic under prophetic anointing can go on and on just discerning things, and this is useless for us, and also we ourself do not like to go about that; yet, we see and know why people like Mr. Falk are troubled and are consistently hindered at their job.
      I would like to write about few other things that may be relevant. I do encourage you to reflect on things that are relevant to you–other may be irrelevant for you, and I do encourage you to disregard that. This is simply so because things that Church is dealing with can be awful and too much for one to hear. I do not take pleasure to talk about different things, but sometimes things need to be said, and no matter how bad or good it is, we just have to say it (for either good or bad intentions we say things).
      We do hope to achieve solidarity and kindness toward these who are in most difficult positions, and there is nothing that we can do about it in order to help them.

      This is web-link for lecture at Notre Dame about The Global War on Christians by John. L. Allen, Jr. When you watch what he is saying, one can see some issues and dynamics of problems.

      Just recently I came across the lecture from John Allen (Vatican Reporter) and he talks about some things that may be relevant to this place–or you. During his lecture Allen talks about Hindu radicalism that is taking place in this point in time. (This is significant). On end of the lecture, he starts answering the questions. Then a priest (I believe from India, based on his accent) starts to explain (or clarifying) to John Allen why Hindu radicalism is taking place. That which priest is saying is valid. Church that is valid does not talk about things for the sake of talking, or chatting. Still there are serious issues that are overlooked—or not talked about in public, within the pews of the Church and/or faith-communities.
      When we go to Churches and we tell them about things that they do/give them awareness of their actions — they just dismiss us. Priest tells John Allen about that, in a way when he explains things about Hindu radicalism and issues surrounding that. It is disorder of invalid churches.
      Those who are unrighteous and deceived do all together evil things and do not acknowledge their ways. Even Roman-Catholic Church is not exempt, for they are not willingly submitted to their responsibility to deliver sincere report about child abuses. Still, they were asked long ago to do that and by now they should have done it. I understand that they may apply ritual of judgment according to the Gospel, but that should not hinder them to deliver a sincere report when they are asked. The background about unwillingness is that is the priesthood is not ordained in a valid way (and they will hide in their Satan’s shell, and will dismiss one when they can). That is what it is. So we have invalid priesthood that is there just in order to cause spiritual distress for the Church itself (nothing else), and try to go about without any consequence. With this Church mission is compromised, and not only that—the Church marriages become invalid due to invalid priesthood, and people cannot bring up holy offspring. They get into a Church marriage that is accursed, and it is in a cycle of witchcraft. This will back-slides members, and spiritually excommunicate, as well. They cannot stand each-other in a marriage, and they get divorce, for they have to do that in order to overcome that witchcraft cycle, all together. Here in US invalid/unlawful Church marriage is blessed by the Churches—this is a common practice. No one gets saved by Christian practice, in a way nothing is valid. Churches are quite blind, and things that they do are a no-no thing to do. What invalid priesthood does only valid Charismatic priest that are in the Church can annul/or fix it. There is no other way. It is a spiritual war in the Church, and it is very difficult grafting in mix marriages (Jews exiles and Gentiles). Almost impossible due to all evil which invalid priest do, as they walk in their ways.
      If one is in a serious people-serving position/leadership then their marriage should be done accurately, all together. (They can be hindered and Church marriage that is invalid can be a source of a major spiritual distress). Churches do evil things and then come and complain about abortions/loss in fellowship, members and faith. Priesthood that is holy and valid is disrespected in many ways by invalid priesthood in their midst.
      Also, when spiritual attacks come against anointed from Christian community one should not be shocked; it is nothing else but influence and work of a evil and witchcraft spirit. Invalid and rebellious Christians practice witchcraft in their mist quite often. Nothing can shock us.
      There is activity of Nazi spirit within Israel (Israeli behave toward people in Palestine as Nazi did toward Jewish people, somewhat). This is true. Why do I say that?—this is not very kind toward Israeli people. Truly it is unkind toward Israeli people. This, however, it is not directed toward faith-community of Israel, nor these who are confused what they should do about their faith, all together. I am not Anti-Semitic in any way (not Anti-Spirit of God). One needs a touch of understanding on spirit realm or spiritual dynamics, and kind of be able to touch on and see that.
      What was done in past generations is that Israel made alliance with that spirit which is in evil churches when they created invalid borders of Israel. They were in alliance with that church-counterfeit (invalid) and that spirit anti-God/ Anti-Spirit of God. That same Nazi spirit that was at work in Germany (against the Jewish people terrorizing and eliminating Jewish/Hebrew race) is now at work in Israel, but against Jewish/Hebrew race in Palestine as they hold exiles Palestinians hostage/terrorized with their ways. It is that spirit that is anti-Spirit of God, and it is against that gene/generational essence of Hebrew/Jewish race and/or spiritual line, in essence. Would you believe if I tell you that Israeli behave in Anti-Semitic way? Most of people would be shocked, not believe…still it is the truth. But who would believe our report?
      This is significant and can be seen in another way: Invalid church-charismatic in US (especially Evangelical-charismatic as a Corporate Church) are in that Nazi-spirit (they are just anchored in that spirit), and they are a well of distress that is recently and currently springing up in the world. I know that, I now their works—they create Psychopaths. They violate and misuse the Church orders given according to the Gospel. Mere charismatic-church disorder (of church counterfeit charismatic) led to events that empowered the works of Holocaust. Now we see more and more radicalism in that same essence, but limited in power (or regional strength). Church-counterfeit charismatic in their works are same, if not worse them radicals in Palestine that give kids ecstasy drugs and then have them go and blow up people that are in Israel (I heard that kids are drugged up by radicals, and then sent out to be hostile). The spirit that is Anti-Spirit of God is one, and it is much diversified in its works.
      When you look at US in particular, people are having difficulty to attend to some basic governmental functions. There is a major hindrance; It is anti-government and anti-people force; in essence, a corporate force of the churches in Anti-Spirit of God. They do whatever they want and no one can do anything about that. They are extremely lawless and vicious in their evil will. Still, by no means Church that is valid can correct them—they are just in evil. (It is impossible for the Church to correct them). They are sealed in blasphemy of Gods Spirit and/or satanic/seals confirmations and they continuously walk in that and pass on that. (All they breathe is death). The adhere to no means of eccalistical order or eccalistical Law. (It is a free will religion whatever that will may be—no one corrects, nor they can, and they themselves cannot correct them-self’s). And it is like the state of Israel (do whatever they want) toward people in Palestine.
      What counterfeit-church-charismatic do is very evil and it is a complex practice to understand. However, that which they do can create major issues in future point in time, and also it would be good to reduce nuclear presence/capacities of any kind/any land (at any time). In this point in time the world is relevantly secure, but in 50-100 years it may be hit by major nuclear catastrophe, and not by natural disaster or threat, but unforeseen suicidal/homicidal attempt or a loose-Psychopath-mind-accident. Invalid church-charismatic creates psychopaths quite often. We know that.
      Further, those kids that are take part in UN-WATCH and are appearing at UN, are just hindering a very important function of an overseeing government. They are a distracting force, all together. By Spirit of God they/UN-WATCH is just not called to be there (they have no purpose being there). God needs no one to oversee/watch an overseeing government in essence (UN government). These kids should not be there. They are just kids that are in no touch with anything around them. UN-WATCH may have been established by some people like illuminati-Psychopaths, in a way. (That would be my closes guess, but I am not sure—this is debatable, and I with my guess can seriously be wrong, ineffective). Still that organization UN-Watch has no purpose as it is. Their only purpose with the work they recently showed is anti-government and anti-people, in essence, and it is a hindering and distracting force—no one needs that. Still, these kids at UN-WATCH can be valuable only if their attention is redirected toward more important issues that are at hand. I do believe that in their youth they have mismanaged their gifts, and their gifts are misplaced along with their attention.
      You will see all kind of nonsense as example of some actions that people do not recognize what they do: they try to make anointed step outside their appointed areas/hinder them—or judge them while they are at their appointed service. That kind of nonsense may come across your way. Do not be discouraged.

      By the Gift of God’s Spirit

  21. A Noor June 23, 2013 at 5:25 am #

    Dear Dr Falk, I have come to learn about you by accident. I would like to bow for your honesty in transparently transmitting the systematic exploitation of the Palestinian people. As a Palestinian, I am filled with joy that at least one person in the UN institutions will have some decency to put politics aside and tell the truth.

    I have posted your story on my profile and I do hope more Palestinians will come directly to your blog to learn more of your reports. I have read that you have come under fire from several countries, fear not you are on the side of the truth. They do not understand that the truth does not succumb to political interest. I hope that you are able to intelligently over come the attacks from UN Watch.

    Please know that we support you. Keep giving us a voice and we promise you that your work will not go to waste. We are Palestinians a new generation, educated, articulate, passionate, and fearless. We will not abuse or kill others but we will clamp down on injustice. Your heroism and steadfastness will teach and empower us.

    My warm regards,

    A Noor

  22. charlesdeslerarchitect June 23, 2013 at 2:59 pm #

    You the man

  23. Dan Huck June 24, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    Prof. Falk,

    The major difficulty it seems to me is to accept that many of those who disagree with you bring the thinking of warcraft into the dialogue.

    At that point the rhetorical devices of propaganda enter into the conversation, in order to manipulate the thinking of your readers and to try and overcome your points on that lower track.

    But I think it is even more important to be aware many of your adversaries look upon what you have written, said, and done, as slashes of a sword, bullet wounds, a bomb meant to destroy their neighborhood.

    Just as great empires have policies intended to be effectuated in ‘dual track’ mode, first fair, than foul, soldiers of the empires show similar lack of civilized constraint.

    The civilized setting which you obviously desire, “designed to encourage an exchange of views, opinions, and proposals in the spirit of civil conversation and dialogue, embedding a commitment of respect for ‘the other’”, might be aided by an appointed cabinet of comment overseers who you respect for their documentable and obvious dedication to the “spirit of civil conversation and dialogue”, which could be a ‘machine’ for you, to enable the non-inclusion of comments which do not come up to basic standards of respect and civility, as well as those which are shots intended to wound or destroy you.

    And those ‘gatekeepers’ could take the heat!. I would like to nominate former President Jimmy Carter and Professor Stephen Walt for your cabinet.

    • Richard Falk June 25, 2013 at 12:52 am #

      Dear Dan Huck:

      I appreciate your assessment of the problematic side of my blog experience, and I agree that many of my critics are not genuinely interested in an exchange of views or fostering the spirit of civil conversation, but seek to discredit either me or those who share
      similar understanding of the Palestine/Israel struggle. Your proposal is
      ingenious for moderating such a process, but I am far too unimportant
      to claim the energies and assistance from persons of such eminence.
      I think it is a valuable model for some kind of monitoring process, but
      for those with greater stature and influence. My best wishes,

      Richard Falk

  24. mark gardner June 27, 2013 at 8:24 am #

    how can it be possible that you write a blog on ethics, but are so happy to be interviewed by a radio station, Truth Jihad Radio, that uses the term “zio nazis”?

    • Kata Fisher June 27, 2013 at 9:15 am #

      Why do you throw accusations about things you understand not? I made decision to know nothing about “Truth Jihad Radio,” and the term they go under is irrelevant to me, sincerely. We are neutral in our judgments, and we are just everywhere. By invite or to be sent…whatever!
      Some people are determinant in their own way, like you Gardner, congrats.
      I tell you why I do things that are not usual for me:
      It was so that I hang out with wicked churches/diverse in denomination(psychopat inclination/rebelious minds) for extended period of time…just so that in order they may receive that which have not.

      I study writings…

      Peter 2:2 in literal summery, and what about: pagans, pagans, pagans…never cultivated in pagans; called to be, still in everlasting condemnation, accursed.
      Peter 2:2 in literal summery, and what about: pagans, pagans, pagans…never cultivated in pagans; called to be, still in everlasting condemnation, accursed.
      “Let them be accursed,” writes Paul Apostle
      “Let them be accursed,” writes Paul Apostle
      Now, I am Charismatic Jew in Church Catholic…and I just write, I ditch my understanding, all together…and that is just right! (I am woman ordained by accident, and it is fitting to do that, lol, lol).

    • Richard Falk June 27, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

      I was not aware of the name of the radio station and had not heard that term used,
      which would have offended me. I was just approached by the interviewer as often happens,
      and did not inquire further.

      • mark gardner July 2, 2013 at 8:03 am #

        Thank you Mr Falk for your reply and I do apologise for not having seen it sooner.

        For your info, the “zionazis” slur and the interview are at

        I disagree with most of your politics, but when they are put to this kind of perverse usage, it just makes things much worse. Anyways, again, thank you for having had the decency to reply.

      • Ms. Açelya Danoğlu July 23, 2013 at 4:23 pm #

        Dear Professor Doctor Rapporteur Falk, JD,

        Wishes and blessings and greetings to you. More the obscurity world brings, more the light of truth your beacon does shine in us. Tenacity is your tools of trade.

        We need your help! I am receiving now a Google Alert that I created to defend misinformation they allege to harm you. One again, the UN Human Rights Watch is accusing you of some new thing:

        They link to the above and say that you were made aware of the name of the Truth Jihad radio station and that you also knew of the controvercial aspect of Dr. Richard Barrett. I am defending you on the Wikipedia, trust me it’s a day and night task, I perform it with love of truth and in those rare gem diamonds whom tell it with their courage.

        Here is their accusation and the reference source links to their new allegations:

        We who support you vigourly need veyr much please the truth for us to counter – can you advise us with facts and aguments how to counter back?

        A thousand blessings,

      • Kata Fisher July 25, 2013 at 9:50 pm #

        Dear Ms. Açelya Danoğlu:

        Do not be afraid, I write very softly, when in my own spirit, personally.

        I like to shear something with you it may be relevant to you, or it may not, but it may be relevant with someone else:

        What I have read and understood this far is that some people at UN Watch are very, very, psychotic, stubborn and incompetent (in their mind and spirit). Why do I say that?

        I am Charismatic-Catholic, and a Jew under prophetic anointing, and was ordained by accident (more specifically demonized by invalid church charismatic due to their church disorder). And with that I really experienced evil power attacks in their fullest power, and by Spirit I overthrow the evil that came against me. I was placed under vow by God’s Spirit just to battle that off. Seriously, I was placed under vow by Spirit of God, and then I was at my home town in Bosnia where Charismatic priesthood was ministering by Spirit of God. That anointing was transferred on to me by placing of the hands over my head, and I became filled by Spirit of God over the time (equipped over the time). As the Spirit of God took over my soul, spirit and mind. I know what an evil spirit attack is, and how it appears to be. I see right through UN WATCH just as it is…attack against our beloved Mr. Falk are very demonic.

        When I look at the writings and reasoning from UN WATCH, against our beloved Mr. Falk I see that it is very demonic-incarnate (in essence).

        When I write, I can be very catatonic…and as I write (for public) I am under intense spiritual attack, as well. I write something down, and the Spirit has to correct over and over, both in my mind (there is a warfare between Spirit of God and spirit that woman has to deal with). There is consistent correction of the things that I hear and think…directly by God’s Spirit, and this works as a winded clock, in a way.

        It is impossible for Charismatic-Church that is valid to escape correction of God’s Spirit over their mind/actions (especially woman, due to that intense spiritual attack).

        Women, in generally are not ordained because it places her at spiritual disadvantage. Still, woman under prophetic anointing is very powerful by God’s Spirit, especially under vow that is directed by God’ Spirit.

        Things that are going through my head are closely censored out by God’s Spirit, as well as things that I write down…the Spirit of God censers it out. When I am done with the message, acceptable to the Spirit…the Spirit of God allows me to post something to the public view. This is an automatic process.

        UN WATCH is posting things against Mr. Falk, and UN WATCH has no limitation by God’s Spirit in any shape or form…they just post something…they twist the message, they weigh in a false spirit any word spoken by him–against him…and then the block out anyone to correct them in their evil will/approach (hen so).

        Now, this is not accurate. This is not valid. This is not democratic and neutral way of handling things (as they claim to be as UN WATCH…but I know how it appears to be, and what it is by Spirit of God we see.) I dealt with that for years now due to wicked Israelites under Blasphemy of God’s Spirit that are in wicked churches that are spiritually-excommunicated and that are defiled with demonic spirit by charismatic church disorder sealed in Anti-Spirit of God and/or defiled by unlawful, defiled marriages that churches-wicked bless on their own evil behave…

        I experienced attacks by evil, personally…yes, by and trough those who were under Blasphemy of God’s Spirit and/or satanic seals (generational—or personal). Now this would be a mystery for those who are wicked in their approach at UN WATCH.

        UN WATCH needs organizational investigation, and possibly to be restricted in specific areas (if not closed out in their operations) against personal attacks based on religious obnoxiousness.

        If they would exercise spirituality in any way, that approach would be valid for them. But no, they are in religious obnoxiousness. They are incompetent toward public and governmental office. Nevertheless they restrict free speech, and same they condemn.

        It is the Spirit of God who condemns them, and it is by Household of David who restricts them and strips them off, all together. They are hindering UN accomplishments.

        There is no partiality with God when comes to the human race because it is one, and Jews are exiles that are planted all over the world by God (now wicked Isriilites are not Jews Faithfull). We never sin against Jew Faithfull–this would be sin against God.

        Wicked–they can chose to be evil—or cannot help them-self not to be evil.

        May the Household of David and Judah strip the wicked off due to their sin against humanity and sin against will of God. This is will of God: to have some decency toward people in Palestine and Gaza.

        By Spirit of God I hope that you are encouraged to censor out all evil that you can with help of your spirituality and also by help of God.


  25. jg July 23, 2013 at 5:50 pm #

    Dear Dr. Falk,
    I have been having one strange week. I had started signing signing petitions on a site for environmental and wildlife protection for a few months.
    I gradually became aware of the news section, and became more aware of the site as a whole.
    I was doing my thing, trying to make a difference. Eventually, I came to see there are also many stories in the news section. I started reading some of them, and then started reading comments.
    I came to see that there were some “stories” related to the Middle East, as well as others. Over the weekend, I read a number of these stories, and saw blatant, outright hateful and bigoted anti-muslim comments. I felt it necessary to report them, as such. I did this about 5 times, on a couple of stories, complaining that I came to the site to try and do something helpful for the planet, and make a difference. I said the comments, though some may say represent free speech, I regarded as divisive, derogatory and prejudiced, aimed to discredit, demonize and smear to control the message. I said I found them offensive and asked the site administrators to not let it continue.
    I am new to all of this, and did not use a computer except for emails till this spring.
    I am not completely, unaware of the what is happening in the world, in general. But I have discovered that I was out of touch, more than I knew in this digital world.
    I began to realize, after a few days of examination, and time to absorb what I was noticing, that there seemed to be concerted efforts,in select places, to try to influence topics on the Middle East, both positively and negatively, in their presentation.
    I noticed comments, often in unison, and some rather ugly, contentious attacks of people with other ideas, or knowledge of “facts”.
    I do not do chats, facebook, or anything. This is unusual for me, too. Someone asked to befriend me (there were others), and before I knew it, that person was blocked from the sited for some short duration….I think it is temporary.
    I wanted to read her posts on the subject of Palestine/Gaza, my eyes were tired, but a few days later, the posts were gone.
    I came to realize that there are a number of people, who have been busy, promoting an agenda – that is how I see it, and trashing, or using inside tools to play “politics”, and attack or get rid of someone, who actively contributes with news stories, or comments that counter the “status quo”.
    I haven’t anyone to share this with, and I know you are patiently wondering, why I am saying this. I know you have seen this before…..
    Today, I received the new comment (above), and I had not received anything lately, so updated my profile.
    I went to the united nations watch link, and noticed there was nowhere for anyone to comment!
    I remember seeing that page, when I first saw it, after your original post.

    Prof. Falk, I can’t tell you how disgusted I was, when I went to bed last night, seeing the way even what seemed to me, to be a site just to help animal cruelty, end other world issues, be turned into a hate space. I have to ignore those comments, to a point. But It is pointless for me to throw my mind, or heart at them.
    I will speak up, and denounce any comment that I see as hateful and biased, but not allow myself to be pulled in or baited. The dynamic is clear to me, and after doing a little work, I saw it has been going on for some time. This means that loads of people, over a period of years, read some of the hateful prejudice, and untruths, about Palestine, Iran, Iraq, etc.

    The person I communicated with via email, who was blocked is younger, and more attuned. But I caught on, fast.
    I was slandered not long ago; the people were living next to me. I was surrounded by a pack of devious people. I was strong, while I was there; but I don’t want to talk on it further.
    Someone could write a book about it.
    It was after moving from what was my home, that I saw a film “Lemon Tree”. I felt exactly like the lady in the film, in spirit.
    There are some people, very attuned, to organizing and “resourcing”.
    Now after over three and half years, and seeing the dynamic, in the news, over and over, and now on the site, I see that it is, and will remain, perpetual.

    Helen, the White House journalist, passed, and horrible things are posted everywhere condemning ( and praising ) her.
    There does not seem to be any dignity in this computerized/digital world; and one has to be careful.

    I thought it was new post, but things do not go away so fast, when people harm and post libelous posts.

    There’s no need to post this on the blog, if it’s out of place with the rest. I will read it over, and probably see that I said too much. I am a poor typist, so I don’t just rattle away.
    I hope you are in the best of spirits, and be assured we appreciate you, and stand with you.

    • Kata Fisher July 25, 2013 at 10:17 pm #

      I, too, fell like you for some time now. You are interceding on behave of people of Palestine, and you must be under spiritual attacks.


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