Remembering the World Court Advisory Opinion on Israel’s Separation Wall After 15 Years

10 Jul

Remembering the World Court Advisory Opinion on Israel’s Separation Wall After 15 Years


On July 9, 2004 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague issued an Advisory Opinion by a vote of 14-1, with the American judge the lone dissenter, as if there would have been any doubt about such identity even if not disclosed. The decision rendered in response to a question put to it by a General Assembly resolution declared the separation wall unlawful, and that compliance with international law would require it to be dismantled and Palestinian communities and individuals compensated for harm incurred. As with the identity of the dissenting judge, the failure of Israel to comply with the decision was as predictable as the time of tomorrow’s sunrise.


Only slightly less anticipated was the American government response, which adopted its customary hegemonic tone, to instruct the parties that such issues should be resolved by politicalnegotiation, which even if heeded would end up as Israel wished, given the hierarchical relationship between Israel as occupier and Palestine as occupied. It doesn’t require a legal education to dismiss the American argument as fatuous at best, cynical at worst. The question put to the ICJ was quintessentially legal, that is, whether the construction of the separation wall on occupied Palestinian territory was or was not consistent with the Fourth Geneva Convention governing belligerent occupation.


Although the decision is labeled as an ‘advisory opinion’ it has the authoritative backing of a fully reasoned and documented consensus of the world’s most distinguished jurists as to the requirements of international law in relation to the construction of this 700km wall, 85% of which is situated on occupied Palestinian territory. The degree of authoritativeness of the legal analysis is enhanced by the one-sidedness of the decision. It is rare for a legal controversy before the ICJ to produce such near unanimity given the diversity of legal systems of the 15 judges and considering the civilizational and ideological differences that haunt world order generally.


This legaloutcome in The Hague was overwhelmingly endorsed politicallyby the General Assembly mandating Israeli compliance. It is disappointing that Israeli defiance of both the ICJ, the world’s highest judicial tribunal, and the General Assembly, the organ of the UN most representative of the peoples of the world, should have occasioned so little adverse commentary over the years. It is not only a further confirmation that the UN System and international law lacks the capacity to deliver even minimal justice to the Palestinian people but that such institutional authority is subject to a geopolitical veto, that is, international law without the backing of relevant power becomes paralyzed with respect to implementation.


When considering the constitutional right of veto given to the five permanent members of the Security Council as augmented by the informal geopolitical veto enabling dominant states to shield their friends as well as themselves from the constraints of international law, the dependence of law on the priorities of power becomes obvious, painfully so. It helps us grasp the perverse ways the world is currently organized.  It is truly pathetic that only the weak and vulnerable are subject to the constraints of law, while the strong and those shielded by the strong are the lawless overlords of this unruly planet.


The wall a notorious international symbol of coercive and exploitative separation, as epitomized by the apartheid security structures imposed on the Palestinian people as a whole has a grotesque pattern of implementation. Its ugly structures slice through and fragment Palestinian communities and neighborhoods, separating farmers from their farms, and creating a constant and an inescapable reminder of the nature of Israeli oppression.


It may put the issue of the separation wall in historical perspective to recall features of the Berlin Wall. During the Cold War it came to epitomize oppression in East Germany, and more generally in Eastern Europe. If the East German government had dared extend the wall even a few feet into West Berlin it would have meant war, and quite possibly World War III. And finally, when the wall came down it was an occasion of joyous celebration and a decisive moment in the historical dynamic that let the world know that the Cold War was over. It is helpful to appreciate that the Berlin Wall was designed to keep people in, while the Israeli Wall is supposed to keep people out.


There is also the question of motivation. As many have pointed out, the wall remains unfinished more than 15 years after it was declared necessary for Israeli security, which tends to support those critics that pointed out that if security was the true motive, it would have been finished long ago. Even if the claim is sincerely, in part, motivated by

security, it illustrates the unjust impacts of ‘the security dilemma’: small increments of Israeli security are achieved by creating much larger increments of insecurity for the Palestinians. Beyond security, it is obvious that this is one more land-grabbing tactic of the Israelis that is part of the wider Israeli strategy of treating ‘occupation,’ especially of the West Bank, as an occasion for ‘annexation.’ Even more insidiously, is the apparent Israeli intention to make Palestinian life near the wall so unendurable, that Palestinians relinquish their place of residence, ‘ethnic cleansing’ by any other name.  


What messages does this anniversary occasion deliver to the Palestinian people and the world? It is a grim reminder that the Palestinian people cannot hope to achieve justice or realize their rights by peaceful means. Such a reminder is particularly instructive as it comes at a time when intergovernmental efforts to find a political compromise between Israeli expectations and Palestinian aspirations has been pronounced a failure. This failure, again not surprisingly, has meant a dramatic shift in approaching ‘peace’ and ‘a solution’ from diplomacy to geopolitics, from the Oslo flawed diplomatic framework to the Trump ‘deal of the century’ or as Kushner has rephrased it, ‘peace to prosperity.’ Or more transparently phrased, it is ‘the victory caucus’ that Daniel Pipes and the Middle East Forum that he presides over has promoted so successfully in recent months, in effect, advocating a final betrayal of the rights of the Palestinian people, an approach that has evidently found a receptive audience in both the U.S. Congress/White House and the Israeli Knesset.


This geopolitical strategy is a thinly disguised attempt to satisfy Israel’s expectations as to borders, refugees, settlements, water, and Jerusalem while repudiating Palestinian rights under international law, including their most fundamental right of self-determination, supposedly a legal entitlement of all peoples in the post-colonial era.

The question that remains is ‘how much longer can the Zionist Project swim against the strong historical current of anti-colonialism?’


The answer in my view depends on whether the global solidarity movement, together with Palestinian resistance, can reach a tipping point that leads Israeli leadership to reconsider its ‘security’ and its future. Such a point was reached in South Africa, admittedly under quite different conditions, but with an analogous sense that the Afrikaner leadership would never give up control without being defeated in a bloody struggle for power.    

45 Responses to “Remembering the World Court Advisory Opinion on Israel’s Separation Wall After 15 Years”

  1. Beau Oolayforos July 11, 2019 at 11:09 am #

    Dear Professor Falk,

    Israel’s, and the US govt’s attitude is of a piece with Ronald Reagan’s smirk when the World Court, in its decision about the mining of Managua harbor, found against him. Kellyanne Conway exemplifies the feeling of her boss when her violations of law are met with “come & get me, if you can”. Some low-life people understand only physical punishments.

    On the bright side, we have, despite Trump’s Muslim-hatred, several Palestinian members of Congress. Their voices are necessary. No one expects Justin Amash to be a firebrand – we only (hope we) see a thoughtful, logical mind – and that’s all we ask.

  2. Felix Fuentes July 12, 2019 at 4:32 am #

    There is no doubts that the decision of the ICJ must be implemented by force if necessary by the United Nations. No nation should be forced to be occupied Against its will, the brutal way Palestine is being subjected to.

    • Mike 71 July 23, 2019 at 3:14 am #

      Felix, as noted in my previous comment, the opinion of the ICJ is an “Advisory Opinion,” having no force of law. Palestine, being a fictional entity, is neither a nation, nor is it occupied. Israel, as a nation-state member of the U.N., is entitled to an “inherent right of individual, or collective self-defense,” as recognized under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

      • Richard Falk July 23, 2019 at 3:28 am #

        You simply do not understand. When 14 of 15 judges of the ICJ interpret international law as requiring certain action, the label ‘advisory’ refers to the status of the opinion, but it does not lessen its authoritativeness from the perspective of international law nor mitigate the defiance exhibited by Israel, especially in view of the endorsement of the AO by an overwhelming vote of members of the UN. You may gain satisfaction by stressing the word ‘advisory,’ but it evades the issue, which is the abusive nature of the separation wall as built on occupied Palestinian territory, a reality not even contested by the lone dissenting American judge.

      • Mike 71 July 23, 2019 at 8:25 am #

        So, if “Advisory” means that the opinion is not finalized by the Court, it has no more legal effect than a draft U.S. Supreme Court opinion circulated among the Justices. Only finalized Court opinions have legal force.

        The International Court of Justice only has force among those nations which voluntarily submit to its jurisdiction, which may be withdrawn at any time. Sudan, before its recent coup overthrowing Omar Bashir, withdrew jurisdiction from the ICC in an attempt to protect him from prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity. If Sudan returns to the Court’s jurisdiction, he is again subject to prosecution.

      • Fred Skolnik July 23, 2019 at 4:45 am #

        If you were such a stickler for international law you would be condemning every act of Palestinian terrorism directed against Israeli civilians instead of rationalizing them, so I can only call you a hypocrite and a fraud, just as you are for supportng a movement calling for a boycott of Israel while continuing to enjoy the benefits of israeli technology and medical research, Don’t you ever think things out?

      • Mike 71 July 23, 2019 at 8:09 am #

        Well stated Fred. If Palestinians are allowed to attack Israeli civilians in acts of terrorism, the State of Israel is entitled to invoke Article 51 of the U.N. Charter to defend its population. Isn’t it disingenuous that Prof. Falk never addresses Article 51, recognizing an “inherent right of individual, or collective self-defense” and that it is a right only available to U.N. nation-state members, but not available to non-state actors, including terrorist organizations.

  3. roberthstiver July 12, 2019 at 4:49 am #

    This is a memorable, essential retrospective on an event and its continuing aftermath that would, in any sort of justice-oriented and law-abiding world environment, be condemned, and rigorously brought to proper closure, for the endless affront it is. There are, to be sure, a myriad of other lesser and greater events and affronts over the continuum of the Palestine-Israel tragedy.

    Thank you, Dr. Falk, for being you–one of my few life’s heroes.

    • Richard Falk July 12, 2019 at 5:32 pm #

      Thanks, Robert, for such affirming, humbling words! Richard

  4. Mike 71 July 20, 2019 at 12:37 am #

    As noted in the article, the Advisory Opinion of the ICJ is merely advisory; it does not carry the force of law, any more do Resolutions of the U.N., which are likewise advisory. While International Law condemns initiation of war to gain territory, as the Third Reich did in 1939 and the Arab League did in 1949 and 1967, under the principle of Uti Possidetis, it recognizes the right of the victorious belligerent in a “defensive war of necessity” to retain captured land until possession is modified by treaty. See: (Latin: As you possess, you may possess hereinafter.) In abandoning the “Three No’s (No negotiation, recognition, or peace with Israel),” Egypt regained sovereignty over the Sinai Peninsula in exchange for a peace treaty with Israel.

    International Law would require Palestinians to comply with UNGAR 181, providing for two states, but if it is not binding on the Palestinians, neither is it, nor any other U.N. Resolution, binding on the Israelis. In the absence of a negotiated solution to the conflict, abandoning possession of disputed land is not required under Hugo Grotius “Law of War and Peace,” In such circumstances, Israel may retain land captured post 1948 and post 1967, just as the Soviet Union did post 1945, when it moved ethnic Germans from the Volga River Basin, the Czech Sudetenland and Konigsberg, East Prussia (Now Kaliningrad Oblast) west of the Oder River, Germany’s current eastern border. While the occupations of Germany and Japan ended after surrender and reconstruction under the Marshall Plan, Palestinians persist in extending it, refusing either surrender, or negotiated peace. The ICJ has no enforcement power; to paraphrase Napoleon Bonaparte and Josef Stalin, among others, who variously asked, “How many divisions does the ICJ possess?” Another pertinent question is, “Why doesn’t the ICJ enforce UNGAR 181, which provides similar rights to both Israelis and Palestinians?

    The five permanent members of the Security Council retain the power of the veto and some of those five insulate the Palestinians from the constraints of International Law, which prohibit terrorism and the deliberate targeting of civilians, which is recognized as a War Crime under the 1949 Geneva Conventions, making its enforcement questionable. Walls are a historically recognized defense mechanism, from the Great Wall of China, to the wall between India and Pakistan. Israel’s “separation barrier” is no different in purpose; just as China’s “Great Wall was intended to keep the Mongol Hordes out, Israel’s “wall (actually, only part of it is a wall)” is intended to protect civilians from terrorists. In contrast, the joke concerning the G.D.R.’s “Anti-Fascist Wall” was whether its purpose was to keep the fascists in the West from invading the East, or to prevent the fascists in the East from fleeing to the West. Note that people crossing the wall westward were welcomed, if not shot and killed in the attempt. That joke became outdated on November 9, 1989, when a blundering G.D.R. official ordered the wall opened misunderstanding his orders.

    The wall surrounding Gaza, to be completed by the end of the year, takes priority over the wall around parts of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), due to security cooperation on the part of the Palestinian Authority. Palestinians can enhance their security through negotiations, rather than through Imperial ambitions. In 52 years, since the 1967 “Six Day War,” they have done nothing to improve their quality of life, or secure statehood; aggression and terrorism, primarily from Gaza, has only brought retaliation resulting in death, destruction and isolation. Over seven decades, Palestinians, with no concern or respect for the rights of Israelis to self-determination, territorial integrity and national sovereignty

    In an “Orwellian Inversion (war is peace, poverty is plenty and ignorance is strength),” a 20% Arab minority seeks to impose an “Arab Supremacist Apartheid Regime over a 75% Israeli Jewish majority. How that would differ from the former “Apartheid South Africa,” once ruled by a 10% minority “White Supremacist Apartheid Regime” over a 90% Black and Mixed Race African Majority, they refuse to explain. Just as South Africans are entitled to democratic majority rule in their nation, Israelis are entitled to the same in theirs.

    The wall around Gaza, to be completed by the end of the year, is a priority due to the significance of the Hamas threat and the security cooperation of the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinians can enhance their own security through negotiations on borders and refugees, rather than through Imperial ambitions. In the 52 years since the 1967 “Six Day War,” Palestinians have done nothing to improve their quality of life, or secure statehood; terrorism and aggression, primarily from Gaza, have brought death, destruction and isolation. Palestinians have rejected compromise without any regard, or respect for the rights of Israelis to self-determination, territorial integrity and national sovereignty.
    As the Palestinians explicitly reject diplomatic solutions and focus on war to achieve their Imperial ambitions, there is no doubt that further war is probable and that the Israel, acting pursuant to its “inherent right of individual, or collective self-defense,” as recognized under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, must prepare for the inevitable, which will likely involve the bombing, invasion and re-occupation of Gaza.

    • roberthstiver July 20, 2019 at 11:25 am #

      Well, Mike 71, you’ve had your chance (and then some) at freedom of expression. Your screed badly needs riposte, but where to begin? Perhaps a starting point would be my deep suspicion that you are a paid Zionist troll and simply not “worth the effort.” A second point would be this extract of the otherwise-in-macro-odious Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917: “…nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine….” Do you take in, Mike, the commanding word “shall” in the clause “nothing shall be done,” and the word “rights,” and the word “existing” (aka “indigenous”) as it relates to the population of 1917 Palestine? That statement, Mike — I’ll repeat it: “…nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine…” — sets the British imperial/colonial hubris of that era in a modicum of context and reality…and sets your inter alia diversionary citation of “the wall between India and Pakistan” (I’ve seen that before! is it part of the Zionist-troll lectionary?) where it belongs: in the Orwellian world, as re the Palestinians and their land, of one of history’s vast injustices perpetrated, improbably (but perhaps not so improbably if one explores the threads of psychosis), by a victim turned arrogant and sadistic victimizer.

      But I tire already….

      • Fred Skolnik July 22, 2019 at 10:34 am #

        You don’t seem to have a very clear idea of the religious and civil rights of Israel’s Arabs. Arab religious affairs are governed fully and independently by Sharia courts, just as Jewish religious affairs are governed by rabbibical courts. Where exactly is the prejudice? As for civil rights, Israeli Arabs vote and serve in the Knesset, serve as lawyers and judges in Israel’s legal system, are treated in the same hospitals as Jews, treat Jews in these hospitals as doctors and nurses, teach and study in the universities, eat in the same restaurants as Jews, travel on the same buses and trains, use the same public spaces. You are going off half-cocked about a country you have never seen where people speak languages you don’t understand. Do you do this for China too?

        Sorry, Prof. Falk, but the few times I look in on you, this is what I find. Nothing sinks in.

      • Richard Falk July 22, 2019 at 11:13 pm #

        I would say, with no enmity, that same applies to you, but more blatantly so.

        And by the way, sovereignty should not be enclave within which crimes against humanity are committed.
        Our morality is rooted in our species identity, not in our nationalist affiliation, which is a remnant
        of tribalism.

      • Mike 71 July 23, 2019 at 3:36 am #

        Robert, what are you paid to be a complete sycophant and toady for Prof. Falk’s anti-Semitic screeds. The Professor would get far more for his money patronizing his local house of prostitution, than what he pays for you.

        To correct your ignorance, Israel does nothing to impair the practice of Islam in Mosques with its borders, yet Islamo-Fascists would deny Jews the right to practice their faith if they were able to conquer Israel, which they have utterly failed to do since 1948. The indigenous people of Israel are Jews, who established their ancient Kingdom under King Solomon over 3,500 years ago, well before the inception of Islam in the 7th century.

        The Professor is wasting his meager pension on what he pays you; go sell yourself either on the street, or elsewhere.
        Nobody with any sense of decency is buying you!

      • Richard Falk July 23, 2019 at 4:52 am #

        Mike71: Speaking of screeds, you must realize that this nasty comment is not only maliciously false but defamatory. It strikes
        me as a sign of desperation…with no pretense of respect for the realities of the situation.

      • Mike 71 July 23, 2019 at 7:47 am #

        That is precisely how I view Richard’s vile insults. As the old Marine Corps adage states: “What goes around, comes around!” Perhaps you should teach your pet sycophant how to be civil. To paraphrase Mark Twain, it would gratify some people and amaze the rest.” Certainly, you. are capable of that, aren’t you?

  5. Beau Oolayforos July 21, 2019 at 1:55 pm #

    Geez, grandpa, were the A-rabs really the aggressors in 1967? And we were so proud of that Blitzkrieg…and thanks for the historical virtues of separation walls, and the affirmation of might-makes-right, along with clever quotes from Uncle Joe Stalin. Is the deliberate killing of civilians really a war crime? Over 2,000 dead from “Protective Edge”? Nah, all those 500 kids were surely hard-core Hamas. I could almost see their evil, as their weeping parents held the bloody corpses in their arms. No hard feelings, I’m sure.

    • Fred Skolnik July 22, 2019 at 10:36 am #

      If you’re going to be sarcastic, you have to have a modicum of wit to carry it off, not to mention a little knowledge. Half the people killed in Gaza were Hamas “fighters.” The rest were killed because Hamas fired 4,500 rockets at Israel’s civilian population from in and around schools, playgrounds, hospitals, clinics, mosques and residential buildings and did not even allow its own civilian population to evacuate these areas when Israel warned them of impending attacks via flyers, emails and phone calls. Be a hero with your own children, grandpa, not mine. And yes, the Arabs were really the aggressors in 1967. That’s when Hussein bombarded Jewish Jerusalem for reasons he explained very honestly in his book about the war. Try reading it.

      • Richard Falk July 22, 2019 at 11:10 pm #

        As usual, your facts are not my facts, and so dialogue is not possible, and conversation
        degenerates into angry or sarcastic exchanges.

  6. Fred Skolnik July 22, 2019 at 11:12 am #

    And incidentally, Prof. Falk, when you speak in your next entry above of “the Palestinians exercising an entirely justifiable right of resistance,” do you also include blowing up Israeli women and children in buses and restaurants as part of that justifiable right of resistance? Because that is what the security fence was meant to prevent, and it has succeeded, so you should be celebrating it, unless you really do think that murder is legitimate and that calling the murderers terrorists is just Israeli propaganda.

    • Richard Falk July 22, 2019 at 11:07 pm #

      As an international law scholar, I endorse only the exercise of a right of resistance exercised in accordance with the constraints
      of international humanitarian law.

      Yet, as French resistance to Nazi occupation or the film The Battle of Algiers illustrated, oppressed people motivated by desperation
      should not be morally condemned for their acts of desperation.

      • Fred Skolnik July 23, 2019 at 12:12 am #

        All you are saying here is that violators of what you recognize as the constraints of international humanitarian law should not be morally condemned for blowing up Israeli women and children in buses and restaurants if you as an international law scholar judge them to be “desperate.” This is what I mean when I say that you inhabit a moral vacuum.

        And what exactly are “your” facts? Did Hamas not fire 4,500 rockets at Israel’s civilian population “from in and around …?” Did not Hussein indiscriminately bombard Jewish Jerusalem without provocation for just those reasons he confessed to? Self-defense is not a “crime against humanity.”

      • Fred Skolnik July 23, 2019 at 12:43 am #

        And by the way, there is nothing “tribal” about a national state. You are again attempting to diminish Jewish nationhood in the cheapest possible way. Why don’t you try it on Turkey?

  7. roberthstiver July 23, 2019 at 4:01 am #

    Herein at various junctures I find, inter alia, “India-Pakistan,” “China,” and “Turkey.” Such attempts at diversionary obfuscation are a classic Zionist ploy and are, at this point in my life and always-present solidarity with the tormented, indigenous Palestinians, amusing, boring, and irrelevant at the same time.

    • Mike 71 July 23, 2019 at 7:56 am #

      India, China, Pakistan and Turkey, like Israel, have legitimate defense needs, and as nation-state members of the U.N. may invoke Article 51 of the U.N. Charter recognizing an “inherent right of individual, or collective self-defense.” The Palestinians, having rejected the very U.N. Resolution which would have granted them statehood, are unable to assert that right.

      You continue to adhere to that old lawyers’ adage: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit!” You are not fooling anyone with that tactic!

      • roberthstiver July 23, 2019 at 11:37 am #

        Mike 71, my child, you are in serious need of succor. Please go to the New Testament’s Matt. 11:28-30 and read (especially) the initial verse (it’s universal in its sensitivity, compassion and holiness!). I’ll paste it here: “(Jesus spoke) Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” I recite these words every day, and I never feel less than comforted and at some internal peace…and I concurrently feel hopeful that the weariness and burdens of every one of God’s children will be alleviated…in His time.

      • Beau Oolayforos July 23, 2019 at 12:53 pm #

        Among all the other BS, my favorite, so far, is: How can we support BDS and still, oh-so hypocritically, enjoy the alleged benefits of the incredibly wonderful Israeli technology & medical research? How dare we? IG Farben had Nobel laureates, if memory serves. Does that excuse the gas-chamber pellets??

      • Fred Skolnik July 24, 2019 at 12:35 am #

        If you boycott a country you don’t use its products. That’s what a boycott means. You don’t stand on a streetcorner screaming your head off to boycott a drugstore and then sneak around to the back after hours to stock up on medical supplies. Do you get it now oh-so-hypocritically?

        Here’s a partial list to help you out, and I hope Prof. Falk will indulge me because all of you need to know exactly what you are talking abiout when you do your screaming:

        So you want to boycott Israel?

        So your organization has decided to boycott all products and services from Israel. Here is a list of activities that you now need to perform in order to comply with this boycott.

        Part One – Technology and Food

        First, remove all Intel Pentium and Celeron computer processor chips from personal computers (desktops, laptops and notebooks) as these were either developed or manufactured in Israel.

        Note that the revolutionary new Ivy Bridge processor will be manufactured in Israel. Any computers running the Windows XT operating system must be turned off immediately as this was developed in Israel. All current Microsoft operating systems are not to be used as Microsoft is heavily reliant on its Israel R&D centre.

        Step 2. Any computers that still work need to have their anti-virus software and personal firewalls removed as this technology originated in Israel. The organisation’s firewall will also need to be switched off. Staff should no longer open external emails as most of these will be infected with viruses. No outgoing emails can be sent. The algorithm (code) that’s used today for sending e-mails, was made by an Israeli who worked at the Ben-Gurion University in Be’er-Sheva in 1980.

        Step 3. Discard all mobile phones, as this technology was developed in Israel, where the first mobile phones were manufactured. Mobile chip technology from a single Israeli company has now been installed in over 100 million devices. Only top-level staff may retain mobile phones for emergency situations. However the use of SMS (Texting) is expressly forbidden as this facility was developed in Israel. No 4G devices can be used, as the chipset is Israeli.

        Step 4. Turn off your voice-mail service and delete any recorded messages. Israeli companies invented the voice-mail system. If someone you do not know answers your phone-call, then hang up. Israeli call-centres and call-centre technology is in widespread operation in the UK.

        Step 5. Before accepting any printed material, check that the supplier has not used the Israeli device that might have saved up to 50% of the ink used.

        Step 6. At home, do not use Facebook as many in-built and add-on applications are Israeli-developed. Do not watch videos on the Internet as the platform used to upload them may be from AOL and hence from an Israeli company. Do not use the Internet to search for answers to your questions as this may involve use of an Israeli-developed search engine. Better to remain unenlightened.

        Step 7. On your TV or home entertainment centre, do not use Video On Demand (VOD) to watch movies as you may inadvertently see an advert displayed using Israeli software. Do not purchase any games devices as these are likely to use Israeli technology.

        Step 8. Do not read books using an e-book as this may contain Israeli technology. Do not use data storage as it may have been developed at Israel’s storage technology R&D center.

        Step 9. Do not buy an electric car as it is likely to be powered with an Israeli battery or use Israeli developed charging mats. Continue to sit in traffic knowing that you are polluting the environment and financing oil-rich despotic regimes.

        Turning to food and drink, all food outlets on the organisation’s premises must dispose of cherry tomatoes, which were developed in Israel. Staff must ensure that no cherry tomatoes are included in sandwiches brought into office premises. The ban also applies to honey and any products derived from honey. Israel has developed solutions to the worldwide problem of bee-colony collapse, so that any products derived from bees might only be available now due to an Israeli invention.

        Avoid drinking any of the world-recognized award-winning Israeli wines. Do not consume homemade drinks from Israeli-manufactured household drinks machines.

        Avoid any fruit from South Africa or Peru as produce from these countries is being marketed with Israeli brand names.

        No agricultural products from the following areas must be consumed as they use water irrigation and agricultural technology provided directly from Israel. This includes most of Africa, China, India, Indonesia (a Muslim country), Nepal and many others.

        Much fruit and vegetables (including organic) imported into the UK has been enhanced using Israeli technology. This may save millions of people from starving around the world, but is not a good reason for you to eat it. To be safe, only eat fruit and vegetables that you have grown yourself using seeds that have been in your family for generations.

        Part Two – Staff Health.

        Destroy all personal medication. Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals, the largest generic drugs company in the world, will have manufactured many of your medicines. Staff with the following illnesses will need to take specific precautions.

        Cancer – do not take any form of medication or treatment. Israeli scientists have been working at the forefront of oncology for decades.

        AIDS and HIV – beware; researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute or Hebrew University developed or improved AZT and Hypericin-based drugs; they have also developed a treatment that destroys HIV-infected cells without damaging healthy ones.

        Diabetes – do not measure or inject Insulin using the devices developed by Israeli scientists.

        Multiple Sclerosis – stop taking Copaxone, one of the most efficient medicines and the only non-interferon agent, as Teva developed it. Don’t touch Laquinimod either.

        Parkinson’s – remove the Israel-pioneered brain pacemaker to stop tremors. Discontinue Levodopa, which reduces motor disturbances. Cease sessions that involve magnetic cortex stimulation.

        Staff with a family history of heart disease and arteriosclerosis must not use the Israeli device for early detection of these. Rather, wait until onset of the disease.

        Epileptics – stop treatment that may have benefited from the Israeli discovery of the underlying mutant gene; also throw away the bracelet that sends out an alert when a person goes into seizure.

        Staff or relatives with Age-related Macular Degeneration – remove Israeli implants that arrest the disease.

        Liver disease – abandon Israeli-developed antibody immunotherapy treatments.

        Emphysema – steer clear of the Israeli protein replacement therapy.

        Myeloma – stop taking the drug Velcade, which was developed over a period of 30 years by scientists at Haifa.

        Sleep apnea – no tests using the breakthrough Israeli device for diagnosis.

        Dyslexics must not benefit from the Israeli Internet-based reading system.

        Skin allergies must be treated with steroid creams only, as the new safer non-steroid alternative is Israeli.

        Any incident of stroke or head trauma or onset of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, epilepsy, glaucoma or brain tumor must avoid using any of the Weizmann Institute’s patented methods of treatment.

        Before any surgery or medical tests, check that hospital catheters have not been protected from infection using the new plastic from Israel that disables microorganisms. Avoid throat surgery as this may utilize Israeli surgical lasers.

        Ensure any colonoscopy or gastro investigation does not use internal Israeli cameras such as the Pillcam. Never undergo surgery to install an artificial heart, as the first artificial heart transplant took place in Israel.

        Kidney transplant patients must wait for donors of the same blood group as only Israel’s revolutionary new methods allow donors from other blood groups. Staff of Arab origin must not make use of the only database for matching potential Arab donors of bone-marrow – in Israel.

        In the event of a spinal injury or disease, do not accept spinal implants – likely to be an Israeli product or development. Heart rhythm problems must not be solved with the Israeli-developed heart pulse generator. All heart stents are off-limits as most of these originate from Israeli medical companies.

        Check all vaccines as many of these have been developed in Israel. Ensure that all X-rays do carry a radiation risk, as the only radiation-free system is Israeli. Treatments derived from Stem Cell research must be avoided as most of these are Israeli-developed.

        If you or your family are struck with a bacterial infection, do not take alternatives to older, ineffective bacteria-resistant antibiotics, as an Israeli discovery will have been responsible for the modern, effective drugs. Check that any pain relief medication is not based on soya as an Israeli doctor discovered the beneficial effect of the soya bean.

        Do not use the revolutionary new Israeli bandage that saved the life of Arizona senator Gabriella Giffords after she was shot in the head. If you break a bone badly, reject any treatment that involves introducing collagen, as this may have been manufactured from Israeli plants.

        Do not protect babies and infants from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome with the Babysense system from Israel.

        Do not use Epilady (or epilator) – two Israelis invented this hair removal device.

        Finally, reject all major dental treatment, as your teeth may need to be scanned with an Israeli-developed dental scanner.

        Part Three – Dealing with People.

        When interviewing prospective new staff or holding meetings with members of the public or with individuals from other companies, it is vital that you check whether they originate from, or are associated with the following countries and areas. You must ensure that you do not have any contact with people who have benefited from Israel’s aid to those countries. The organization must avoid any possible acknowledgment of Israel’s contribution to world relief. In addition, you must obtain a formal statement from the government of these countries that Israeli aid was not responsible for the production or development of any goods and services supplied to the organization.

        These locations include:

        Japan (As well as rescue teams, Israel supplied Geiger counters and Israeli thermal imaging cameras are monitoring the reactor cores – Mar 2011)

        Ghana (has been receiving technological aid from Israel since 2006; Israel is now providing neonatal units to save many of the 4,800 babies that die each year – Mar 2011)

        New Zealand (Israel sent several rescue teams, temporary shelters and water purification systems following the Christchurch earthquake in Feb 2011)

        Chile, whose rescued miners were treated to a tour of Israel as part of their “Pilgrimage of Thanks” (Feb 2011)

        Vietnam, whose milk industry is being totally transformed using high-yield Israeli cows (Feb 2011)

        Uganda (Israeli solar-powered refrigerators were provided to store v1accines used to eliminate an outbreak of Polio from the country in Jan 2011)

        Kenya (Israel’s Agency for International Development built a state-of-the-art Emergency Room in a hospital serving 6 million Kenyans in Jan 2011)

        The Maldives (although non-Islamic worship is banned here, Israeli eye-doctors performed free operations for citizens in Dec 2010)

        Philippines (signed major trade agreement with Israel in Nov 2010)

        Romania (Israeli doctors treated babies following fire at a neonatal unit – Sep 2010)

        Cameroon (Ophthalmologists from Haifa restored vision to patients and trained local medical teams in these procedures – Aug 2010)

        The Congo (Israel were the first burn specialists on the scene following the oil tanker fire disaster in July 2010)

        Angola (mines cleared by Israeli technology – July 2010)

        Mississippi (bio-remediation technique used to clean up after oil spills was developed in Israel)

        China (a major purchaser of Israeli technology, and recipient of medical aid and training)

        South Africa (Israelis trained their doctors to perform circumcisions to prevent the spread of AIDS – July 2010)

        Haiti (Israel set-up the largest field hospital to treat victims of the 2010 earthquake, the hurricane and the cholera outbreaks and provided vital assistance for over a year)

        Sri Lanka (Israel conducted a massive airlift with food, 50 medical staff and rescue teams only 48 hours after the Tsunami in Dec 2004)

        India (Israel sent an fully-equipped field hospital following Gujarat earthquake in Feb 2001)

        El Salvador (Israel relief aid following earthquake in 2001)

        Georgia (Israel contributed food and seeds for farmers following severe drought in 2001)

        Turkey (Israel relief aid following earthquake in 2000)

        Mozambique ((Israel relief aid following floods in 2000)

        Colombia (Israel sent medical aid and food following earthquake in 1999)

        Venezuela (President Chavez has forgotten Israel’s aid following floods of 1999)

        Central America (Israel sent emergency medical aid teams and equipment to help victims of Hurricane Mitch in 1998)

        Pakistan (2005) and Peru (2007) both accepted aid from Israeli NGOs following earthquake disasters.

        Peru’s hydro-electric power plants are also being built and run by an Israeli company.

        Rawanda, Mexico, Chad, Sudan (Darfur) and Malawi all have received humanitarian aid from Israel, including medical assistance from Israel’s NGO IsraAID.

        Always remember that the boycott extends to any individuals from the above regions that have been exposed to Israeli assistance during the 63 years existence of the current Jewish State.

        Part Four – Other Impacts.

        -Reject all products from the USA. Analysis conducted in a typical US stateshows that Israeli innovations were responsible for $2.4 billion in direct revenue to that state’s economy in 2009 and generated nearly 6,000 jobs.

        -Do not tutor your children in advanced Mathematics techniques, which may have originated in Israel. Also, if these techniques are used in your children’s schools, withdraw your children immediately.

        -Keen ornithologists should consider giving up their hobby as many rarespecies stop off or reside in Israel during their twice-yearly migration.

        -Do not watch the new series of NCIS as one of the actresses is Israeli.

        -Avoid going to any football matches featuring teams with Israeli players.

        -Destroy all your recordings of Madonna, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Deep Purple, Bon Jovie, Justin Bieber, George Benson, Moby and many, many more artists who have ridiculed the illogical boycott and have proudly performed (or will shortly perform) concerts in Israel.

        -Destroy any recordings of U2, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, Beck, Rihanna Coldplay and any artist whose music has been recorded using the sound technology of the Grammy Award winning Israeli company Wave Audio. You also must get rid of any personal copies of Shrek,American Beauty and Star Wars. Do not trust anything recorded by Sony, JVC, Toshiba or Dell.

        -Don’t go to see The Black Swan with Natalie Portman, or watch any old films with Elizabeth Taylor – both lovers of the Jewish State.

        -Do not stay in hotels or visit shopping centers owned by Israeli companies (sorry, you will need to check which ones yourself).

        -Do not have anything to do with the banks who are using Israeli software to prevent fraud.

        -Do not use any credit or debit card as the Security monitoring system used by the credit card companies is likely to be Israeli.

        -Do not buy an engagement ring containing a diamond as it is possible that this may have been cut in Israel.

        -Do not travel by air, as your plane might get towed by the Israeli-built “Taxibot.”

        -Do not use public transport inside Amsterdam, Moscow or Northern Chinain case you benefit from Israeli transportation devices.

        -If you suffer a power or network failure, be grateful that at least you haven’t installed the Israeli system that prevents power outages.

        -Finally, you need to leave all your taps running when you leave home and must never flush your toilet, because Israel provides water-saving technology to over half of the planet. It also is providing sewage treatment technology across the world, including to the UK. It should be obvious by now that all the measures specified in Parts 1 – 4 of this series of blogs will inevitably mean that your organization and your staff will be completely unable to function. Let’s therefore hope that the decision by your organization to boycott Israeli products is flushed down the toilet of history.

        Thanks to the wonderful Michael Ordman!

        Further Information


        From 1966 onward Coca-Cola has been a staunch supporter of Israel. Recently the Government of Israel Economic Mission honored Coca-Cola at the Israel Trade Award Dinner for its continued support of Israel for the last 30 years and for refusing to abide by the Arab League boycott of Israel.


        Swiss food giant Nestle will set up a global research and development center for snack foods next year in Sderot, a town in Israel’s Negev desert, the Maariv newspaper reported on Sunday. Nestle owns 50.1 percent of Israeli food maker Osem Investments and the two together produce snack foods at a plant in Sderot.


        The Disney Company is owned by Jewish Mogul Michael Eisner. He owns a vast media empire that includes the ABC television network, numerous news dailies, national magazines, Hollywood film companies and a large number of radio stations. One radio station in Los Angeles, KABC 790 AM recently broadcast comments by Jewess Gloria Alred to the effect that the Islamic prisoners at Guantanamo should be tortured by having their “balls” extracted with pliers in order to make them talk. The news and commentaries made through Michael Eisner’s media octopus are extremely Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian.


        In 1998 Mr. Robert P. Van der Merwe, chairman of Kimberly-Clark Europe received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is the highest tribute ever awarded by the “State of Israel” in recognition of those individuals and organizations, that through their investments and trade relationships, have done the most to strengthen the Israeli economy.

        SARA LEE

        In 1998, Mr. Lucien Nessim of Sara Lee Personal Products received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is the highest tribute ever awarded by the “State of Israel” in recognition of those individuals and organizations, that through their investments and trade relationships, have done the most to strengthen the Israeli economy

      • Mike 71 July 24, 2019 at 6:06 am #

        Fred, you are absolutely correct here!

        In a similar vein, Pharmacist Meyer M. Treinkman compiled a similar list of Jewish medical innovations to be boycotted under the Arab League Boycott:

        Remedies and treatments for syphilis, gonorrhea, typhus, diabetes, polio, tuberculosis, convulsions, mental disorders and heart disease must all be scrupulously avoided, as the are the product of Jewish medical researchers.


        Somehow, I get the impression that some people who post on this forum are boycotting remedies for the first listed disease, particularly, Robert H. Stiver.

      • roberthstiver July 24, 2019 at 10:11 am #

        Fred (or “Michael Ordman”), Teva stands out in your compilation. Do let us know about its historical and recent forays into espionage, theft, price-fixing, bribery, etc. Is Teva an example of, in this case, the means a company uses to get its industry footing and inveigle its way into our medicine cabinets?

      • Fred Skolnik July 25, 2019 at 8:52 am #

        Nothing will get into your medicine cabinet unless you buy it , robert. No one is forcing you to buy Teva products or any other Israeli products. If you are supporting a boycott of Israel and using its products, then you are a hypocrite and a fraud. Do you get it now?

    • Fred Skolnik July 25, 2019 at 12:02 am #

      I guess we won’t be hearing from you anymore, robert, because by the time you get to Teva you’ll be computerless and bedridden, with nothing really to do with yourself but eat, so maybe the BDS people will give you a special dispensation to use Sara Lee products.

  8. Beau Oolayforos July 24, 2019 at 9:38 pm #

    Quite disgusting, but still oddly amusing, are the tropes about “houses of prostitution” and “meager pensions”….from Princeton??!! Sounds like the voice of Envy talking, and, as we know,

    “Envy will merit, as its shade, pursue,
    But, like the shadow, proves the substance true;
    For envied merit, like Sol eclipsed makes known
    The opposing body’s grossness, not its own.”

    • Mike 71 July 26, 2019 at 4:07 pm #

      I do not expect to hear from Robert anymore. A thoroughly disgusting individual deserves a corresponding response. As a purported “Christian (The nature of Robert’s posts make his sincerity highly questionable)”, Robert must be aware of “Christians United For Israel.” CUFI ran an excellent comprehensive Summit on Anti-Semitism, which is available on their website. “Christian Zionists,” primarily Evangelical Christians, outnumber Jewish Zionists and are valuable allies against the type of vile bilge that Robert excretes online.

    • Mike 71 July 26, 2019 at 4:26 pm #

      How does one respond to a thoroughly disgusting individual, posing as a Christian, in this case an “ersatz Christian,” when the vast majority of Evangelical Christians support Israel through “Christians United For Israel,” which just hosted an excellent Summit on Anti-Semitism, which can be viewed on their website.

      What else can be said about Beau, once investigated by the R.C.M.P for threats on the life of the late Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, father of the present Prime Minister of Canada. A believer in “non-violence?” I think not!

      • roberthstiver July 27, 2019 at 12:16 am #

        Mike 71, my dear man, you provide a measure of comic relief to this website and to my life! Thank you…even as I am moved to apologize to Dr./Professor Falk for my participation in the general, progressive deterioration of this post from the scholarly and so-pertinent nature of his remembrance of the WC’s Advisory Opinion on Israel’s Separation Wall after 15 (interminable) years.

        Pity the Palestinians. They have no relief, comic or otherwise…only (interminable) injustice, misery, humiliation, vindictively-cum-psychotically applied torment, torture, terrorization et al by a people who, if any, should know and act better. UN Special Rapporteur Dr. Falk did his honorable best to educate and to change the paradigm during his tenure, but the forces of darkness were arrayed against him. Those forces are surely as or more entrenched and emboldened today. Pity the Palestinians.

        (Variously: Ex. 22:21; Ex. 23:9; Ex. 17:4…”What shall I do unto this people?”)

      • Richard Falk July 29, 2019 at 3:59 am #

        Thanks, Robert, for this generous interpretations of my efforts for which I am deeply grateful.

        I also face the dilemma of filtering comments that are so aggressively hostile and substantively
        irrelevant as those submitted by Mike71. I suppose it is reasonable to interpret such malicious
        language to part of the broader Israeli and Zionist effort to shift the conversation from the message
        to the credibility of the various messengers.

        In the meantime, while we talk, the Palestinians suffer!

        Warm greetings from Turkey,


      • Mike 71 July 29, 2019 at 5:49 am #


        If your intent is to filter aggressively hostile and irrelevant comments, why not filter those of Robert Stiver, an “ersatz (cheap imitation) Christian,” which perfectly fit that definition? The simple answer is that you apply “double standards,” which are clearly evident from your responses to Fred Skolnik and myself on posts with which you disagree. But of course, expecting you to exercise a single consistent standard, is asking too much. BTW: Why not check out Pastor Hagee at “Christians United For Israel” at: They recently posted an excellent “Summit on Anti-Semitism,” which is available on their website? If Robert is a real Christian, which I very sincerely doubt, he could learn something there as well!

      • Mike 71 July 29, 2019 at 6:31 am #


        In your own interminable way, have contributed to the deterioration of this website! “Pity the poor Palestinians?” Why? They are very much the author of their own fate; by acting as barbarians, fomenting terrorism and hate, they have isolated themselves from the civilized world. The “injustice, misery, humiliation, vindictively-cum-psychotically applied torment, torture and terrorization,” which they experienced is very much a product and consequence of their own Imperial Ambitions and “wars of aggression!

        Professor Falk’s slanted and biased performance as “Special Rapporteur” earned him a thoroughly justified rejection of entry to Israel, but he shouldn’t feel singled out, as not every Jew is allowed entry; Mobster Meyer Lansky was likewise rejected entry to the country.

        Had the Palestinians accepted the original UN Resolution providing for two states for two peoples, they would have had their own state 70 years ago. But, with the rest of the Arab League, they chose to reject it, initiating a series of wars, which they lost. If that Resolution is not binding on the Palestinians, neither is it binding on the Israelis, who under the International Law Doctrine of Uti Possidetis, may retain possession of captured land until possession is modified by treaty. See: (Latin: As you possess, you may possess henceforth) In exchange for a peace agreement with Israel, Egypt, in return, recovered sovereign control over the Sinai Peninsula. However, the Palestinians in rejecting direct negotiations, prefer the status-quo.Time is not on their side as members of the Gulf Cooperation Council are contemplating an “Alliance of Convenience” with Israel against a common enemy, Iran. “Normalization” of the current “under-the-table” trade and defense arrangements is inevitable, making the Palestinians irrelevant!

      • Fred Skolnik July 29, 2019 at 5:08 am #

        You will forgive me for saying this, Professor Falk, but you know very well that the effort is not to “shift the conversation.” The credibility of the haters is challenged IN ADDITION TO addressing (and demolishing) their “messages.” It is you who retreat to a second line of defense whenever you don’t have a ready reply, hiding behind a barricade called “insulting language,” when the language is no more insulting than the language of your admirers.

        Your basic (and untenable) assumption is that the establishment of the State of Israel did a great injustice to what you falsely characterize as the indigenous population of the area, and therefore, by implication – though you don’t have the courage to say so explicitly lest you be accused of advocating murder (unless you let down your rhetorical guard, as you occasionally do when you are backed into a corner and find no way out) – anything the Arabs do in the face of this injustice is legitimate – from starting wars to murdering civilians. That’s all your message boils down to.

        Of course the Palestinians suffer while you talk, and that is because you are giving them very bad advice. Try advising them to sit down with Israel and make an effort to end the conflict. The parameters of a solution are understood by everyone, including the rational part of the Arab/Palestinian population, the moderate part of the Israeli right, and the majority of the Israeli population.

      • Beau Oolayforos July 30, 2019 at 12:17 pm #

        Where on earth does one get THIS?? I loved Pierre Trudeau, tho I might admit to being jealous about his women…so pretty. Who’s the “disgusting individual”? Someone who talks about strangers having syphilis?! Such classy company…Hasbara w/out Borders?

      • Mike 71 July 31, 2019 at 12:42 am #

        Syphilis is a disease which adversely affects one’s mental processes, however that comment was not directed at you. Perhaps I confused you with someone who posts on this blog who once admitted being investigated by the R.C.M.P. for making threats against Pierre Trudeau.

      • Beau Oolayforos July 30, 2019 at 2:15 pm #

        With sincere apologies to Dr Falk for taking up yet more space, it’s hard to let this piece of ridiculous slander go unanswered. The most charitable thing I could say is that witty lil’ Mike must be mixing me up w/another Beau.

        I used to think that hasbarists stuck mainly to facts, simply slanting & distorting them to fit a purpose. But here is wholesale fantasy. You approach the level of ICE vermin who huddle on their little facebook pages to collectively masturbate about AOC & the migrants.

      • Mike 71 July 31, 2019 at 12:34 am #


        You must be one of those “Abolish the Border” and “Abolish ICE” cretins, who not only want to open up Israel’s borders to all comers, but America’s, as well!
        What if Canada’s borders were open to everyone who came north? I can appreciate Canada taking in Syrian refugees, who have more Canadians willing to sponsor refugee families, than families to sponsor. If you love the Hamas terrorists so much, why not sponsor them in Canada yourself. However, be aware that Canada has strict entry requirements for immigrants, which exclude members of designated terrorist organizations. Every nation-state has the sovereign right to regulate immigration; Israel, the U.S. and Canada are not exceptions.


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